Zuma is Jesus cartoon

Zuma is Jesus

Zuma is Jesus cartoon

Provincial leader Ace Magashule said in an interview for a local newspaper that Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC, is suffering just like Jesus Christ did:

Jesus was persecuted. He was called names and betrayed. It’s the same kind of suffering Mr Zuma has had to bear recently, but he’s still standing strong. He’s not giving up”

We’ve got to hand it to Ace – while everyone is busy calling each other snakes and pigs, he’s certainly come out with a name-drop that’s as big as they come. Still, Ace should know better than to invoke the “Jesus Christ” card -it’s very dangerous. Particularly given Gareth Cliff’s experience when he “interviewed” Jesus in 2004 on a hilarious 5 FM radio show and wound up getting suspended for 2 days because of it.

Click here to see Gareth Cliff’s Julius Malema interview cartoon.

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  1. Zuma compared to Jesus Christ – SA politics is really is getting out of control.. lol, then again let’s not doubt Mr Zuma… maybe he can turn the Limpopo River into wine and help South Africa drown its sorrows… I prefer merlot God!!

  2. South African youth says

    Even on their press release they said they will rule until jesus comes. I think this is an opotunity for sane South Africans to humble these GODS. Lets go out there and vote.

  3. By the way, Boitumelo, IF Zuma did turn the Limpopo into alcoholic wine (as opposed to non-alcoholic wine, the one that Jesus made in the feast @ Cana), it would be even further proof that the only comparison between Jesus and Zuma is NONE: it doesn’t exist.

    Read the Bible carefully and you will find that there is no basis for even thinking that Jesus should create ALCOHOLIC wine from water, seeing that decay came into the world as a result of sin, the same sin that Jesus came to root out by dying FOR us, the same sin that Zuma is uncomfortable to ditch as he keeps playing hide and seek with the courts of law. There is NO accord between Jesus, decay and sin. Absolutely none.

    On the same basis, there is NO accord between Jacob Zuma and Jesus: absolutely NONE!

  4. My God is n jaloerse God en enige iemand wat homself met Hom vergelyk of wat homself n “God” noem sal vernietig word. Zuma jy is op die verkeerde pad. Jou tyd het uitgeloop.

  5. If we keep on laughing at jokes likes these then we all can expect our beuatifull South Africa to turn out like the rest of the world. In TOTAL chaos, GODless and abandoned. To even voice the comparison between Jesus and anyone is to let the devil know that we are in his camp. I disasociate myself from anyone and anything that will even suggest that I am in his camp. Go back to the BIBLE to see what happened to all groups of God’s people who rejected GOD. He rejected them and they had no-one to call on for help. The rest of the world is an example to us as to what happens when you leave GOD out of any our plans.

  6. This is pathetic, Zuma compared to Juses! Zuma and his arrogant and foolish ANC gang needs to be tought a lesson. We must vote them out of government – period.

  7. The only god.who is nt lyk anyone.need nt 2 be played with or his name.de comparison of zuma & jesus is lyk cursor 2 jesus.comparin a devil itself & jesus.what is dat hey???

  8. jesse james says

    zuma compared to JESUS CHRIST is a joke!please don’t use the name of god in vain.You cant act holy and still dance with the devil.It;s a pity christians are humble,try using the name of the moslim prophet and see the results.

  9. judgenikolson says

    It shld be more like, “Zuma is like Bob, he has been critisised….”

  10. Zuma , you will be out of government soon my brother

  11. Zuma is like Jesus, Lets Crucify him. and release the Bandit Shabir.
    Viva COPE Viva. BWHAAAAAAAAAAAA ha ha ha ha ha ha . I just Had unprotected sex with a H I V. positve women. I better have a shower.

  12. Zuma persecuted like Jesus Christ,what a laugh,Jesus was persecuted because he was a man of God,Zuma on the other hand is persecuted because he is a convicted rapist,and will soon be convicted of his other crimes.That is not persecution,that is Justice,plain and simple.For somebody who is supposedly innocent and wants to stand trial to prove his innocence,he is taking a mighty long time getting around to it.As for his political stance he is a joke,trying to be all things to all men,promising everything to everybody,just like Piet Promises(Piet Koornhof) in the apartheid days.It never ceases to amaze me that to become a doctor or engineer,you have to study for years,to become a politician these days,criminal acts,a good knowledge of corruption practices,and a big mouth are the main prerequisites.Vote the lot of them out.

  13. A word of advice to Ace, Jesus means EMANUEL to all people. He is born of the Spirit of God. He came to save the whole world not as a Zulu boy but as a Messiah. In Him there is fullness of Joy, there is no searching of His understanding, He is called the Mighty One, Great Counsellor, King of Kings. He died and rose from the dead, those who believe in Him and Power of His might are saved and are called after His name – Christians, children of God, these they inherit eternal life.

    If Zuma is king, then Christ Jesus is King above king Zuma. Note that according to the ANC you are fine as long as you have not crossed paths with any of `the leaders` but once you do that, man you can be called anything. Further it is better to watch your mouth regarding the SUPERNATURAL MIGHTY GOD who has power over everything. He created the FLOODS, the desserts, when his anger is kindled he decides what to do according to His word. Ask king Heroda, ask king Nebukadnetdzar. Also comrade Ace read Matthew 12vs31.

  14. No matter what people say beside comparing Mr Zuma to Jesus Christ but let us face reality and accept that J Zee Gedleyihlekisa will rule.all of calling yourself christians please stick to your christianity and forget about politics

  15. It is not right to compare Zuma to Jesus, but I believe the man deserves a break.If is as if any stupid person who have nothing to say will always attack Zuma without any reason.Why don’t you discuss real issues, hunger;poverty;sickness;education;etc , than focusing your lives on Zuma only.In that way,it justified to compare him to Jesus.

  16. “No matter what people say beside comparing Mr Zuma to Jesus Christ but let us face reality and accept that J Zee Gedleyihlekisa will rule.all of calling yourself christians please stick to your christianity and forget about politics”
    What is this supposed to mean???? Maybe it should be more like stick to politics and leave my God out of this. After all He didn’t compare himself to Zuma, did he now!!!
    Zuma doesn’t rule, not even over you. If this happen its a sad day my friend. There is more to life than that.

  17. Just a few differences, Jesus preached bible but Zuma sings weapons.
    Jesus lead by example, Zuma has criminal record ranging from rape,fraud etc.
    Jesus died to save his people, Zuma’s people want to die for him. So there is no comparison here.

  18. No ways…not even in a dream.Ace is just promoting himself to Zuma camp.Not even in a poor Zimbabwe or suffering DRC that can happen.

  19. ZUMA was never born to be the King of this world and even South Africa itself. He doesn’t have power, potential and strength that Jesus Christ had. So it is up to people how they perceive things out there. I highly our beautiful South Africa is perishing.

  20. Right……! So he thinks he’s JC superstar! Can he swim? Cos if not the walking on water thing will end on him drowning! Maybe just what we need. Delusions of grandeur are so see through nowadays I dont think anyone with even half a brain cell going “woof” or “maiow” would buy that crap! Bye Bye Zoomer!

  21. why not? jesus was persecuted and called names by those whodid not believe in him. zuma is also persecuted for exactly the same reason. some people do not believe he will make a good president. it is the very people who are persecuting him who are coming with the jesus excuse. if they want people to stop comparing jz and jesus, they must stop giving them a reason to(by shutting up their big mouths.

  22. You time is up my friend. You are not even close to the qualities of my saviour. I will not judge you, but believe me you will be judged by the most high God one day for what you have done. Whatever is done in the darkness shall come to the light.

  23. All including myself must remember 1 thing, none of us is perfect. We all have our dark sides, whehter @ work, in our families, church, politics etc. We not better than any1. Even those politicians or the High Priest we respect, have their dark sides too. So every1 must just shut up, support whomever they support by voting if they want to, if not, stop complaning. 1 thing for sure, politicians will be politicians and none of you/us can change that.

  24. Verna Watton says

    Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord. Jesus is not mocked, He is Lord of All, Righteous Saviour of all people everywhere who will call on His Name. Jesus is THE way, THE truth and THE life, and no man comes to God the Father but by Him, Jesus – so Zuma repent and you might find the Lord’s mercy before you die one day. Mohammed might need to be defended as he was only a man born by the seed of a man. Jesus is the Saviour sent by God the Father and the seed of the Holy Spirit implanted into a virgin so that no ordinary man could boast creation of Him by his seed, and so was without the original sin brough by Adam.

  25. Ok, who’s this guy to compare Jesus with someone accused of rapist? Stop playing games with names such our Lord. Pls Magashule Ace be a grownup and be respectful to our Saviour! Zuma is nothing compared to what our Lord suffered for all of us. After all he didn’t survive but died for our sins. Zuma is alive and dodging prosecution. ACE mind your language. This is holy warning!

  26. Please Bloggers do not take this comparison serious, it is just a joke so as the hell ANC

  27. Oh no! Zuma will never be like Jesus not while he still behaves like the devil’s 1st born. Wake up bhuti before u know your turn will be over even before it starts and that will be soon, I mean sooner that he thinks.

  28. Oh my God,Zuma being the same as Jesus?God help stupid Ace.Jesus was percecuted and brought before Pilatus,but Zuma dodges the courts by appealing all the time he’s about to be exposed.The judgement in his rape case did not mean he iis morally upright.He is very imoral,how does he sleep with his late friend’s daughter who is the same age as his own child?Even if he was enticed he should have shouted her down and discipline her.ANC as well should have brought him before its discilinary committee like they did to Mbulelo Goniwe who did not even sleep with lady,but just made advances.Mr.Zuma save ANC by stepping aside so that Mr.Kgalema can carry on.You are very questionable,ANC will be paying you the salary if that what you want in government.They can afford to pay you an equivalent to the Republican President’s salary.God have mercy on your supporters who are misleading the masses.

  29. Sechaba Pitso says

    Ask what happendJohn Lennon of the Beatles, the guy who claimed that they were more popular than Christ. Zuma cannot be compared with Jesus Christ. It’s good to compare him (Zuma) with anyone. He cannot even be compared with King David whom the Bible says ‘he’s the man after God’s own heart. What Zuma can do is to stop everyone from comparing him with Jesus because they God can remove him from this position even before he is inaugurated as the new President of this country (should he wins).

  30. Proudly Christian says

    I agree with FH and Valentine. Stop using Gods name in Vain!!!! its absolutely blasemphy! Zuma is soo anti-christian! he should stick to his ancestors.and go hide away in a black hole somewhere in the bushes……….and stay there!

  31. Making completely unparallel comparisons like Zuma and Jesus Christ just underscores a lot of the political un-health of the ruling party. This sort of mindset is what breeds corruption and should be fought against.

  32. Taking the name of God and His Son in van is a violation of the highest order. The person who commited this crime against the Most High God will go down, and all those who still support him will suffer the way of Zimbabwe. Wake Up!!!

  33. In a north Africa country, one of the despots declared on a statue of himself “SEEK YE FIRST THE POLITICAL KINGDOM”. Within years, his country was totally bankrupt, relatives died off of uncanny and strange diseases (some were assasinated) and eventually he died, alone and also bankrupt.
    Does Jacob Zuma know this? No wonder South Africa is in the mess it’s in. Our politicians are behaving as though they were gods to be worshipped. We are in serious trouble…..

  34. natalie-dominque says

    The “cartoon” is not funny at all. In fact a cartoon it is not and never will be. This reminds me of a saying I learnt in Latin – timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.

  35. I think this cartoon is pretty funny, especially given gareth cliffs suspension for his Jesus “interview” a couple of years ago along similar lines… it’s just making fun of an admittedly idiotic comparison Ace Magashule made.. can’t see what all the fuss is about here.. it’s not like he said Zuma IS Jesus

  36. I never thought in my life i would hear such an atterance like the one i have heard.For a human being to be compared to JESUS CHRIST equals ABOMINATION. I am dissapointed in people like ahmed, disco and kgabs whose comments needs a lot to be desired.Just as John Lenon reaped what he had sown by his mouth so shall he who compared zuma to JESUS CHRIST

  37. how can we compaired a rapist with jesus, beacause he was persecuted for our sins , is better if we concentrate on creating jobs,fighting poverty & Hiv.
    Take my advise our country will end up like zimbabwe.wake up people of south africa.

  38. Bethuel Mogoru says

    It is not problem to compare zuma with Jesus because comparison does not mean the reality of situation .Zuma is the politician and Jesus is the religious man it will never be the same thing anyway. The situation makes things similar.

  39. Linda Redmond says

    I recall that the Beatles were banned in South Africa as John Lennon thought that more folks would go to a Beatle concert instead of Church……. Has a date yet been set for the crucifiction? Leave Jesus OUT of this – you kicked him out of schools, now leave him out of your petty, stupid jokes. Grow up!! WAKE UP!! Alleluia. Amen.

  40. To compare Mr Zuma with Jesus is not a good idea due to the fact that Jesus was son of God. Jesus was holy and He loved others as He loved Himself, and then if we talk about Mr Zuma we are talking of another differant man, what is similar there is initials only, cause Jacob and Jesus just start with J`s but their deeds differs.

  41. Gezzzz Zuma just forget it man…no body respect someone like you,you’ll be out of the gorvernment soon my brother…

  42. South Africa lets pray for Zuma…where did he get this from…u’ll never be like Jesus Christ….Your time is up…go and take a shower maybe u’ll feel better baba…hahahahaaaaa

  43. Bhwa hahaha…eish i cnt stop laughing…Zuma is Jesus Christ…hahahahaaaaaaaa Lord have mercy on him…

  44. Teboho David says

    Mr Zuma I am sorry to say, Jesus never committed adultery,He never stole anything from anybody.

    He was accused because of the good things he was doing. Not fraud and corruption. It will be not a mistake if you can loose the Presidency sit.

    Shaik is still wating for you in jail. Forget about to be SA President. You went wrong maybe COPE

  45. Religious cartoons sure get the responses hey?
    Keep ’em rolling!

    Thumbs up for WONKIE!


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