Malema embarrassment cartoon

Malema embarrassment

Julius Malema embarrassing South Africa comments

Just when we all think he’s all out of clever things to say, Mr Julius Malema suprises South Africa with another gem or two. This man is clearly not a man to be mis-underestimated (sigh – we’re missing Mr Bush already). We’re not quite sure if Mr Malema meant that the law enforcers of South Africa- the police, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), and judges – are embarrassing because they’re actually doing their job; or that it’s embarrassing that the ruling ANC party seem to have all their eggs in Mr Zuma’s basket.

It is really quite incredible that the ANC is willing to put forward a candidate with all these corruption charges against him. Surely there has to be someone else in the ANC capable of leading the party that can command as much respect as Mr Zuma can within their ranks? Or is the charming Mr Zuma the only one that can convince the voting public that the ANC will be able to deliver against their promise-the-world 2009 ANC election manifesto.

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  1. Semaj Farrcicle says

    South African opinion belies any notion of agreement on anything. This country is completely split and divided. The overwhelming majority of black people seem to support Zuma. The overwhelming majority of white people would probably like to see Zuma convicted and locked up forever. The same division applies to just about everything else, from Zimbabwe to Israel/Palestine. As for the latter it’s probab;y a tad stupid of me to say this, but I suspect most white people probably sympathise with Israel while most black people sympathise with the Palestinians. James Farr.

  2. Helmut Klein says

    Maybe the others are all waiting to see if he will become the president. Then it is pay-back time, i.e. ” We supported you and made you the president. Now you will turn a blind eye when we have our fingers in the kitty.”

  3. George Busi says

    Semaj – I don’t think that the country is split on racial grounds over everything as you indicate. There are plenty of black people in our country that believe Mr Zuma is not the best candidate and I am even more certain there are plenty of white people that believe the Israeli action in Gaza is unwarranted.

    In any case, judging by the cartoons I hardly think sizwe could be considered pro-Zuma.

  4. Well put George thanks.

    James – don’t you think the distinction is probably based more on socio-economic level than on race? Zuma is a populist leader – the bulk of the masses in SA, which happens to be black, believe in him. I’m pretty certain the educated black population would not be as vocal in their support for Mr Zuma. The question is where is the credible alternative to the ANC? It’s certainly not the ‘too-white’ DA and Cope.. if they have a party line to campaign on other than ‘we’re not the ANC and we’re black’ there would be some hope.

    Helmut – a scary thought and I’m sure you’re not far off. Mr Shabby Shaik for one is probably just waiting for his presidential pardon. An interesting opinion I heard echoed by many wealthy businessmen when Mr Zuma was bandied about for the top job was that they were ok with him leading the country as they felt they could ‘control’ him a lot easier given his apparent susceptibility to moving forward with dodgy transactions.

  5. I just don’t understand why is everybody making comparison between SA, Palistine and or Israel? Otherwise, this is a very serious issue which could drive away brains of the country. I don’t believe that this is about race at all. The question is can Zuma lead this country to the next level? The ground breaking era is over now the erection of proper economic way forward, social advancement, academic development and etc is what people are looking for. We now know what the ANC is capable of and they have been given more than enough time to adjust and advance the lives of South Africans to a certain degree they did that. But now we need more from them, is world is now different from when they grew up in 1965.

  6. Drake thanks for the very relevant comment – do you believe Mr Zuma can take us to the next level?

    I would be interested in doing a poll to see who in the ANC, besides Jacob Zuma, is capable and credible enough to take the lead of country at the moment… any thoughts readers?

  7. Semaj Farrcicle says

    Sizwe, I hope you’re right, but I fear most educated or skilled black people have left the country. I reckon there have always been black people perfectly capable of running companies and/or the country, but haven’t been allowed to. The ruling elite makes sure they never get too close. If necessary, the ruling elite even kills them off. James.

  8. Malema is a frontman extrordinaire….every politician needs an ally who looks more foolish than him…Zuma is on a winner here folks!

  9. The ANC is the party of the mediocre. They make decisions and then are not able to give effect to them. They have an ignoramus like Malema as their youth leader – boy they must be desperate. In 15 years they have managed to destroy the civil servants and turn the rural areas into typical banana republic areas. They don’t consider food independence as important as sending the deputy president on a $20 million holiday. They consider their incompetent selves as worthy as having body-guards HA HA!

  10. please cancel this wonkie, please.

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