Security-firms empowered by police cartoon

Security-firms empowered by police

Security firms empowered by police

I know we’re encouraged not to moan and bitch about the crappy security situation in South Africa but let’s face reality. It is really much worse here than most other places in the world. Just about every week I hear of something serious happening to a member of my family or close network in South Africa – that should not be something people simply must accept as a fact of life.

Living abroad and coming back to SA gives you a different perspective on things – like this one for example. We generally love supporting the underdog in mob movies – you know the ones where some gangster trots into an Italian diner and demands protection money or he breaka your legs. I’ll leave you with an interesting thought to ponder on: so how different is that scenario from the likes of security firms in South Africa, or even the guy standing around doing nothing in parking lots all day waiting for you to come back to your car so he can get his ‘tip’.

You PAY – or else what??

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