Obama meets Brown cartoon

Obama meets Brown

Gordon Brown to lobby for Obama cartoon

Reading between the lines in the Sunday Times last weekend, Whitehall and diplomatic sources have indicated that Gordon Brown will effectively be acting as Obama’s lackey in Europe.

Brown is expected to beg other Nato leaders in Brussels next month to support the USA by dispatching more troops and resources to Afghanistan. Some very unreliable sources suggest that Brown may consult Tony Blair on what he usually used to wipe his nose after his meetings with Bush, Obama’s predecessor.

Also see the comic at Gordon Brown meets Bush for cartoon context.

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  1. Lol… yesterday’s cartoon explained it all – this is brilliant!

  2. TheyOutToGetUs! says

    Lol… you should try to get this on to Oliver Burke’s commentary site .. the UK needs to know the truth!!

  3. absolutely on the money!! gordo will have mi5 after you for this one!

  4. Funny.

    Right after the election, this Obama comic popped into my head:


    So I preempted our weekly strip and did this one, with art cobbled from prior episodes & new words, bumping Tony’s new art until next Monday.


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