malema ancyl cartoon

malema ancyl cartoon

Malema turns down parliamentary nomination

Julius Malema sadly said he would spare the South African public his political mastermind for the next 10-15 years. He devastated many fans when he said he believed parliament was for old people, and that he had a significant amount of work left to do to mould the youth of the country.

Mr Malema, president of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) turns 28 this year.

Also reported to have turned down nominations for parliament are Thabo “I used to be a president” Mbeki and Tito “we will weather the storm” Mboweni. As yet it is unclear if Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s criminal record will prevent her from becoming an MP. Judging by what Mr Zuma is about to do to the SA justice system, we’re guessing she stands a good shot at becoming deputy president.

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  1. Way to go Julius, the best decision he has ever made is to abstain….

  2. Is Mr Malema delusional…… he should not be moulding anyone!!!

  3. Andre Piek says

    Drake, I hope you mean abstain from spreading his genes too and not just from taking a parliament position… there is way too much violence in our country already! I cannot believe that someone can make open threats in this day and age in South Africa.. scary!

  4. As i understand that Malema doesn’t care about South African politics , Arguing on that , Malema is a Businessmen , You can note that from his poor intellectualism . I never hear any day from his speculation taking about issues that affects us as young people of Mzants . such youth developmnt , HIV/AIDS and other issues .

  5. Drake – how could you say that! Think of all the fun we’d have with Mr Malema in parliament.

    Siya – I do a lot of development work in our poorer communities and I have to say I do agree with you. There is a significantly greater positive impact a man in Mr Malema’s position can have and sadly in my opinion, he’s wasted a golden opportunity to truly uplift our youth in South Africa. Instead he’s spouting revolutionary rhetoric which is inappropriate, encouraging violence, and being a pawn for undeserving senior ANC leaders.

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