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SA Zim talks

SADC and Zimbabwe Talks – Cholera and Politics

Does anyone out there still believe that any of the numerous Zimbabwe crises – economic, health care, political – take your pick, can be resolved by diplomatic means involving Robert Mugabe? If so, you may be just the person I’m looking for… See, I have a sick relative in China that has left me $4,540,000 (US) and I need your help to get it to South Africa … Sigh – if only there were someone that naive – I have a whole bunch of Nigerian scams I’ve been waiting to cash in on.

Zimbabwe’s health minister, Edwin Muguti indicated yesterday that the cholera situation is under control and that the death toll stands at around 300. This is contrary to the UK-based The Independent newspaper which reported the death toll as more like 3000. Mugabe was also reported as trying to hide the real statistics by silencing health workers and restricting access to death certificates. By doing so Mr Mugabe has inadvertently solved a deeply philosophical question – if a Zimbabwean man dies and there is no death certificate… did he really die at all? The answer is… no.

With true Mugabe panache, the health minister ended his interview by saying the whole cholera situation was the fault of the Western world and a result of the sanctions they had imposed on Zimbabwe.

Yesterday, Geoff Hughes in The Star, a local South African newspaper suggested 3 alternatives to diplomacy to pressure Mugabe:

  1. The African Union (AU) should apply pressure on Mugabe to respect the democratic process (one would hope they would have a touch more moral courage than the South African leadership and SADC which were proof-in-pudding totally useless in this situation)
  2. Get the Pope to excommunicate Mugabe (I can see Mr Mugabe trembling in his boots already)
  3. Charge him with genocide (a great choice but who has the balls to capture Mugabe and send him on a KLM flight to the Hague – Julius Malema? It certainly won’t be Thabo Mbeki, the SADC or the AU)

Perhaps we can convince Mr Obama to invade and occupy Zimbabwe to preserve the values of democracy.

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  1. Just heard Mbeki has been asked to step down… perhaps the SADC guys read your cartoon Sizwe… lol!!!!!!

    I feel for Mbeki though – the man just can’t seem to hold down a job this year.

    As for what to do next in Zim, I totally agree that talking is not going to work with Mugabe.. more drastic action is needed. Maybe we can deploy some of our submarines to neutralise Zanu-pf!

  2. Well whites never fail to amaze me .The only solution is for us to bow to your needs or we perish yesterday Mugabe was ahero today he’s a villian beacause 12 whites died during the farm invasion lets contain the invasion by making an example of Bob lest it streams into SA what we going to do with all those whites here .My friendit is coming watch out.

  3. laban… mugabe was a hero – now he is an evil despot raping his country and his people. it’s not about some “12 white farmers” – look what he has done to all our black brothers in Zim.. the poverty and suffering and disease. And now it’s all spreading to South Africa – and who do you think it’ll affect – not the white people here I can tell you now. It’s the poor blacks in the rural areas that are now suffering with their own cholera crisis because SADC has been so useless in managing Mugabe.

    Who cares about the handful of white ZImbabwes that are still left that will come to South Africa. I’m worried about the masses of poor and uneducated and diseased that will come.. it’s already hard enough with the job market here but to have this extra strain on south africa is going to break our country.

  4. Sbu i feel u my brother but when u want to solve a problem gowhere it started.What caused how & when .You should avoid shollow reasoning thatis why the olonialists take advantage of us .We are free politicaly but not economicaly and pychologically .i see you still suffer from thesccars of apathied for you to coprehend the nature of colonialism .Well it’s simple divide and rule.Mugabe ruffles up 20 of his opponents (which i don’t condone) at the same time GOerge Bush kills 10 000 Iraqs Guess who gets front page and ape cartoons?Sothee media is the new machine used to colonise the minds that is why you can call your Father,mother ,brother all sorts of names in the name of freedomof speech.How’s thatfor Democracy


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