Zuma Rhino cartoon

Zuma Rhino cartoon

Zuma – Beware the Rhino poachers

This post is difficult to write without using expletives – not because of the comically moving support for Mr Zuma by ANC Women, ANC Youth League, Cosatu and SACP, but rather because of the inhumane, really bad swear words here> rhino poachers that have cruelly murdered so many of these innocent, majestic animals over the last year.

Fortunately, South African police arrested 11 people after busting a rhino poaching syndicate over the last few days. Senior Superintendent Vish Naidoo said three Chinese men, five Mozambicans, two South Africans and one other person were arrested. They are hoping to link the culprits to other poaching incidents in KwaZulu-Natal.

Some 76 rhinos were killed over the last year in South Africa. If you would like to contribute to saving these animals, please visit Save the Rhino. If you would like to save Mr Zuma, please go cry to the constitutional court and say a corruption trial will endanger his human rights.

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  1. Lehloa Ntjna says

    Is it just a coincidence that in South Africa the majority of Cartoon Material is about black people?

    • Probably no coincidence given that more than 80% of the South African population is black. Having said that, most of our readership in SA is black and there have been quite a few requests for cartoons looking at BBBEE etc from the black point of view.. stay tuned Lehloa and if you think of funny stuff related to other races – stereotypes or otherwise – please drop us a line and let us know – we’d be happy to incorporate good ideas in our future cartoons! Everyone is fair game to be made fun of and the white, indian and coloured communities are certainly not exempt from this on this site!

  2. Well said!… rhinos should be saved! Your post brings to mind an 11 yr. old girl making her own battle and building awareness for saving the rhinos…take a look: http://www.wild.org/blog/kayla-smith-age-11-makes-video-to-save-rhino/

  3. Maybe if the Rhino in question had been dehorned timeously, there wouldn’t have been a rape trial

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