Malema and Palin pt2 cartoon

Malema and Palin pt2

Palin mentors Malema cartoon – part 2

Yesterday, Wonkie suggested that ANC Youth League’s Julius Malema might not be as simple as he is perceived to be. It remains to be seen how much of Sarah Palin’s strategy Mr Malema will adopt going forward.

So far Malema is clearly on track with respect to Palin’s counsel. A spokesperson from the new party Cope (Congress of the People or whatever they are called today) indicated their hope that Malema will continue to grace the media and South African voting public with his violent rhetoric. Malema could not be helping Shikota more if he were working for them.

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  1. Also see Malema meets Palin part 1 for the background cartoon to this post 🙂

  2. Thabo Mathe says

    This is just stupid, please hire more creative people. My 10 YEAR old could do much better than what these guys are doing. DA is desperate

  3. Thabo we’re always looking for gifted young talent but there are still laws against child labour in this country – please tell your 10 year old to contact us when he’s 18.

    Seriously though, if you would like to contribute funnier cartoons to this site you are most welcome to create and submit your own. Wonkie has no affiliation with any political party whatsover and it would be great to get your opinion in cartoon format. If you can’t draw, check out the Just One Site cartoon feature and create your cartoon there – you just select the characters and add your dialog text.. very easy!

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