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news for jews

Bongani Masuku’s News for Jews

Bongani Masuku of Cosatu recently addressed a meeting at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. This followed somewhat of an uproar caused by Cosatu’s recent protest march into a residential Jewish area a few weeks ago (see the Jobless Cosatu marches against Jews cartoon).

So to be clear, according to Bongani and possibly Cosatu, it’s perfectly alright to vent your frustrations on part of a community and not the whole. Constitutionally speaking, that would not be racist because it is not advocacy of hatred that is based on an entire race, gender, ethnicity or religion. Wonkie loves the twisted ways in which clever people intepret the law – in fact we are tempted to now say we hate Indian people but only those that talk with that funny Durban-nite accent (and all) to see if we can get away with it. We’re certainly bright enough not to make any vaguely derogatory or hateful comments against any subset of the black community in South Africa.

More details on Mr Masuku’s speech can be found at here.

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  1. Glad you’re back – I was very worried that you were ‘censored’ and ‘censured.’ EISH !

    • Ou vrou – jammer, nothing as glamourous as getting censored sadly. Just took a short break to the Caribbean to attend the carnival! We’re glad to be back online though – looks like we’ve missed on some classic cartoon opportunities over the last 10 days!

  2. With that mentality (or should I say lack of), no wonder this country is stuffed

  3. You are brilliant my brother!

  4. Bakenshark says

    Laughing at this state of affairs is just plain wrong..but the toon is too damn funny!Welcome back wonkie!

  5. Drew David says

    This Bongo fella is the most rabid anti-semite in Africa. He loves to make a name for himself as a hater, but of a minority group of people. I suppose like any school yard bully, picking on the innocent and small makes for an easy target and makes him feel like a tough Union boy!! Bongo does not like anti black or anti commie, but Anti jew is cool and more than alright. Beware….Hitler began his tirade in 1920 with the start of the Nazi party, twenty years later a genocide like humanity has never experienced took place against innocent Jews only because they were Jews!!

    Drew takes Bongo’s words and rhetoric very seriously and would not be surprised to see him go genocidal someday soon.

  6. Bongani should go home to the country he is from – Swaziland.
    Let him start his king “hate speech” if he’s such a big boy!
    Let’s see where that lands him – the self-proclaimed, self-exiled ego man of teh struggle!

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