SA dummies HR guide bbbee cartoon 3

SA dummies HR guide bbbee cartoon 3

Dummies Guide to South African Human Resource Management

Human Resources has to be one of the most worthless functions in any organisation. The only thing more ridiculous than the function itself is how corporations plug it as being one of their most important back office operations. “People are our most valuable asset” – doesn’t that just make you want to throw up every time you hear it. Particularly as the executive team smiles when they say it just after sacking a few hundred staff members because of something allegedly “outside their control”.

What never ceases to amaze Wonkie is the level of discretion given to total morons in corporations. Almost invariably, discretionary powers resting with a specially selected HR moron or two are used to match a potential recruitment candidate’s skill level against a job spec. Somehow these talented idiots find a way to reconcile wet-behind-the-ears graduates to executive roles and manage to do so successfully. Wonkie believes that this is a clear case of the executive team just saying yes to avoid having an extended conversation with these HR staff members.

This is the 3rd in BBBEE series of cartoons on affirmative action and related subjects in South Africa. Be sure to check out the previous commentary on the incompetent blacks cartoon and Barack Obama is an affirmative action appointment cartoon.

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  2. LOL.. why ntjana? Do you need someone to explain it to you?

  3. Steve Rogers says

    This may be generally true but don’t blame HR, blame the line managers an leaders who don’t understand the connection between hiring/developing good people and performance and assume HR is an admin function and not a strategic performance improving function.

    Organisations that do, thrive. Read First, Break all the Rules, Good to Great and many other great books for more good stuff and case studies of great organisations.

    Good HR is crucial, bad HR shouldn’t be tolerated. Especially in SA.

  4. That is so true. All decision makers are white.

  5. Steve Rogers says

    Not with you. All decision makers are white. So?

    It’s not about race. It’s about HR’s reputation in SA. HRMs of all colours need to step up to the mark and make their’profession’ more relevant to line manager needs. If HR insists on being an admin function, so it shall remain.

    The HR profession must wake up to its real purpose – to help line managers to build their teams’ capabilities to improve their chances of meeting their objectives.

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