Obamamania cartoon

Obamamania cartoon

Obamamania may save the world

As the world dives head-first into one of the deepest recessions ever, Mr Obama is single-handedly responsible for creating a new market estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And not Zimbabwe dollars mind you – genuine American greenbacks.

This is the Obamamania market for clothing and collectibles: dolls; toys; assorted souvenirs; fridge magnets; Obama blend Kenyan coffee; Obama flying pigs and even Obama condoms – you name it, and it has likely been branded with Obama for this week. Obamamania reached a peak this year at the Obama inauguration as the 44th US president on the 20th January 2009.

Do you think Barack Obama will make a positive impact on the world?

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  1. damn he’s hot…yes he is!…and Rham Emanuel..at least there is some eye candy in the american politics..better stupid and beautiful!…


  1. […] The Nobel peace prize has typically been awarded to people who have already achieved something of substance – Martin Luther King Jr; Mother Theresa; Desmond Tutu; Dalai Lama; FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela. While Mr Obama certainly shows promise to deliver greatness, the fact remains that he has still not achieved anything substantial as yet – from this angle, it looks as though the Nobel Committee has simply been caught up in the worldwide Obamamania. […]

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