It’s alive!

Ok, so after battling with WordPress and Comicpress the site is finally live! I’m sure it’s not really that complicated but given that I haven’t written a word of PHP code and only found out what CSS stands for a couple of days ago, I’m quite chaffed with myself for getting it all up and running in 3 days on my own!

I managed to install and customise both WordPress and Comicpress to suit my immediate needs (albeit with some dodgy hacks – I feel a little dirty but hey it works!). Immediate needs = I wanted to start a little comic blog covering recent news. Back-dated a few of the cartoons I had created using Just One Site and Hasta Milan and uploaded everything on to the system and spent some time updating tags, meta data, categories, etc manually.. bleh – I hate admin stuff.

Just wanted to spend a few moments to sincerely thank both WordPress and ComicPress, Tyler Martin (Comicpress creator), John Coswell (ComicPress Manager plugin developer) and John Bintz’s notes on using and customising ComicPress – all invaluable in helping me get this project off the ground 🙂 Thanks!

So the plan is basically to produce a dozen or so cartoons per week to post on, hopefully attract some amazing media moghul’s attention so I can sell out for enough to retire comfortably in the Caribbean. Let’s see how that goes 😉

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