Obamas Initiation cartoon

Obamas Initiation

Barack Obama’s initiation cartoon

Skipped a day yesterday so thought we’d come back with a double-barrel cartoon for a lazy Sunday.

While many are familiar with Reagan’s history as an actor and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s terminator background, few realise that George Bush was actually Head Cheerleader while attending Phillips Academy in Andover (close to Boston). Check out Matt Littman’s article in Huffington Post and a NY Times article published prior to the 2000 elections for more details and some photos – hard to believe. Actually the only thing harder to believe than Barack Obama becoming a president against the odds is how George Bush wound up in the position.

For non-Africans I’ll explain a little about the toyi-toyi – it’s a dance that is originally believed to have originated from Zimbabwe and adopted in many countries in southern Africa, including South Africa. Here it became particularly well-known as a form of political protest in the apartheid-era.

According to Wikipedia, the “toyi-toyi could begin as the stomping of feet and spontaneous chanting during protests that could include political slogans or songs, either improvised or previously created.” There’s nothing quite like it when it’s done en-masse and Zuma, the president of the ruling ANC party is famous for leading the way. Ironically, Mugabe banned the toyi-toyi in Zimbabwe in October 2004 because of its use as a protest.

Isn’t it funny how the weapons we nurture in any form – be they nuclear, dances or wartime presidents – generally turn around to haunt us later.

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  1. A presidential initiation ceremony… HAHA!! Excellent!!

    I knew about the cheerleader thing – it did not really surprise me even the first time I heard it. Seems like he Bush excelled in ‘people skills’ but was inept in every other department – intellectually and otherwise.

  2. I think the cartoon is awesome – you did miss some commentary though about reference to skinheads trying to assassinate Obama.

    I think this is a very real possibility given the popularity of the idea in America – in Jan this year “assassinate Obama” was ranked in the the top 100 google searches… see http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/thebigblog/archives/129063.asp for details …. now that’s REALLY scary – Obama may well have to start dodging bullets!


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