De Lille Holomisa ID UDM cartoon

De Lille Holomisa ID UDM cartoon

Opposition uproar as ANC feeds the poor

To be fair to the ANC – they did say they would address poverty in South Africa. It is unfair now of opposition party leaders to now get their knickers in a twist about the ANC using taxpayer money to provide food parcels to the poor a week before the next elections – after all the ANC didn’t say when they would be addressing poverty, and for how long either.

Opposition parties such as Cope, UDM, ID, IFP and the DA were even more upset that people wearing campaign material supporting their parties were reported to have been denied access to the food parcels. Now before the general public starts screaming that this is all unscrupulous electioneering on the part of the ruling ANC, Wonkie has received an unofficial leaked tape recordings from Statistics South Africa containing solid evidence that only supporters of the ANC can be accurately classified as being poor and eligible to receive state funded food grants.

Last week, the NPA dropped charges against Jacob Zuma. This was followed by the usual debacle of Helen Zille’s DA trying to charge the ANC lawyers with illegal acquisition of evidence in support of Mr Zuma. When will these people finally accept – God supports ANC and Jacob Zuma.

Wonkie thinks it’s quite pathetic that the campaign line for all major opposition parties is simply ‘Vote for us so ANC doesn’t get a two-thirds majority again‘. But then we suppose the lack of ambition buys them a few more years to get their ducks in a row to contest the ANC based on a more solid policy debate. Baby steps, after all… baby steps.

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  1. Jabulani Mabena says

    HAHA… I’d vote for Bantu if he wears a pink tutu ok – at least he’ll bring some humor to this election. It certainly hasn’t been very funny so far!

  2. michael makhado says

    if we were to cast our votes every two years things were going to be adressed instantly

  3. The curse of an African democracy: there are always plebians to misuse and then discard, like one would a condom.

    Seeing the presidential hopeful in the ANC has everything to do with polygamy, compromised sex with females who are young enough to be his children, and then simply take a shower after that, I am not sure if this metaphor that I’ve used is applicable in the current and prevailing South African situation.

    Eish! 🙁

  4. It didn’t take them long to learn from Mad Mugs up north did it?

  5. Taamane Malefo says

    when NPA dropped the charges against JZ ,the opposition strategy flew out through the window cause there was nothing to use against the ANC.

  6. The decision of the NPA to drop charges against JZ is a victory for the rule of law, decency and common sense – it is good for our nation.
    Zuma has endured many years of relentless persecution from individuals with ulterior political motives. It is a matter of record that the NPA’s failure to give Zuma his day in court was, a calculated strategy designed to frustrate the democratic will of the people who had voted for him.
    This was aimed at frustrating Zuma from becoming a President of the ANC and the country.
    Zuma endured an ordeal that has never been experienced by any other citizen.
    For 8 long years he was subjected to trial by the media and in the court of public opinion, he was denied his constitutional right to equality, dignity, privacy, right of access to court and his right to an expeditious, fair and impartial trial in the court of law.
    The inhumane and undignified treatment that Zuma suffered at the hands of our state prosecutors was not only disgraceful it also brought our criminal justice into disrepute. Never again should we allow institutions of government to surrender their professional independence by engaging in parties and political battles. Never again should we allow persecution for one individual for such a long period of time.
    The ANC has long cautioned our people that there was no case against Comrade Zuma; it correctly argued that he was also entitled to a presumption of innocent.
    We applaud the courageous decision of the NPA which is based on its exercise of professional judgement, the rule of law and prosecutorial independence. We urge all our people and the NPA to reject the naysayer and all who would unleash a vilification campaign against the NPA for narrow and shortsighted political gains.

  7. The case was tainted from the start when the public prosecutor announced that there was a “prima facie case of corruption” against Zuma but that he would not prosecute because the case was “unwinnable”.
    Judge Nicholson described this conduct as having brought our judicial system into disrepute. The NPA strategy was to use the case against Shaik as a trial by proxy against Zuma. In doing so, it denied Zuma his right to equality, dignity, privacy, presumption of innocence, fair trial and his right to access to a court to vindicate his rights.
    Zuma was not the only casualty of this abuse of power. Our public institution (the public protector), meant to protect citizens were deliberately rendered toothless and were too paralyzed to offer any assistance to Zuma.
    The public protector ruled that comrade Zuma was subjected to a selective prosecution in violation of his rights under Section 9 of the constitution and that his right to dignity and privacy were also violated.
    Sadly, the Public Protector’s findings were ridicule and his recommendations as they relate to remedies for Comrade Zuma were ignored by both parliament and the executive.
    The constitutional violations continued unabated. The judiciary failed to protect Zuma’s rights by allowing a trial by proxy and directly violated his constitutional rights by falsely attributing statements such as “generally corrupt relationship” to Squires. The Shaik trial concluded with a guilty verdict for Shaik. Interestingly Mbeki selectively relied on the on the “judgement” of the Squires court but ignored the Public Protectors findings that the NPA conduct of the prosecution was in violation of Comrade Zuma’s constitutional right.

  8. Anton van Wyk says

    Mphepo…. just one question for you – if Mr. Zuma was wearing a pink tutu and nailed to a cross would you vote for him twice? LOL …. no offence sir but sounds like you’re one of those people in the cartoon voting for Mr Zuma just because you feel he’s being victimised.

  9. Jabulani Mabena says

    @Michael Makhado – fantastic idea! If all political parties carry on like they do at election time, having annual elections would solve all South Africa’s problems HAHA!!!! You have my vote!

  10. Isaac Plaatjies says

    The Khampepe Commission of Inquiry also found that this reflected a culture of impunity within the NPA. The honorable Judge (Khampepe) condemned the manner in which the DSO publicized its work to the media “FBI style” and concluded that “the DSO conducts its operations as though it were a law unto itself”. It found such “conduct to be out of kilter with our constitution, reprehensible, unprofessional and corroding the public’s confidence in the law enforcement agencies”.
    Convinced that its strategy has worked, the NPA filed criminal charges against Zuma within days of the Shaik verdict around June 2005. Everything was downhill from that point. The NPA’s handling of the zuma prosecution has been the polar opposite of due diligence and constitutes gross abuse of our judicial system. After many delays, and almost fifteen months after preferring charges against comrade Zuma, the NPA told the trial Judge Msimang that it was not ready to proceed with its case. Exasperated with this lackadaisical attitude and the gross violations of Zuma’s rights, Justice Msimang threw the case out of court. Justice Msimang indicated that the conduct of the NPA had serious implications for Zuma’s fair trial rights and concluded that the prosecution’s case had limped from one disaster to another.
    Even after this severe admonition, the NPA took another fifteen months to complete a “draft indictment” and proceeded to institute yet another ill-fated prosecution against Zuma. Just before the pivotal ANC Polokwane conference, the NPA leaked its “draft indictment” to the media in an obvious attempt to influence the outcome of the ANC leadership contest. Judge Nicholson later found this conduct as another instance of political interference in the Zuma prosecution. After a detour at the Supreme Court of Appeals, the NPA would like everyone to believe that it was now ready to prosecute the matter diligently.
    There are many good reasons why Zuma prosecution must be ended once and for all. Comrade Zuma has suffered undue prejudicial delay which renders a fair trial impossible. Judicial findings and the Public Protector reports show that the NPA was squarely to blame. The principle of justice delayed is justice denied has been violated. Zuma was subjected to the torture of public condemnation and has already suffered irreparable harm in that right under section 35 (3)(d) of the Constitution to have his “trial begin and conclude without unreasonable delay” has been violated.

  11. The NPA abused its discretion and misused the court’s process improperly for an official public smear of an individual.
    A trial that comes after such torture is unlawful and can never be deemed fair by any standards. The nature or ordinary remedy for a breach of the reasonable time or access to court provision is a permanent stay of prosecution.
    If the court were to direct that Zuma’s trial proceed forthwith (notwithstanding the constitutional violations), it would be contradicting the accepted rule of natural justice and the inordinate delay had denied Zuma a fair trial: it would amount to the Court’s participation in a further violation of Zuma’s rights.
    Indeed, the Zuma case has all the hallmarks of a vindictive politically motivated prosecution. In resurrecting the case, the NPA has added thirteen additional charges.
    A prosecutor violates due process when he brings additional or more severe charges under circumstances where he appears to punish the defendant for exercising a constitutional or statutory right. This form of retaliatory or vindictive prosecution is a violation of a constitution and must be stopped.

  12. The NPA pursued a cloak and dagger strategy – despite its sworn promise to the court that it would be ready to put Zuma on a trial by the end of 2006, the NPA assiduously avoided an indictment of Zuma.
    The NPA issued press releases, and well-calculated leaks, generated rumours about Zuma’s political future and milked the subsequent adverse publicity against Zuma for what it was worth. It concentrated on a media campaign until the ANC Polokwane conference was over.
    A combination of all the above indicate clearly that what we have is a political trial aimed at frustrating Jacob Zuma and the express will of the members of the ANC.
    It is evident that the NPA, the executive branch of our government and the judiciary have all sanctioned a judicial lynching process all in violation of Comrade Jacob Zuma’s rights
    The Zuma prosecution has now become so unwieldy and prohibitively expensive. The price tag for comrade Zuma’s defence is an estimated R10.7 million cost to the South African taxpayers. The prosecution is estimated to have cost 100 million rands. Private advocates charging exorbitant fees were brought under the pretext of prosecutions of select high profile cases. The neutrality that is essential to a fair outcome for the litigants in the case is expediently dispensed with. The main beneficiary is attorneys that stand to make tons of money the longer the prosecution drags on.
    Having listened to the NPA, it was indeed logical to appear in court urgently and formally withdraw the charges.
    We supported the Judiciary Commission of enquiry into the cases of omissions that tainted the process.
    They must close this chapter and move on.
    We thank our people for the support throughout the trying times.

  13. Thanks God I’m not going to vote, I will do my assignments and take myself out and it looks like the best idea thus far. Don’t try to educate me about my power to vote that hasn’t helped me in the last years I’ve been voting so convince some people to go and vote.
    I’m just wondering when are we all going to wake up and smell the iroma that being God is the way and let’s stop all this nonsense because the very same people who are pretending to be at logger heads are the ones who are laughing all the way to warm up the paliarment chairs.

    I feel sorry for the people who will be bought with food parcels now that they have to go and vote next week if I was them I will tell them I need new clothes and some monthly allowance so that I can vote nicely seeing that they get attention once in a life time. These are people of God and when God gets angry shame on South African political organisations.

    Why don’t they get together and deal with these issues and stop using people as their porn. As for their morals and values they leave less to besired.

  14. Xolani Mphepo – you are right – why doesn’t everyone just move on from the poor little victim Jacob Zuma. If objectors still suck up to him and the ANC cronies still in place they can still score from the future corruption when Mr Zuma is in power – otherwise the objectors will be doomed to the fate of saki macozoma, bulelani ngcuka, wendy luhabe of IDC, khumalo and his R1 billion problem, peter vundla, not so wiseman nkuhlu to name but a few that find themselves now in front of the gravy train instead of sitting in it.

    Sorry my friends, getting off on a few technicalities doesn’t justify having a leader like Zuma taking this country forward (or backward as the case may be). There is still no judgment about his innocence or guilt – only that he is smart enough to screw the justice system and get away with it.

  15. gillkitty says

    You guys continue to hit the proverbial nail on the head.
    Well done!

  16. Cartoons are excellent! 🙂

  17. People,Xolani before there was conspirancy there was a crime and investigation the issue of a conspirancy was when to charge Zuma not about what.THere was a prosecution blunder not that he was exonarated.Was there a conspirancy for him to befriend Shaik? or to demand kickbacks from tint? So do not insult our intelligence by producing tapes in this day in age of magnitude technological manipulation that have not even been tested for authenticty.If reason has to be followed who was to be taped more the accused or the NPA ? What evidence did the NPA had on ZUma ?Why is it not made public since the case is over?

  18. @Laban, ur words: “before there was a conspiracy there was a crime”
    For the record, there was no crime. In which court was this tested? Do you have proof of this crime? Be carefull, this is why so many people end up being sued for defamation.
    The problem with the Zuma trial is that the fundamentals of natural justice had been seriously violated. In any normal case, you first investigate then charge an accused later. In Zuma’s case, they first charged then investigate later. This is a travesty of justice.

    Isaac explained to you that: “The NPA’s handling of the zuma prosecution has been the polar opposite of due diligence and constitutes gross abuse of our judicial system.
    After many delays, and almost fifteen months after preferring charges against comrade Zuma, the NPA told the trial Judge Msimang that it was not ready to proceed with its case.
    Exasperated with this lackadaisical attitude and the gross violations of Zuma’s rights, Justice Msimang threw the case out of court. Justice Msimang indicated that the conduct of the NPA had serious implications for Zuma’s fair trial rights and concluded that the prosecution’s case had limped from one disaster to another.
    Even after this severe admonition, the NPA took another fifteen months to complete a “draft indictment” and proceeded to institute yet another ill-fated prosecution against Zuma.
    Just before the pivotal ANC Polokwane conference, the NPA leaked its “draft indictment” to the media in an obvious attempt to influence the outcome of the ANC leadership contest. Judge Nicholson later found this conduct as another instance of political interference in the Zuma prosecution.”

  19. I feel someone should teach politicians in SA to be more proactive in their campaigning and have better slogan writers, and as a white voter I am in a quandary.

    I do not want to vote for a party who is seen to be the choice for whites just because the leadership of that party is white like I am, and I cannot vote for the ANC because I would never be comfortable in a party that so blatantly the corrupt within their own (brothers in arms against the struggle) to the detriment of millions, and only look after them come election time in order to win their vote for another 5 years.

    I know that Africans are not as “stupid” as most whites like to think they are when it comes to politics, and the whites must come to accept that change has happened and we will never rule the country again, and even if a party supported by the majority of whites did ever get into power again there are enough checks and balances in the constitution that Mr. Mandela and his fellow countrymen fought so hard to put into place and which is slowly being eroded to suit the needs of powerful individuals in the ANC and not to empower the poor and downtrodden.

    It is time that Political parties in South Africa began campaigning on the strengths of their policies, and stopped using the “race” card or the “fear” politics used to convince Africans we whites are out to drag them back into the days of Apartheid!

    If a party has solid achievable policies that will make life better for all then people, African and white alike should be left to make upi their own minds about their vote and who to give it to. It is after all a powerful thing your vote and ytou should be allowed to use it without fear of intimidation or reprisals. It’s time both the ANC & the DA gave the citizens of South Africa the respect they deserve in being able to decide for themselves and decide correctly who they want to vote for, and if everyone voted for the ANC because they had great and achievable policies I say why not?

    The DA actually has some really good policies as do the ID, as for COPE who knows what lies in store with them. I can agree with some of their policies but I would never be sure whether they are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of the country or are they playing revenge politics for now and will turn out to be even worse than the current governing party.

    Lets face it, when Mr Zuma says the ANC will rule till Jesus comes again he is probably stating a fact, and I do not have a problem with the ANC ruling till the second coming, so long as it is done without crony-ism, graft, bribery, corruption, and fear mongering!

    Can you imagine the wealth that this country has to offer all it’s people if it is governed properly, and instead showing the world African countries can be trusted with their money and their investments, because they will THROW money at us in the form of investment if we could show we can be trusted to give them a good return, but slowly we are going down that old route that all of Africa (bar Botswana) have gone before us. All because the brothers in arms cannot say NO when a corrupt brother/sister raises his/her ugly head.

    I don’t think so!

    I understand loyalty politics, but does it have to come at the expense of the poorest of the poor? I know the Nationalists were just as corrupt, don’t think I am pointing fingers only at the ANC, but the infrastructure was good and now I have had to buy four new tyres in the past year because my local municipality who now has a bigger base of taxpayers at it’s disposal are too busy frittering the money away on who knows what and not fixing the potholes that are becoming more and more along the road I live, and Polokwane in a long time no more a good old Afrikaner town!



  21. Hello,

    The issue with the food parcel is that there is clear evidence that the ANC will not continue to dish them out after the elections. Go to the treasury’s websit and download last years mid year budget review and this years 2009/10 budget statement. Lookat allocations for the ‘Relief of social distress grant’ (used to fund food parcels) and you will find the following: in October 2008 Manuel approved an adjustment to this grant of R500million which meant that for the last six months of the financial ending (1 April) year Social Development would have 400% more to spend on food parcels in these six months than it had origionally allocated (R120 million) for the entire year. While this is in and of itself not a bad thing as these parcels are critical to families who are starving, the real issue is that for the 2009/10 financial year the allocation for this grant will only be R130 million or nearly 400% less than was available in the six months running up to the election. This means that the govt will not have the resources to sustain the delivery of food parcels at levels seen in the months before the election. Please explain why this is? how is this justified?




  23. @Mac B – I think that’s exactly the point here – the ANC is addressing the needs of the poor: but only on 1 day and that too ‘coincidentally’ the week before the election – that’s just rubbish politics and does not even pretend to be a sustainable solution.

    @Tim – if more people thought like you in South Africa we would all be in a better situation in this country. But then how can they uplift themselves and be productive when education seems so low on the priority list for the current leadership (And Tim stop writing in CAPITALS man please – it’s hard to read!)

  24. Problems pertaining to education abounds and so what is needed is for all stakeholder to sit down and thrash-up a solution as to if we need a Christian based education system or what.

    Actually governments rely on “think tanks”to formulate strategies and plans and polcies except dictatorships lik ours that wants to be everything to all including dictating to think tanks and tht`s problematic.

    So,ours is to remove them if we want to progress.The bone-of-contention here is centralisation because w will never solve any problems as long as we are governed under this system.

  25. @Tim, If the ANC dictates to even “think tanks”, as you call it, then it is correctly doing so on the mandate given to them by myself and the millions of SA voters who have given them a two thirds majority to govern this country.
    It removed the illegitimate, dictatorial, white minority government with an overwhelming majority mandate in 1994 and replaced it with the mostly praised constitutional democracy that gauranteed one man one vote.
    Now that can hardly be called dictatorship.
    The ANC is going to centralise strategic planning in the cabinet through the formation of a planning committee, operating as a sub structure of cabinet.

    Poor people are indeed voting for food, houses, and grants, Tim.
    And and ANC government will continue to deliver these items to them (POST OR PRE ELECTION) because this is exactly what they are in need of. We are are a government that has the interest of the poor at heart, and we are declaring war on poverty and hunger.

  26. Bobo!Sooo…we are a two-nation country…for the democrats and dictators!That therefore implies that for as long as the ANC is in power democrats will enjoy no democratic rights…yes,it is happening already that is why you have hordes of preople no-more calloing government offices or going to police station or hospitals because the ANC is bypassing the Bill of Rights and ruling from its head hence it has no plans but wait until something goes out of hand then you`ll hear some minister or mec or councvillor stuttering that i`m going to do abc to tacklthat problem!!!!!So,democrats have one option-to pack and leave for a country where if they have a problem they can call their representatives and get a prompt respose and enjoy the respect of their cops and be able to report their cops to their seniors if they broke theoir oaths and see quick action.

    YEE MAN! Intelligible voters don`t care a hoot about the skin colour of candidates when it comes to voting but scrutinise the Constitution of parties then look at their record to see if have they been doing things in line with their constitution then take it from there.

    political rhetorics and propaganda have no role in elections.

  27. @ Bobo: The rape of political responsibility by a black government in a democratic dispensation is NO improvement over the rape of political responsibility by a white government in an apartheid state.

    In fact, the sacrilege of a black government literally eating off the sweat, blood and toil of fellow black people is a worse affront to this nation than the situation was under a white government.

    There is a distinct, obvious difference between alleviating poverty and using one’s power to alleviate poverty to glaze over the rightful, negative impressions that common, poor people WOULD have of the ANC by timing WHEN to give them food parcels for OBVIOUS, ulterior motives. In addition to that is the affront of using the provision of these food parcels as a means of blackmailing the common, poor folk to keep on voting a useless ANC government into power by threatening to withhold the food parcels from them IF they do not vote for the ANC.

    This is a FAR cry from the white-washed stance of superiority over the past, apartheid dispensation, which you are trying to create on this blog. If we ALL stay truthful to the FACTS on the ground, no one wants apartheid back. On the SAME note, no one (uninfluenced by the threat of the removal of the privileges of receiving TIMED food parcels) wants the continuance of the current rape of this country by the hooligan elements in the current AND upcoming ANC government. Peradventure the ANC became the next oppositino party, God would have heard, & intervened on, the pleas of the clearly thinking masses who, in turn, will vote for CHANGE–FROM ANC governance to something else.

    The truth be told, if the ANC could reign in its rogue elements NOW, no one would be whining, except the SAME, ANC rogue elements, and who cares about those? The less of them we had in society, so much the better. Unfortunately, if JUST one of them gets into a position of high responsibility by hook or crook, he soon surrounds himself with others of the same ilk, and within a short while, the whole leadership is full of rogues.

    Eish! 🙁

  28. You know Bobo…you eitherare the ruthless and merciless comrades of the past who didn`t want to hear black views but just wan to sig the disinformation,misinormation and popaganda that you are singing now and i urge you to live in the present by understanding the difference betwee being a ruling party and a movement or organisation tht epresent an ideology.A ruling party must be patriotic and not ideologicl.

    YOUR OLD FART mANDELA TOOK AWAY THE ONLY FORM OF INCOME FOR RURAL PEOPLE{migrant labour system} resultng into the current massive hunger,poverty and suffering and you say you are concerned about poverty but this very same Mandela goes to the rural areas just to go brag about his wealth and abundancy.He didn`t even have the temerity to instruct his grandson to make the improvemet and development of their lives and farming skills a priority because you don`t care a damn about poor blacks but about “arme boers”and aliens.

    That`s hy you went to o liv next to whites from exile and refuse to testify at the TRC about the attrocities and notoritieyou committed against blacks in exil and the ownships because to you we are rabbits and bstards that must be sho!!!!!!!!!

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