Bush release tarp cartoon

Bush release tarp

Bush asks Congress to release funds

On request of US president-elect Barack Obama, President George Bush has requested Congress to release the outstanding $350 bn of the US financial bail-out package. The bailout package is controversial for a number of reasons – but mostly because of lack of clarity in terms of exactly how the money will be used and the actual impact the bailout will have on the economy.

The market view is that if the bailout is rejected, things could get a lot worse. Mr Obama and his top economic advisors have adopted a similar view – the US economy although having improved after the first tranche of the bailout package, still remains fragile.

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  1. i applaud OBAMA on everything he’s touching,thanks to the people of america.first he said economy will collapse before it improves,that’s what he told us,so why not cheer ?i think we should support OBAMA in this situations to make him success,success will only be if we can join our hands together.yes

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