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Zuma ACoC

Zuma addresses American Chamber of Commerce

Late last week Jacob Zuma addressed the American Chamber of Commerce at their annual Thanksgiving dinner. An excerpt of his speech is quoted below:

Ladies and gentlemen, the election of President-elect Barack Obama has to a large extent set the tone of world politics in 2009. Change is the buzzword.

In our case, we have opted for continuity and change. We will continue those practices that have been successful, but we will change those that have not worked well in the implementation of our policies.

Much of South Africa is debating exactly what will continue and what will change. Crime in South Africa, for example, appears to be a very successful practice in South Africa – ATM bombings, jewellery heists and other violent crime is on the up. Corruption and abuse of state resources, ironically much of which Mr Zuma himself is accused of, are not far behind in terms of also being successful.

The full transcript of Mr Zuma’s address can be found on Friends of Jacob Zuma.

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