Gareth Cliff Zille Malema art cartoon

Gareth Cliff Zille Malema art

Friday Art Class – Perspective

There has been some interesting debate on Wonkie over the last couple of weeks – particularly on issues related to the upcoming 2009 South African elections. This is a quick note to thank all those of you who have been commenting both on and off the site – regardless of who you support, your perspectives have been most insightful.. please do continue to share your opinions!

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Thanks to you and keep up the good work Wonkie!!

  2. Andre Piek says

    Thanks guys – really enjoying the cartoons.. keep them coming!

  3. michael makhado says

    keep sending them-really enjoy

  4. JustBecause says

    Excellent stuff

  5. Brilliant !!

    Loved The Cartoons .. Keeps Thing in true Perspective !!!
    VIva La Wookie ..
    Wookie for ePresident !!!

  6. This site has created fun in these elections because everyone is so into cold war. Keep it up Wonks!!!!!!!!

  7. Tebogo Taunyane says

    Ya ne, Wonks keep the good work up. Really enjoy jokes.

  8. Yo cartoons makes me laugh,i enjoy reading it. But u likes makes jokes about malema and helen not that u have problem against that just that sometimes they are jokes themselves

  9. Really look forward to reading the cartoons.

  10. Well, mostly excellent stuff but occasionally very julius, in other words “dumb”.

  11. Wonkie has a keen sense of humour and humour is just what we need in S.A. right now or we’d all be crying

  12. Bakenshark says

    make us laugh when we should be crying!!! keep on truckin wonkie!

  13. I like this post the idea of using the Art to show different perspectives! 🙂 Although everytime I see Art like that it weirds me out for a split second when I see the perspectives before me one after the next…most of them usually have about 2…even in this one although I see the chalice in the middle… what the rest can be cloth?

    Nice idea to use it for a post on a polling of reader’s perspectives 🙂

    Of course clueless about the South African stuff among other things… 🙂

    But enjoyed your Obama/Bush series so in general you must be good…

    So I guess I like Wonkie too! 🙂

  14. Thanks for all the snickers, giggles and larfs! One thing that will keep us on to will be our sense of humour. Vote with your head on Wednesday and not with your ancestors like the Nats did.

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