Brangelina to get married cartoon

Brangelina to get married

Brangelina to get married

After much deliberation Brad Pitt has finally decided to take the next step with Angelina Jolie and get married. Apparently his reason for not tying the knot earlier was that his divorce from Jennifer Aniston was quite painful for him and he didn’t want to risk 2 failed marriages. Rumour has it though that he didn’t like his friends calling them Branniston all the time.

Personally I think being cast for the new Quentin Tarantino movie Inglorious Bastards just sealed the marriage decision for Brad.

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  1. marynotcontrary says

    They are not getting married what a waste. He hates her and hates himself for what he’s done to himself and those kids, she’s got no time or patience for them. He’s playing Mummy & Daddy. He’s afraid to leave them with her so he stays for the kids, wakey wakey Wonkie!


  1. […] regrets to report that it’s true – since the Brangelina getting married cartoon in October 2008 the couple have completely vanished off the radar. For that we can only blame ace […]

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