malema radio interview cartoon

malema radio interview

Big debates of Mandla Mandela and Malema

There has been some speculation about the suitability of Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela to be on the list of ANC’s candidates for the parliamentary election in South Africa this year. Of course, none of this speculation comes from the ANC ranks who are no doubt thrilled – whether it is passing off or not – to have the Mandela name on their ticket. This will ring a familiar bell to those of you who have seen an Eddie Murphy movie called The Distinguished Gentleman in which Murphy wins a seat in the US senate through name recognition alone. The power of a strong brand is certainly not something to be mis-underestimated (George Bush we miss you so!) and credit to the ANC for recognising this and using it as part of their strategy to win the game.

Earlier this week Julius Malema participated in a radio interview on 702. He appeared willing and confident to take on opposition leader Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance in a debate. Malema stated that he was not keen on promoting smaller parties in the upcoming election by debating with them. Perhaps Mr Jacob Zuma, ANC’s presidential candidate could borrow some of Malema’s mojo and accept one of the numerous invitations to public debate that Mrs Zille has already extended to him.

Other news includes reports of a possible probe into the medical parole of convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik. Of course nobody in South Africa suspects any foul play here really. Particularly because of Shaik’s valuable financial advisory role to the victimised Mr Zuma prior to his fraud conviction. Clearly all this is part of an evil plot by the dark forces to further discredit Mr Zuma.

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  1. I hoped you would do a cartoon on the Malema interview on 702…its so good

  2. Isaac Plaatjies says

    I am really disturbed by your Wonkie cartoons. I subscribed to receiving this cartoons and i want to unsubscribe please!! They are so biased and anti – ANC. I am an ANC member and cant find any laughter in this rightwing machine (Wonkie). It is clear that you want to use this Wonkie thing to do neagative reporting about the ANC and its leaders. This is really a disgusting and stinking website. Could you please advise me how to unsubscribe? I am no longer reading this emails, i just delete them as they come.

  3. Isaac – thanks for your sweet comment and I am very glad to see you are disturbed by Wonkie, our dear disgusting and stinking website.

    I am sad that you’d like to unsubscribe though – it would have been much more constructive if you stayed on and left your comments in support of the ANC and WHY you think the cartoon view is unfairly biased or rubbish. Clearly we’re happy to publish all points of view including your rather harsh one.

    Wonkie is intended to get people to think and question the powers that be. We don’t particularly care if the DA, Cope or whoever else is in power – rest assured, they will receive the same blunt treatment when they, for example, inadequately address land reform or employent equity etc. in their policies.

    South Africa is an immature democracy and people need a channel to be vocal both for and against all parties so they can appreciate the different points of view and make up their own minds on the issues at hand. If you are pro-ANC let us all know WHY and be prepared to defend your view. If your views are sound we WANT them to be heard here so people can reflect on them and adjust their own opinions given your thoughts and analysis. So now, how about telling us more about your own views – do you think Mr Malema makes some very sensible, well-thought out comments (please give examples), do you think Mandla Mandela is a great politician in his own right and not just using the legendary Madiba name to promote himself (again – tell us WHY you think so), and what is your view on Schabir Shaik’s timely medical parole … I am sure our readers are bright enough to change their opinions on these subjects if your views have any merit – do accept the challenge or will you run now?

  4. Isaac Plaatjies says

    I whish the ANC can just accelerate the implementation of the Polokwane resolution about the establishment of a media tribunal. For too long have we now witnessed and experienced the negative smear campaigns of disgruntled colonialists and remnants of the apartheid regime, against everyone and everything that is connected to the African National Congress. The recent media smear campaign against our caretaker president Motlane, is only but one example of the underhandedness of some colonial forces that are still hidden in some of South Africa’s dominant media houses. Motlante’s private life and affair with a young lady with whom he fathered a child has got nothing to do with anybody and there is nothing wrong about that in our rich variety of cultures and traditions. Unless you want to super impose your western lifestyles and standards upon a vastly diverse nation with a tapestry of language, cultures and traditions.
    Now Mandla Mandela must again justify his political ambitions and is accused of abusing the Mandela name to parashoot his political profile.
    Could you for once just accept that the guy is a Mandela. There is no need for him to try and justify using the Mandela name. He is a Mandela, how can he be accused of abusing his own surname? Does it mean that he must attempt nothing, must try nothing, must have no ambitions, because if he does he would be abusing his Surname? What is wrong with the media? There are massacres going on in Palestine and elsewhere in the world, why not use these mediahouses to condemn the bloodshed and killing in Darfur for instance?
    This negative campaigning is very disturbing because you would never hear about the many good things Malema is doing but if he misses a meeting, it would be tomorrows headlines. Sies, ggggaaa… man.

  5. Makutsepe says

    You know Julius Malema is the kind i dont like,he is the mistake of creation.
    Oyetswa kehore otsabilwe kepapa haye ha anabotho.Aseke ayethetsa hore otlaba President yanaha,otla rutabana barona ditlapa.Haokopana leyena omojwetse hore oyantlapela kadintho tseo tsempe tsantseng adibuwa. Akgutlele sekolong ayorutiswa hore hlompho keeng, Abo ethuta puo hantle. Kaditumediso hotswa honna Makutsepe

  6. Isaac please man… you sound like black man who want to be like a white during the apartheid times.. how can you be so stupid. Your answer to critzism of our politicians is censorship??? come brother… if you read the comments on this site most readers are BLACK not leftover white remnants of apartheid as you claim. It’s people like you that make us blacks sound like idiots – please leave and unsubscribe… please!

    And for your information when Monika Lewinski was rolling up Clinton’s cigar that was news for the world let alone USA. What makes Motlanthe so great that his like can’t stand public scrutiny – these are the leaders our youths are using as role models – if he is so pathetic it should be exposed… next thing you know teenagers are taking shower to avoid Aids thanks to ZUma – and I have to explain my children now that someone they look up to is speaking such rubbish.

    Sizwe giving you an opportunity to say why you have such a positive point of view on ANC and you CANNOT!! You cannot explain what merit Mandla has to be where he is, you cannot give ONE comment sensible from Malema – WHY????? You can only complain that this is negative campaigning but cannot offer any evidence to the contrary. Go do some research and tell me why I should vote ANC again and I will think about it brother.

  7. Andre Piek says

    Isaac – interesting to note in your long speech you fail to deliver on Sizwe’s challenge to provide examples why we should change our minds. Could it be that what you consider a smear campaign has some underlying truth??

    Perhaps because I am white I am what you consider the remnants of apartheid in this country but I see in your attitude a lot of similarity with what the old CP/NP sympathisers had – blind support of a corrupt leadership without a sense of fighting for what is right for everyone. Don’t you forget how the old regime used censorship to stifle free speech and exposing the truth about the nation when you start advocating ANC to use the same tools.

  8. Isaac Plaatjies says

    Simphiwe K – come on brother it seems as if you are the one who need to do some research here, because JZ never said he took a shower to prevent Aids. This is exactly the kind of negative reporting that i am talking about. As the person who is not stupid, how come you missed out on the public apology during which JZ clearly stated what he meant by saying he took a shower. And in a society driven by morality, surely a public apology should count or at least mean something.
    You know what Simphiwe, go read my WELL RESEARCHED book: ‘The African National Congress – Three Ideologies Later’ published by Van Schaick, then youll find thousands of reasons why YOU in particular should vote for the ANC.
    Mandla Mandela is an ANC member and the ANC is at liberty to deploy its cadres as it wishes. And he dont have to be apologetic about his surname and need not to live by your standards in order to achieve something. Your comment about what he has done or not done, will unfortunately not be dignified since you will just have to accept that he is Mnadela and cannot be accused of abusing his surname.
    And Simphiwe and Piet, who mentioned colour? There were black and white on both sides of the policical spectrum during the apartheid era and im sure you both know this.

  9. Yes… please find me an excerpt of JZ’s public apology so I can show to my kids. Please do Isaac.. The ANC has quite a spin machine all of their own with Jessie Duarte – ANC cadres even have their own definition of Zol!! All there to cover up who I think is a morally bankrupt politician Jacob Zuma… ever since Madiba, ANC has shown the poor quality of true leadership it has in it’s ranks – at this rate they will soon become the next Zanu-PF and with your wholehearted support.

    Thanks for the reference to the book – I’ll get a copy and give my comments. I wonder though if it was written in this decade even – the ANC I grew up with and fought with is certainly not the ANC we would be voting for now.. it’s evolved into a bunch of corrupt politicians that line their own pockets with no regard for people who need change the most… sorry Isaac but the truth hurts. I have nothing against Mandla persay by the way – I want to know what he has done besides owning his surname that merits him being on ANC’s parliamentary list… it’s just to sway the voters with Madiba’s legacy Isaac – or can you not see that? Please tell me what merit he has to be on that list.. can you do that?

    • Isaac – firstly, many thanks for your candid comment about the Wonkie site and thanks even more for staying further and expressing your views. The ANC certainly has many merits and looking at it objectively to some extent you are right. The media does drag Mr Zuma, Malema and the rest through the mud somewhat. Still, I think it is also fair to acknowledge that Malema’s outbursts about killing for Zuma and so on can hardly be condoned as appropriate for someone that has so much influence over our youth. As is the ANC’s insistence on having Mr Zuma lead the party when he clearly has so much hanging against him – surely there is another strong ANC leader that can extend the ANC’s credibility to the general public? It would certainly be in the ANC’s and the country’s best interest if such a leader within the ANC would step forward.

      I tried to source the book you mentioned but could not find it – please let me know the name of the publisher Isaac? Do check out the cartoon on Wonkie tomorrow if you haven’t unsubscribed already by the way – it’s on the DA and the holes in their campaign.. it would be great to hear your thoughts on that.

      Andre, Simpiwe – I agree with your view 100% on censorship. If we regress to the ways of the bad old days there will be no mechanism for public pressure on the politicians in power. And I don’t care who is in power – ANC, DA, Cope, the Ministry of Sound … the public has a right to criticise their leaders and that should never be taken away. If they cannot defend themselves or worse, are at fault – they should certainly not be civil servants.

      Thanks for the comments everybody – please keep them coming!

  10. I think Isaac have got a point there. The ANC has done things for this country that no other party could do prior to 1994. It is very reckless of Simphiwe to say that the ANC is a bunch of corrupt politicians with no regard for the poor people.
    Firstly, the ANC is a collective. Are you saying everybody in the ANC is corrupt or are you referring to a few individuals. Zuma cannot be branded as a corrupt leader because no court of law has found him guilty of any wrong doing, and thats a fact. Simpiwe, how teaching your kids about this important cornerstone of the judicial system: ‘Innocent until proven guilty’?
    The public apology of JZ was televised on national TV Simphiwe and strange enough, or rather as expected from the South African media, it didnt make the front pages! That is why you probably didnt hear about it, and that is what Isaac is insinuating when he outlines his problems with the media.

    Secondly, the poor people of this country will vote for the ANC Simphiwe, because unlike the uninformed statements that you are trying to peddle about the ANC and its leadership, the poor people of SA knows that it is only the ANC that can and will deliver them from their misery.
    Yes i concurr with you and everyone else, that corruption is a big problem in government, but it is wrong to say the ANC leadership is corrupt because i know about the majority of its leadership being honest, good and decent man and women who have the interest of SA at heart.
    I again concurr with Isaac that Mandla Mandela cannot be accused of abusing abusing his OWN SURNAME! It is common knowledge that the guy is a chief and is active in rural development etc. Come on Simphiwe, or are you just another disgrutled ex ANC guy who were toppled and rendered unemployed at Polokwane? No wonder you sound so COPE – like!!

  11. Xolani – I think you miss the point here. I am not saying the ANC did nothing for this country – I sincerely believe they WERE the best thing for the country.. to bring our people to freedom! I just look at what is happening now to the education system, health, crime, corruption – all of these are results of poor leadership… ANC leadership that has deteriorated completely since Madiba. We cannot keep blaming the apartheid years for everything and place some responsibility on the current leadership for contributing to the mess that we’re currently in. And that my friend is why I think Zuma is WRONG for us NOW.

    And by the way I will never vote Cope – they stand for nothing besides being anti-ANC – they have no direction or sound policies of their own!!

    As for Mandla Mandela – again, you guys keep ranting on about how he’s not abusing his name but are totally unable to demonstrate any merit other than his name for his role in the ANC parliamentary list!! Not dignifying something with a response is hardly a good argument – it usually shows you can’t justify your statement.

    And by the way – the poor people of this country will vote ANC only because there is no one else they can vote for – if you read the cartoon today on Wonkie about why the DA will fail in the SA 2009 election you will understand – the poor in this country will NEVER vote white – not now! It doesn’t matter how good the DA policies are.. they are not seen as representative of the masses, just of the whites.

    • Xolani.. thanks for your comment. I don’t think the debate is so much what the ANC has done to bring us to freedom as much as how effective they’re being currently being to deliver change to the people that need it the most.

      Guys I would really appreciate your comments on Sizwe’s cartoon today on why the DA will not succeed. I am curious to know if you know what the DA’s stance is on issues like land reform, employment equity etc and whether you think it has any merit at all in taking SA forward? Check out the post at: and please leave your comment. It is a little sad to think that race is still the primary motivator for capturing votes in South Africa.

  12. No man Simphiwe, you keep on talking about Mandla’s merits when we clearly tell you that the guy is a chief who is active in rural community development. That is a broad field and you know that. It involves isues about land administration, traditional leadership, rural development etc. He is active in all these spheres!
    Now i REALLY want to agree with Isaac, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEED TO GO DO SOME REASEARCH. The problem is that you jump from one subject to the other. Because you first said JZ took a shower to cure Aids, when Isaac proved you wrong you jumped to accusing the ANC of being a bunch of corrupt leaders that have no regard for the poor. Again you were proven wrong and Isaac told you that Mandla need not to convince you that he did not abused his own surname, because it is HIS surname! And the ANC is at liberty to deploy its members as it wishes. Dont you understand that?

  13. ISAAC – THANK YOU for standing up and defending our ANC… please keep it up brother! And Xolani also you. If you comrades don’t put these comments these people will NEVER understand our views – the ANC is the best party to take South Africa forward – no one else can match our experience and leadership here – none! VIVA ANC VIVA!!!

  14. @ Sizwe & PM: Why am I beginning to believe that for most African people, particularly in the ANC (and others in political parties that are in power) HONEST introspection is IMPOSSIBLE?

    [sigh] The Isaacs, Xolani Ps, & S’bus, why can’t the ANC smell its own armpits? We have that expression in the Nguni languages (ukuzinuka amakhwapha). Why is it impossible for the ANC to do that?

    To keep on regurgitating the portions in the ANC CV that WERE monumental, but have since become history (e.g. the legacy of the Mandelas and his predecessors) is not doing anyone IN THE PRESENT any good.

    For the last time, what good is there in Julius Malema that would erase the hogwash that he has been spewing from his foul mouth ever since he ascended the ANCYL Presidency? What good is there in Jacob Zuma for all the filth that keeps peeping from right underneath his carpet? The “innocent until proven guilty” trump card is well and good when used in its proper context. Here is a situation where one out of AT LEAST two, corrupt parties is tried, found guilty and jailed for corruption, and the other is now set to be the country’s next president by virtue of the ANC using the trump card “innocent until proven guilty”?

    Does it ever matter to the ANC members that most of the people in this country who are above 20 years of age were not born yesterday (another Nguni expression)? To wait until Jacob Zuma is proven guilty before a court of law does not mean being stupid about what he and the ANC does before he finally respects his own wish to have his day in court.

    Meanwhile, with this cloud of SUSPICION hanging over his head, the BEST that an individual can do for his sanity AND for the country’s pride is to withdraw from a frontline position. The mere knowledge that a would-be president is charged with SO many counts of criminal charges that even I have NEVER heard about is enough stink in the armpits to say to any sensible member in the ANC: “go wash your armpits before you start talking about ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ ” Why must THE WHOLE COUNTRY wait for a judge to smell the ANC armpits and confirm them stinking before the ANC takes the rest of the country seriously that SOMETHING in the region of the ANC armpits STINKS, and not just “stinks,” but STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN?

    [Deeper sigh].

  15. Isaac Plaatjies says

    Nda, my friend it seems as if you are the one who need to pause and take a little HONEST INTROSPECTION of yourself. You see my friend, the portions in the ANC’s CV that you make mention of is what made it possible for you be able to debate freely on websites such as Wonkie today without being thrown to rot in jail. Now this can never be called HISTORY because it is doing all of us PRESENTLY a great amount of GOOD. Whether you like it or not, Nda my friend, you can and will never be able to erase the ANC’s CV and even more so, you cant whish it away because the majority of South Africans want to remember this. That is why we turned Robben island into a museum!! So you may vomit of all the nausea about the ANC’s CV but it will stay with you as long as you remain South Africa!
    What good is there in Julius Malema? Let me tell you!!
    Only two weeks ago, he himself 2gether with an NGO which HE organised(The Gift of the Givers) sourced and collected hundreds of gifts and handed it out to HIV/ orphants in the forgotten children’s Homes and old age homes aroung Joburg. Have you ever done something like that in your entire life wena Nda?
    JZ is unfortunately ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ whether you like it or not. Seems as if you have a vested interest in seeing him going to jail? Innocent until proven guilty cannot be used in different contexts and applied to certain individuals only, as claimed by yourself. Unless of course you and your COPE (claiming to be protecting the constitution but refused to accept this constitutional prerogative) want to re- write or ammend the constitution! So that can hardly be called a TRUMP CARD if the constitution states that all are equal before the law!
    But you know as well as myself that Zuma will remain the ANC presidential candidate and he will lead the ANC in Parliament. And let me tell you something else Nda, “most of the people in this country who are above 20 years of age and were not born yesterday” are the very same people who will be voting Zuma into the union buildings next month! So who are you talking about? Look around you and wake up, it seems as if you are living in a world of Cinderellas!
    Innocent until proven guilty!! teach that to your kids and you will be doing something SENSIBLE!

  16. Ntate Nda, do you accept and respect the constitution as the supreme law of this country? Are you knowlegeable about the Bill of Rights that states ‘all are equal before the law’?
    Why is it that WE have to teach you all these things? Go do some research please man.. go now… please
    We cant be waisting our time with these basic things that even a 5 year old would tell you about. If you want to protect the constitution, then start by reading it! Gosh!
    How can you call this a trump card? This is the most fundamental aspect of human rights: ‘ALL ARE EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW!” This is why the Madibas, the Mbeki’s, the Tambo’s, the Mhlaba’s and many many others went to jail and died for!! How can you talk so lightly about all of this?
    Zuma is ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ – full stop.
    He was never found guilty of any wrong doing by any court of law. And his current legal battles are about his fundamental rights as an SA citizen, guaranteed by the constitution. We must claim those hard won rights, they can never be taken away by individuals such as yourself or the media for instance!
    Ntate Nda, are you a South African?
    Now let me give you the schock of your lifetime – The NPA is dropping the corruption charges against ZUMA – they realised that they dont have a winnable case!

  17. Eishhh… I like this Isaac, Xolani and S’bu guys, they’re on top of their facts! You can really see who the people are that have done some research and are abreast of current developments. Heita Isaac Heita!, Heita Xolani Heita!, Heita S’bu Heita!, you really do all of us proud!
    The other guys are just a bunch of emotional reactionaries who do not even know the constitution! They just talk what they’ve read in the Star or Sunday Times newspapers. They cant differentiate fact from fiction. It is clear who are really doing research.
    Mandla Mandela is a great figure back in the rural eastern cape, and those who dont know that, dont blame the ANC, blame yourself for not being on top of developments. And how can you ever accuse a person of ABUSING his own surname?
    Shabir Shaick was realeased by a government department and an independent parole board, not by the ANC. And the ANC has released a statement to that effect. But im sure you also dont know about this?
    Isaac, S’bu, Xolani dont waist your time.
    These guys are ill informed.
    It seems as if you want to blame the ANC for every thing that happen which you dont like. If a tsunami stikes Cape Town, you will say ITS THE ANC!
    Hi suka!

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