Zuma vs Mbeki cartoon

Zuma vs Mbeki

Zuma Vs Mbeki Cartoon – The battle continues

Sadly not quite as dramatic as a half-rigged boxing match, this battle is going to take place between Zuma and Mbeki’s legal teams in Bloemfontein. Zuma has already strategically started throwing punches by contesting Mbeki’s use of state resources on legal matters. It’s good to see that Zuma has obviously learnt a thing of two from Helen Zille who was accusing him of doing exactly that – abuse of state funds with his massive convoy of state vehicles that follow him around.

The ruling made today will neither prove nor disapprove that Jacob Zuma is innocent – it will only serve to clarify whether Mr Zuma was charged in line with the provisions of the constitution. Mr Mbeki on the other hand is keen to clear his name from the whole episode that ultimately resulted in his ousting.

Bookie’s are taking even money bets that Julius Malema outbursts of kill for Zuma comments will echo throughout Bloemfontein if there is any inkling that Zuma might be at risk of not being able to take South Africa’s top job next year.

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  1. Boitumelo M says

    LOL! I wonder if SABC is going to cover the likely Zuma Toyi-Toyi session outside the Bloem court house this morning

    I have to sympathise with Malema – if he does make some outburst based on something said against Zuma today you’re probably right – he is being used as a pawn by Zuma in his strategy to ensure himself a position next year.

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