Oprah South Africa School cartoon

Oprah South Africa School

Oprah taps Malema’s brain on school curriculum

Oprah Winfrey has been taking a lot of flak about her Leadership Academy in South Africa. When mentioned, her boarding school based in Henley-on-Klip, generally sparks comments like ‘She thinks she can just set up something here without understanding the South African youth and their needs’, or worse triggers snide remarks like ‘typical American disaster abroad’.

Oprah’s school has certainly had more than its fair share of scandal since it was started – from dodgy dormitory matrons to reported sexual and other misconduct from a number of students. Still, Wonkie believes that this is exactly the kind of social entrepreneurship our own government should be encouraging in South Africa. Oprah has been on the receiving end of some bad luck with her venture but her intentions in creating an environment where young people can grow and excel is spot on.

The focus on education in the current South African government is sorely lacking. It seems the Department of Education is more intent on fiddling with pass marks and statistics than focusing on providing young people with the skills they need to be productive South Africans. Be sure to check out the cartoon on the Naledi Pandor outcome-based education disaster for context.

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  1. Yep! Maybe she should start a (reform) school for boys, then Julius and his cronies can be the founder scholars – oops, sorry, I mean learners

  2. Poor Oprah.. the School of Scandal is what it is because you cannot place hormonally developing teenage girls in a building with no guys, strict rules, and expect them to become anything other than sexually starved, inquisitive and ready to use their ‘specially intelligent brains’ to discover what this S E X thing is all about? I used the phrase “specially intelligent brains’ because surely choosing only children with exceptionally high IQ’s is wrong? IQ tests are a fraction of what makes up a human being. One can be a potential nuclear physicist mentally and emotionally be a baby!
    Oprah… your school is
    1) racist (No white kids= racist)
    2) selectionist – only brainy high IQ kids allowed
    3) Run by people ill equipped to manage a hostel of hotties

  3. Hey Gillkitty. Have you only now come to realise what a racist Oprah is. I cottoned on to this fact years ago when my wife still occasionally watched her show.

  4. I have warned her to look for a country with promising kids if she really is committed into uplifting and developing youths but she cheekily went ahead and now look what she is reaping!Frustrations and disgrace and no doubt she is spending sleepless nights worried about what gory stories will come-out of that school.

    As for Malema I don`t want to say a word since he is a wimp and nerd who speaks under the skirts of winnie and expect her to fend for him when push-come-to-shove.

  5. Malefane Abel Tshabalala says

    want to shown ur show and ur school

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