mugabe meets obama cartoon

mugabe meets obama cartoon

Mugabe proposes global financial crisis solution

Mr Robert Mugabe was shown some disdain last year by then president-elect Barack Obama. Not much has changed since although Wonkie is sure diplomatic channels between USA and Zimbabwe have been kept open. Considering Mr Obama has gathered the brightest and most diverse viewpoint holders on his team, Wonkie thought it only fit to nominate Mr Mugabe to add to that diversity of thought. After all, inspiration often comes from the strangest of places.

In the meantime, Mr Mugabe continues to produce bank notes of larger denominations with increasingly shorter expiry dates. Mr Mugabe still does not see Kitty.

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  1. bakenshark says

    a kajillion dollars!!!..PM are you some sort of special advisor to President Mug??..hey, at least he is keeping the comedy in politics!!

  2. LOL.. talk about throwing bad money after bad!

  3. you simply cannever trust that failure “teacher”(his real proffession) to this world finn crisis.. kajiziilion dollarz. insanity not even a name of an extinct dinasour. its only that he is a fool from a zoo. thats people making history, remember

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