ANC spins Zumas zol use cartoon

ANC spins Zumas zol use

ANC spins Zuma’s use of Zol

The ANC immediately released a bunch of press statements relating to the real meaning of what Jacob Zuma meant when he said he smoked zol – curious that no comment was heard about Zuma on the issue afterwards.. no biggie I guess.

Probably a good thing for the spin in any case, there’s no telling how many young South Africans believe they’ll prevent AIDS if they take a shower after sex. The last thing they need to hear from national role models is that it’s ok to light up a joint after the shower.

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  1. […] wrongfully branded as a druggie – see the Jacob Zuma zol cartoon. The public was most grateful that Jessie Duarte promptly clarified that the ANC has its own definition of zol – allegedly it is tobacco rolled in […]

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