Malema and Palin pt1 cartoon

Malema and Palin pt1

Julius Malema adopts Sarah Palin as mentor

I think it’s sad that nobody in South African media is giving Julius Malema the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure his intentions are good and his political strategy is sounder than is evident on the surface.

An unverified source in Pretoria, South Africa suggested that Julius Malema may have been taken under Sarah Palin’s moose horn. Some speculation exists around what kind of mentoring advice he’s already received from Mrs Palin to date but this cartoon blog has its theories.

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  1. Malema is an idiot – or is he? He has unfortunately been used as a tool – firstly to overthrow Mbeki by mobilizing the ANCYL and pushing Zuma. Now when he is making a big noise the very weapon the ANC has created is turning against them.. if his matric results weren’t so pathetic the strategy above may have been a possibility.. or did Sarah Palin coach him on that too.. lol!

  2. if malema had enough brains to have this strategy i will vote for him myself……

  3. Jonathan Devlin says

    HAHA!! Actually I don’t see why you give Sarah credit for being Malema’s mentor – Malema could well have thought of that idea himself and been coaching Palin all along!

    Read for an interesting view on Republican strategy.. probably a worthwhile read for Malema too!

  4. I think people are being doubtful and interfering with Malema’s political progress in this country, and that might serve Julias to go even higher like it happened to JZ, people such as Lekota, Thabo tried so hard to blacklist the man unaware that he was getting more exposure as the public felt bad for everything directed to him at the time as being unfair. I support Julias 100% and you know why it’s because people’s comments towards Malema have been publicly trying to destroy the man.

  5. Alex R, Palin must have coached Julius on EVERYTHING… LOL

  6. Nda… LOL!!!! You’re probably right – she probably tutored him in Geography… so which country in South Africa is Nelson Mandela from again? And judging by his matric marks she probably taught him sepedi too LOL!

    Man we better not joke about this too much.. when Malema becomes president we’re going to get in trouble

  7. Beacuse Jacob Zuma is a Zulu ,they don’t want Zulu nation.

  8. I’m not blaming Malema of what he had said about Jacob Zma .People got right to say what they feel.It is a freedom of choice.Even in times of Mandela ,people used to fight for him against boer.Leave JZ to rule the country.


  1. Sizwe says:

    Siya.. that is not the issue. Malema does not make the people of the country feel safe with his violent rhetoric.. that is entirely his own doing, not some smear campaign by other politicians. Not only is he harming the reputation of the ANC, he is also likely to cost Zuma the top job if he continues on as he’s doing. Julius will probably go far if he’s smart enough to adopt Sarah Palin’s strategy – see Malema meets Palin part 2 for the follow up cartoon to this one.

  2. […] ANC party position. Perhaps he is following Sarah Palin’s strategy as indicated in an earlier Julius Malema cartoon, and doing so quite effectively at […]

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