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golden screw award

The Golden Scr3w Awards Ceremony

The prestigious annual Golden Scr3w award ceremony was hosted by none other than the angelic Paris Hilton. Every year hopeful despots, leaders and media companies from all over the world gather in some famous location to nostalgically recollect whom they’ve scr3wed over in the last year. Mr Robert Mugabe is in one of those ‘always the bridesmaid never the bride’ scenario having been nominated year after year but never winning. This sadly causes him to try even harder the next year much to the dismay of Zimbabweans.

Ulrika Jonsson appeared to have sneaked up from behind and won the latest Celebrity Big Brother contest on Channel 4 in the UK. The favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother this time around was the mini-me actor from Austin Powers, Verne Troyer. Accusations of fixing the results went flying across the UK.

Mr Mugabe, who is no stranger to fixing votes and elections appeared to be visibly disappointed after this year’s Golden Scr3w award winner was announced. Unconfirmed rumours are that he intends to exert himself to the maximum over the next year in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa to show that he is truly worthy of the award himself. South African leaders applauded Mr Mugabe’s determination and vowed to support him to the end to ensure that the award returns to Africa.

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