I wanna be bbbee cartoon 7

I wanna be bbbee cartoon 7

I wanna be a BBBEE cartoon

After the commentary on the incompetent blacks cartoon which was certainly very apt and heated, it is still interesting to note the number of idiotic race-based HR appointments that are made, further perpetuating the bad taste in the mouths of all race groups in South Africa about the implementation of employment equity programmes. The only people smiling at these are likely to be the BBBEE fatcats.

This is the 7th in BBBEE series of cartoons on affirmative action and related subjects in South Africa. Be sure to check out the previous commentary on White is the New Black cartoon and the Indian view on affirmative action in South Africa.

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  1. mmm…im waiting for the March cartoon…

    • mmm.. me too! I’m currently upgrading myself in the Caribbean.. new cartoons will hit the screens next week once everyone is back from the carnival holidays out here!

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