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Today we happily arrived at a small landmark of the first 1,000 subscribers to Just thought I’d write a quick post to thank all the people that have recently signed up to receive the free cartoons by email. Since launching late last year growth has been steady and the stream of comments coming in has been increasing and encouraging.

Please do leave your comment on the cartoon and the issue – the point of the site is to have a laugh and to give you a platform to voice your opinion – even if it is totally contradictory to the post!

We’ve also been receiving a number of requests for cartoons on different themes – from BBBEE and international politics to ermm.. how can I put it – cartoons celebrating racial diversity in the world. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post or indicate in the poll below which of the following themes you’d like to see more cartoons on.

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Thanks again and hope you continue to enjoy the cartoons – please drop us a line through the Contact Wonkie page with any feedback, compliments, insults or suggestions for improvement.. we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Congrats! Definitely want to see some BBBEE/ affirmative action cartoons from the black point of view to give readers a perspective from all sides!

  2. hey… Wonkie is just the cooooolest domain name!!

  3. Hi from London… really awesome cartoons – get some of these published more mainstream.. could be the next SouthPark-type hit!

    Best of luck and keep it up!

  4. Dude, this blog rocks!

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