Zuma Blessings caption contest

Zuma Blessings caption contest

The Power of Jacob Zuma – photo caption contest

Wonkie came across this photo yesterday and a dozen funny captions came immediately to mind. We’ve added a couple of our captions above and decided to share the fun by asking you to submit your captions in the comments section (Click here for the comments section)

Power of Zuma - photo caption contest

Power of Zuma – photo caption contest

Have fun and we will announce the winner at the end of next week. Enjoy your Friday and the weekend – look forward to reading your entries!

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  1. Hey don’t get too close, you may get burnt!

  2. George Bush: Wow.. is this the authentic African drumming ceremony I’ve heard so much about?

  3. Jason Djembe says

    OK everyone… slap on the count of 3!

    I’ll bet this will be the last time he falls asleep when Helen Zille is ranting on about something or other!

  4. Many hands make Zuma work

  5. Heil Hitler…er. Zumma

  6. If only I can touch the hem of his garment . . .

  7. Guy 1: “I want to slap some sense into him”
    Guy 2: “No, I want to do it, I have bigger hands”
    Guy 3: “Your both wrong, mine is closer and more painful”
    Guy 4: “Dont speak so loud, he might hear you! Just slap him”

  8. Sieg Heil the Pumpkin Mass.

  9. This will sure get me them Christian votes that I want so much;-)

  10. Comrades bid farewell to Zuma as he enters the prison to serve his 20 year jail term for defrauding state.

  11. Come on boys you have to look like those guys in obama’s photo……(this should stay between us that its a fraud your not pastors)

  12. everyone wants as piece of the Z-man!!

  13. ha haaa!! I am irrisistible!!

    • [HAHA… Some hilarious ones here so far already… can see it’s going to be tough to choose a winner!!! Feel free to enter more than 1 if you’d like to ok! Keep ’em coming :)]

  14. Too many hands make lights fail

  15. Steve Rogers says

    Excellent heat from all the hot air. Should keep us warm most of winter. Who needs Eskom now?!


  17. Steve Rogers says

    OK, this is my pious look, take the photo now, I can’t keep it up for long!

  18. He should be ashamed of himself .Do not forget to take along umshini wakho as you will be a jail bird you fish.

  19. Steve Rogers says

    Quick, cover me! Zille’s coming this way!

  20. Buti Tshabangu says

    No need to recruit Priests, this is enough I cope well, I don’t cope Terra-bly

  21. Mine, mine! Hey! Who stole the shower head?? Manto, give it back!

  22. Steve Rogers says

    Hey, if the Christian thing gets votes too, let’s get down Comrades!

  23. when you become president, you must cancel our tax debt or else….

  24. Zuma: Ok, who wants to touch my head first?
    Crowd: “Me!” “No, ME!” “I raised my hand first” “Those who were in the struggle get to place their hand on him first – No under 30s”

  25. Be patient my suppoters, you’ll get your share of the arms deal bribe as soon as the charges are dropped.

  26. Steve Rogers says

    Such cynicism from everyone … tut tut. What’s a few Billion between friends? Come on NPA, don’t be so silly about a few (773) little charges.

  27. Whoa! I don’t need the laying on of hands. I told all of you that the shower I took cured me of the HIV virus

  28. Jacob Zuma was obvious scared when he entered the Rhema Church,because he is not a christian but a Politicain!!!Thanks Guys for the wonderful jokes I really enjoy them,they always make my day better!!!

  29. ooh!!! did I mention free showers?

  30. Zuma: “The Comrade who admits to the farting will be deployed to Parliament”
    Crowd: “My hand is up Cmd Zuma, it was me” “You are being counter-revolutionary – everyone knows the smell of my fart, its loud and its indicated by my name tag”

  31. Im first, tis the shiny stop I want to slap

  32. the president of the ANC is being popularised by his critics and he becomes more powerful instead

  33. [Some great ones people!! Ntsane, Steve Rogers, Rodney Lottering, Antiaa to mention a few names – think you guys have missed your calling LOL]

    Here’s mine:

    So how long after I rub his head do my traffic fines disappear? You aren’t joking about this are you Schabir?

  34. Guy with Name Tag: “Let us pray”

    Crowd: “Hallezuma, Halllezuma”

  35. Charles Mayaba says

    Hands off me, Judge! Only these are allowed.

  36. elizabeth says

    Cope doesn’t stand a chance now

  37. Through the grace of the almighty God, we shall overcome

  38. God Bless our leader!

  39. Isaac Plaatjies says

    If God is for us, who can be against us?

  40. My Zimbabwean friends tells me that what is happening in South africa feels like de javu’. They notice all the signs of an anarchy emerging a government that will refuse to relinquish power when it is supposed to. Zuma/Mogabe same difference…
    Shame to South Africans who are still is SA….

  41. Take a shower… of blessings!

  42. Be healed and start telling the truth!!!


  44. ‘A man will arise from the darkest of Africa that will put Hitler, Mugabe to shame’
    God: (with a shake of the head) That’s an experiment gone wrong

  45. bakenshark says

    Yes..I am the true Jayzee..I definitely have more fans!
    Beyonce eat your heart out!

  46. gillkitty says

    “OK guys… altogether now…


  47. haha, that one was ova funny… 😀 mice one 🙂

  48. in the father and the hollly ghost my he be like the lord jusus christ and this tym around let the be hands over his head not shower….

  49. By a vote of 5 to 2 this man will sit on the left hand of God !!

  50. Quick! There’s a misquito on his head.

  51. Ok, who pushed me?

  52. mikilianis says

    who nicked the shower

  53. Hand one: “What are we doing?”
    Hand two: “Stopping the blue bird of luck from shitting all over his face”

  54. hehehehehe, “cisms” work for me…eroticism, racism and now exorcism

  55. Dusty King says

    Bless him! He has saved us from Zim-Beki and Moza-Mbeki…

  56. Blogs
    each time i read about an african leader weather its a comment or suggestion Mugabe is likely to come up but what has he done to deserve so much heated loath especially from the whites? i do not at all blame my african brothers and sisters because apathied or Bantu education have taught them to blindly follow the views of the masters who are the collonisers .And Politicians himself is taking advantage of the fact that most of their people are illiterae and also have sub standard education of which merely the meantion of their parties name gurantees them an X at the booth.We are custodians of the struggle they are told and that itself is a self proclamation that They deserve to “inherite a goverment amidst issues that put their morality into question.A hitler? Dream on the Land has to be taken so it will be in SA we need our land back the times for you keeping hectares of land only to feed a single horse without teeth to chew grass are over.

  57. Black Magic !!

  58. i love my dear leader he is power african mesiah ,he’s like crastal bal what he did ,thanks god give us this man.

  59. black-ice says

    Lord, I could ask you to remove every rotten, evil spirit from within the the confines of this body, including the spirit of corruption and bribery but then My Lord, there will be nothing left of your beautiful creation that has gone wrong totally. ( If Jz is exorcised, there will be a mass of “nothing”. Thats how FOUL this man is.)

  60. Too much of anything is no good! Fortunately we will all COPE – or will we??

  61. There is enough of us to hold him under the water when I say NOW.

  62. I believe that Zuma isnt greater than The Lord Jesus Christ yes he succeded but not by his power, but by the Grace of the Lord. Comparing him to Jesus isnt right rather say The Lord dwells in him nt that he is him. People should reflect on what they want to say befor they do, because if you are a believer you will knwo that the tongue has the POWER to build nor destroy.

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