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poor press

Poor journalism in South Africa cartoon

The quality of journalism in South Africa is shocking. Newspapers and even national television station, the SABC, seem to be getting their facts all wrong. In the last month alone, the president of the ANC was wrongfully branded as a druggie – see the Jacob Zuma zol cartoon. The public was most grateful that Jessie Duarte promptly clarified that the ANC has its own definition of zol – allegedly it is tobacco rolled in paper.

The SABC was taken to task earlier this year for portraying Mr Kgalema Motlanthe (the alleged president of South Africa) as being more presidential than Jacob Zuma. The SABC were also firmly rapped on the knuckles for constantly showing Mr Zuma toyi-toyi‘ing outside the Pietermaritzburg court house.

In the latest spate of bad journalism, President Motlanthe was accused of trashing a house and effectively trying to pay off NPA head Vusi Pikoli to leave before firing him. Mr Motlanthe said it’s all lies so the journalists obviously got their information from some dodgy sources.

Tsk, tsk… fire the lot of them, I say! Fortunately for the ANC thus far, much of the voting public in South Africa never appear to be swayed by what is published about their leaders in the media.

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  1. How much of this do you think is intentional? Not that it matters, really, unless you attempt to assign motive (like the vast right wing conspiracy or the liberal media)…The sad part, though, is where should we go to get facts? If you don’t have a trustworthy primary source (you’re at least half of that! :), how does the average joe find the facts?…either way..good or bad..the motman may not have a head but he is definitely showing rock star attitude!! 🙂 keep on smashing!

  2. Jonathan Devlin says

    I think journalism in South Africa is fine.. it seems to me the ANC spin machine are the only lot not happy with the true activities of their party members being revealed… it’s hard not to assign motive with the amount of cover-ups leadership here seem to be engaged in here!

  3. It’s all nonsense – the ANC just seem to cover up anything negative said about them in the press with their famous ‘IT’S LIES’ defense.. they never willing to be investigated because they scared the truth will come out for their OWN supporters that they have been sitting on a gravy train and not doing nothing for their people

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