The-SANC-Shitokas new party cartoon

The-SANC-Shitokas new party

The SANC – Shikota’s new party name

Sam and Terror’s new party name is publicised. Funny that the pair is being co-branded like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Brangelina) – hehe.

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  1. Rhian Manganyi says

    I plead to communities around Rustenburg areas to come together to fight poverty and crime, because the so-called ANC has already failed to scale all negative movements made by their cabinet and all the false promise they promised the poor people. They forgot who casted the vote for them. all i want and can say is wake up and fight. when we talk about the Government we talk about you and me. but we as the Government have not Governed or have a say in any thing the rulling party does. we want the party that is going to put people first.

    All those who need change in their life’s need to contact me. lets do this together for our childrens and families. Viva Congress of the people Viva.

    Contact me: 071 3533 833

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