sa zim failed talks cartoon

sa zim failed talks cartoon

Another week, another failed Zimbabwe-South Africa Talks

With over 50,000 Zimbabweans infected with cholera and over 2,700 killed by the disease so far, the South African government is still standing firm in its resolution not to interfere in what it calls Zimbabwe’s affairs. Even Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has been quiet. One would have thought the least she could have done is proposed a herbal remedy involving shoving grated carrots into some orifice or other to ease the suffering of the Zimbabweans.

At some point, possibly when most of Zimbabwe and half of South Africa is dead, Mr Motlanthe and his crew may reflect on this situation and think: “Yes, perhaps repeatedly trying the same strain of diplomacy didn’t work quite as well as we thought it would. Perhaps, we should have tried something different.” But then learning from one’s mistakes is a sign of intelligence so we don’t expect to be reporting on this any time soon.

No doubt South Africa will organise another regional jolly titled ‘Zimbabwe Emergency Summit‘ next week. Mugabe will not yield. Morgan will claim another darkest day for African politics. We’ll make another cartoon on stupidity. Then… omigod – it’s Groundhog Week!

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  1. Eish!

  2. This situation is getting more ridiculous by the day… clearly diplomacy is not having any effect and harsher measures need to be implemented to resolve the crisis. Quite frankly I don’t care much about Zimbabwe but it’s affecting South Africans more and more – it is not acceptable how the SA leadership is managing this issue.. someone needs to be held accountable surely!

  3. theglassbird says

    Scary stuff indeed, maybe the government is just expecting the old bugger to die soon, which would be a win win situation. Lord knows they always look for the easy way out.

  4. @glassbird – rumour has it that Mr Zuma whose life, according to Ace “Zuma is Jesus” Magashule, closely resembles that of Jesus will lead the prayer-based strategy of the next Emergency Zimbabwe Summit.

    @Simpiwe – Mr Motlanthe will then hold God as the ultimate accountable for the Zimbabwe crisis, absolving the SADC, Mr Mbeki, himself and Mrs Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma from any incompetent behaviour.

    @Nda – What can I say… Eish! 🙁

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