white jobs in south africa bbbee cartoon 5

white jobs in south africa bbbee cartoon 5

South African jobs – White Rhino Survival Guide

There is an interesting lesson to be learnt from the corporate world – one that the mobile telecommunications industry in particular learnt the hard way. The cost of acquiring a new customer is usually substantially more than retaining one you currently have. Successful mobile companies having learnt this lesson, focus on reducing churn as a strategic priority.

A parallel can be drawn in South Africa with respect to the mass emigration of skills. With unemployment levels, by practically any sane measure, over 25% and the upcoming recession, the focus of government should squarely sit on retaining as many skills the country has developed as possible.

An organisation perfomance consultancy, JCP International, studied employment trends in South Africa in 2005. Their report found that post-matric unemployment rates rose from 25% ten years back to 40% in 2005. They also found that tertiary-level unemployment rates rose from 6% to 15% over the same time frame. South Africa is certainly developing skills – but clearly not those that are really needed to drive the economy. Most of the growth in South Africa over the last few years is a by-product of resource demand from India and China – it is not through any competence of South African leadership. With the global slowdown, this is bound to be exposed now.

Because of government’s ineptness with respect to maintaining fair career opportunities and controlling the country’s rampant crime, those that have the required skills are quite intent on leaving. Moronic attitudes like ‘let them go, we don’t need their bad attitudes’ is exactly the neanderthal thinking that is likely to drive South Africa into becoming the New Zimbabwe.

This is the 5th in BBBEE series of cartoons on affirmative action and related subjects in South Africa. Be sure to check out the previous commentary on incompetent blacks cartoon and White is the new Black cartoon

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  1. It is my observation that democracy is not as watertight as most of us are wont to think.

    Anytime you have a majority voting for a uselessness (a classic case being ZANU-PF, and now the post-Polokwane ANC), according to the rules of democracy, the majority have spoken. The rest of us who are not so moronically-inclined must bear the brunt of the stupid choices of an undisputed majority.

    The only viable solution to this is a theocracy. As one of Israel’s great prophets once said to the Israelites themselves (and not the Israelis–please get me right): “If Baal (and I would add democracies) is god, then serve him; but is God (Yahweh, Jehovah) is God, then serve him. How long will you waver between two opinions?”

    Thereafter, there was a showdown between the paganism of Baal worship and the supremacy of the only God there is in heaven and earth, and obviously God shone so bright that the SAME majority that had been voting Baal into power time and again suddenly turned and bowed at the foot of the Real God.

    Since God is for us, leaving Him to govern all humanity is the BEST democratic choice that any human being can make.

  2. Steve Rogers says

    Hi Nda

    Nice concept, now drink your coffee it’s getting cold!

    Have a nice day now!


  3. Well said, Nda. Only God can sort out this mess of a ‘democracy’ and His arm is not too short to save. Keep praying for true God-fearing leaders to be raised up and ffor more confusion in the ranks of the enemy. Come election day we will experience another miracle.

  4. Wow Nda u seem like a Cristian though I dont get exatly what Kind of a cristian U are, cos u from what u say I personaly think that u want us to vote for what u think is right. Coming to God and vote wow if u can a little bit explain your theory of democracy and god then I think I may understand it naw its not clear anu more. A cording to my perspective i think u are one who tries by all means to say that god is the solution, but how.

    By your opinoin if we let God rule or lead every thing will be smooth after, I may or do support your statemeny but u know what, people have choice to make and that is in the bibble its, also the cursed that if a person lead another person that is the end, or something like that.

    Plz Nda give me quot from the bibble about what u are saiying..PLz

  5. @ Steve: 🙂

    @ GOGO: The problem with democracy is that it is not godly; it is secular–humanist. Human beings are never clean, so even if they are fair to each other to sit around discussion tables, thrash issues and finally vote for a position of their choice between various contending positions, the INITIAL problem is still theirs nonetheless: human beings are NEVER clean. The same is true of their democratic choices.

    Where I find God coming in even in that kind of fray is in His having the last word: “…All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, who have been called according to His purpose.” For Luks sake, that is in Romans 8:28.

    Note that the miracle about which you speak benefits only those who love the Lord. In that respect, in allowing people the power to choose what they will, God freely allows the exercise of freedom of one’s choice and a semblance of democracy. However, when He has the last word, He will not subject His closing action to a democratic vote. He will act unilaterally. He says so Himself.

    @ Luks: Seeing this is not a religious blog, may I be brief, please? 😉 I have already given you one quotation from the Bible.

    Two, closing comments to make and then I return to my herbal infusion before it gets cold. I don’t take coffee, Steve; never have and never will! 🙂

    1. The WHOLE history of Israel from the time that God raised Moses to get them out of Egypt until the Israelites CHOSE to have a king rule over them, they were governed by God DIRECTLY. God would communicate His DIRECT will to the High Priest, or prophets (like Samuel, Deborah, etc.), or Judges (like Samson, Gideon, etc.). Seeing God always plans what is best for us, seeing He knows EVERYTHING, including our motives as humans, and therefore makes right judgments consistently, EVERY TIME (hence my personally concluding that capital punishment is only sensible under a theocracy; God only knows who among us has passed his expiry date), God can NEVER make a decision about our welfare and we later find Him wanting. NEVER.

    What I have just said is NOT possible to say of ALL the human, democratically elected leaders that this world has ever had, and will ever have, without exception. Your Bible quotation? The whole of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel.

    2. Democracy, to me, is national consensus, among humans, to determine and chart a forward course in life based on dialogue, plus wide and inclusive consultations. If everyone’s conviction about the way forward is unanimous, well and good. If not, then a vote comes into play, and the side that gets a majority vote takes the upperhand.

    Here is where there is a problem with democracy: world history has yet to reveal a totally selfless political party, with party leaders that didn’t push their own agenda to the fore. More often than not, those who SEEMED to reach this ideal among all these secular politicians had erroneous ideas on what was best for their populace.

    Last among the problems of democracy is when you have a raving mad majority voting for total annihilation and, according to the rules of democracy, their vote stands. They are in the majority after all. Surely, what is right for the nation is NEVER determined by majority votes solely. There are times when a solitary voice of reason HAS to quell the craze of the masses.

    I’ve already said this: God does not, and cannot, have those kinds of problems (pushing ideas that will hurt or harm His creation).

    Where does this leave us, as humans? Back to square one, where it all began: with God.

    Need I say more?

  6. Steve Rogers says

    Sho, now my coffee’s cold after reading all of that!

    I agree with your sentiments and admire your passion but in the meantime life continues. Individuals (like Mugabe most recently) and his cohorts make the lives of millions of ordinary people completely miserable.

    Now, let’s get back to the original post and point: South Africa can ill afford to lose the talent it has lost over the last decade. The people leaving are, in a way, voting: they’re voting against SA (Pty) Ltd and for UK or any other country (Pty) Ltd. And these countries are perplexed and pleased to receive this already trained and capable workforce. For South African Ministers (no less) to be unconcerned about (in fact dismissive of) this exiting mass of talent is truly worrying. That over half of South African voters in this next election will add their stamp of approval to this and many other examples of short sighted and/or corrupt mis-management of SA (Pty) Ltd boggles the mind.

    Where does God fit into this? I’m not sure, but if we use one of his basic Commandments “Thou Shalt Not Steal” as a guideline for voting, then many of the current crop of proposed leaders shouldn’t take office.

    Let’s move on, it’s been fun.

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