SA survey results cartoon

SA survey results

Eternally moaning South Africans – Cartoon

A recent survey indicated that things are not quite so rosy for South Africans at the moment. The title of the Sunday Times yesterday read: Survey finds South Africans are plunging into despair with huge bold letters beneath that saying “WE ARE GATVOL!” Gatvol, for any non-South Africans reading this, is a mildly less polite way of saying fed-up, sick and tired or generally f*cked off.

I would like to dedicate this post to all those that are very optimistic about South Africa. I agree that too many South Africans these days are looking at their country through rather mud coloured glasses. In the spirit of the cartoon today I urge everyone to look at South Africa with a more positive, half-full rather than half-empty view:

  • When you hear of the hijacking of a loved one, do not complain about the state of crime in South Africa. Rejoice that your loved one is still alive to talk about it.
  • When you hear of more siphoning of funds from public coffers, do not cry corruption like the other non-patriots. Take joy in the pleasure of giving to the previously disadvantaged.
  • When you hear of an ATM bombing, cash in transit or jewellery heist, do not moan about not feeling safe in the streets of your city. Give the redistributors of wealth the benefit of the doubt and assume the money is going to help the feed the poor people in Zimbabwe.
  • If you’re about to lose your job or struggling to find one, do not bitch about the BEE fatcats. Know that the ANC and Tito Mboweni, one of the most highly paid central bankers in the world is working really, really hard to help you weather the storm
  • When you hear of a rape or murder of a colleague, do not whinge about inadequate security and punishment for crimes. Be happy in the knowledge that all motorists driving 65.5 km/h in a 60 zone will be brought swiftly to justice.

We have so much to be grateful for in South Africa – the nice weather, friendly people and other stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff like crime, the HIV crisis, corruption etc – just look on the bright side and everything will be ok.

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  1. Sure we have our problems but I still feel this is the best country. It is our home and up to us to make the country right.. I think complaining WILL help – we need to make the government more accountable for things that are going wrong here and not just sit quietly and accept

  2. Things are just getting from bad to worst here.. I cannot see things improving and if I has enough money i wud leave right now before we become another Zimbabwe

  3. A central insight into the machinations of power — is this: the root of all political power is obedience. Even conscienceless, shameless dictators cannot rule without the obedience of the ruled and, therefore, the implicit consent of the people. Without legitimacy, even dictatorial authority disappears.

    Gandhi realized this and essentially posed the question: What if massive civil disobedience could be organized in such a way as to uncover the illegitimacy of rulers who don’t follow the path of true democracy? He found that when nonviolent social action is carried out with the discipline and commitment of a military campaign, even the mightiest of empires can be brought to its knees.

    In the 19th chapter of Luke, Gandhi and King’s Guiding Light prophesied concerning the future of Jerusalem. “If you only knew the things which make for peace but are now hid from your eyes. For the days shall come that your enemies will cast a trench about you, and surround you on every side, and shall lay you in the ground, and your children with you; … because you knew not the time of your visitation.”
    … interesting words whether your glass is half full or half empty!

  4. Great comment bakenshark.. Remember though that in this context the ANC members who are now in power were revolutionaries – they were the very perpetrators of civil disobedience that caused the change in government in the first place. And the majority of the country is grateful for that no doubt.

    As it is being clearly shown in Zimbabwe, singular acts are not enough to maintain a democracy and freedom. People need to be ever vigilant that whoever is in power is kept honest and citizens need to be prepared to do what is necessary should the time arise for instigating civil disobedience once more. I am not talking about another revolution but rather the courage to accept the reality of the situation and the readiness to vote for a change.

  5. bakenshark says

    hopefully South Africans will recognise the “time of their visitation” at the next election…perhaps obamamania will still be contagious then…

  6. gerhard… if i had money i would use it to help YOU leave.. south africa does not need any mo pathetic whiners than it got already… there is crime in other countries as well.. SA is no different except for the amount people complain about everything – this article is right.. the people here need to be more optomistic and appreciate what they have

  7. kleurling… please go get a dictionary and look up the word SARCASM and then read the article again before making stupid comments.

    S’bu.. agree completely – the main thing that’s missing that will solve many of these issues is targets and accountability for government. Against crime and corruption, for literacy, health care, etc.. someone’s head needs to roll when goals are not achieved otherwise this gravy train mentality will continue.

    PM – voting for a change won’t work if you wind up with a new party with the same mentality. We need an active public that pushes for people to be removed from office if they are not delivering against goals that serve the good of the nation. I don’t think Cope or DA will be any better than the ANC if they wind up in the driving seat unless we all start insisting on accountability..

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