SA voters guide 2009 cartoon

SA voters guide 2009

South African 2009 election Voters Guide

Wonkie is surprised how simple the choices are for the the 2009 South African elections. If you are (a) happy with the status quo, or (b) have anything to gain from the ANC being in power – be it a potential job (a la Barbara Hogan) or power (a la Tokyo) make sure you vote for the ANC – and be as vocal as possible about it. You can vote for anyone else you like if you’re only interested in trying to dislodge ANC from their 2/3 majority because that seems to be their primary proposition and final campaign drive.


Enjoy the voting tomorrow and make your voice heard – Wonkie supports your decision whatever it may be… just mark your X and make it count!

ps: for those of you who wrote in – the mis-spelling of affluent in the cartoon is deliberate! Effluent just seemed so much more appropriate in the context.

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  1. I have voted ANC three times and im voting ANC again tommorrow for the fourth time. And i can assure you that i have never seen, and is not interested in the sunny side of a government tender, that is, if such a side ever exists. And i dont know about any ticket offial for the gray train. This cartoon, in terms of voting for the ANC, is misplaced, bad taste, and far removed from the truth.
    I can however not fight off the temptation to agree with it in terms of voting for the other parties.
    They are indeed not having anything to offer to the millions of apartheids black victims. They are just saying people must vote for them to “stop certain individuals”.

  2. Come 23rd I’ll be celebration the ANC’s landslide victory. I hope we even get More than 2/3, just like Zille wished that we get a 5/3 majority (LOL!!!)

  3. Howling Mad Dog says

    Bobo is a Bozo. What has the rapist, fraudulent Mr Z done for you lately?
    If you read the foreighn press, all he’s doing is making me be embarrassed to be S African. I bet you laugh at G. Bush…and still vote Zuma in! Duuh!

  4. i,m voting ANC on 22/4.nothing to do with tenders or gravy train or tenders but building a caring society and to stop the racists in the Cape particularly DA whose supporters are still treating farmworkers as slaves and ANC viva

  5. What you are saying about the ANC is not the trueth, I guess it is your way of making money. I am 20 and I will be voting ANC, first time i am voting. why are you not mentioning anything about the IFP you are afraid because Gatsha’s boys are going to kill you.

  6. @Bobo – it’s not really misplaced.. if you look at who’s in favour of Mr Zuma and who’s been sidelined for not supporting him you’ll find a clear correlation. As it says though if you’re happy with the current status quo you probably should vote ANC.

    @Vonani – LOL.. I think we’re all going to need fractional math lessons after these election results are announced!

    @Howling Mad Dog – No name-calling please (re: your Bozo reference). Regardless, you make a relevant point about the general voter mentality in most countries – people tend to vote for who they can associate themselves most strongly with, and not based on party policy. Perhaps this will be a lesson for Mrs Zille and the other opposition parties.

    @Pieter, Ms Ngcuka – Wonkie is happy you’re voting and making your voices heard. (And Ms Ngcuka, We’ve added IFP to the list just for you!) As we said, if you’re happy with the way things currently are in South Africa why would you not vote for ANC?

    • Thanks Sizwe – I just want to add a point to note for any party supporters please – Wonkie is trying to capture the thoughts and sentiments of a very diverse group of people – South Africans: be they pro-ANC, anti-ANC, pro-DA, anti-Cope, anarchists, pro-AWB or whatever. There are bound to be sentiments you don’t agree with and others that you do agree with.

      The whole point is that we’re free to have our own points of view and this is a forum to share your views and increase the insight and understanding of others by offering your perspectives – so before you write emails to us directly complaining something is too pro-ANC or we are a DA propoganda machine (interesting how we get both emails on the same post sometimes!), please consider leaving your comment and viewpoint publicly here so others can benefit and grow their understanding of the issue at hand with your perspective on it. And thanks particularly to those of you who comment regularly – we really appreciate your thoughts and insights and it certainly helps us shape our own thinking at Wonkie if nowhere else.

  7. Geez Miss Ngcuka. you a very violent 20 year old. Well that explains your vote for the ANC!

  8. S.A. is much beter than it was 14 years ago, so I think it is very logical to vote for the people who placed South Africa where it is today.’that will be the ANC’ AMANDLA NGAWETHU!!

  9. Pieter — thanks and I honestly hear your words on the farmworkers and feeling the same. I don’t want to make it a race issue but some people in the Cape still are living like it’s life in their good old days of the Nats.

    Don’t get me wrong though I think there is a lot of things wrong with ANC with corruption and bad control of the crime but I still think we are better offer with ANC than with the DA

  10. I’ve been reading this blog off and on over the last few wks and daily recently and amusing how many similarities some more subtle than others to a certain island’s politics! 🙂

    Maybe if I follow longer I’ll be able to get the character traits of the African leaders etc but for now I still can’t get over the after effects of the Summit of the Americas and the Latino brotherhood of Chavez with his foot soldiers Morales and Ortega…all in honour of their folk hero Fidel!:) I see Chavez as metaphorically handing out arepas (a street food), oil, berets and flags para todo el mundo…for everyone…literally translated even funnier as it would be for all the world! 🙂 And I’m sure he hands things out literally during elections too!

    And now he hands out books too! Since his recent book gift to Obama Amazon reviews on that book went from about 3 to over 100 in one day! Chavez is good at making things infamous perhaps since the book actually dropped in its star ratings last I checked! 🙂 After all he did call Bush… El Diablo…the devil.

    Obviously there is a certain lunacy that pervades all politics globally but it is more rampant in the developing world…perhaps although with strippers in Italy?…who knows…in some places it gets so extreme people get blown up literally in other places there is a certain Latino lunacy that you can’t help but smile at! 🙂 Even Obama had to admit that President Chavez knows how to pose for the cameras better than some of the other Presidents! 🙂 But then President Ortega and Morales are just Chavez’s whipping boys…the power of oil I guess! I don’t know but Latin America really knows how to hero worship…Eva Peron…Che Gueverra…Fidel Castro…Hugo Chavez… Chavez is a true 21st century hero or antihero though he has taken it to the point of where soon there will be little Hugo bobblehead dolls worldwide…I’ve gotten news of people in the oil industry loving him as far off as Egypt! Hmmm…if only I could make some money off of Chavez too!

    Then there is the Caribbean small man approach and his begging bowl…a friend coined our Prime Minister as having Afro-Saxon pride found it funny especially coming from him who is Afro Trini so no race card there. For sure our Prime Minister totes a bible and mostly makes it that the island how he sees it Christian and creole or coco payol as I like to call it. I don’t think there is any such thing as one typical Caribbean identity although the Indo Caribbean and other minority groups always seems to have to work in the shadow to the Afro Caribbean one or in their own world altogether. To me something as a result of how the plantocracy (resulting from the sugar cane industry) evolved here.

    For the record I probably share in a bit of Latin lunacy myself or perhaps it’s because Cuba is located in the Caribbean but I’ve always admired some aspects of Fidel…again Obama admitted in listening to the leaders of the region…Cuba was supplying doctors to most of them! (I’m sure our PM probably whispered that he goes there for his ticky thingy too…perhaps with the majority of doctors locally being Indo in origin the PM feels safer there?) And (Obama said) the US had to realize if all they engage them in is to be against drugs and not on other things well…Fidel it is! All just goes with my thinking that people should be more for something and less against anything…have a vibe that Obama comes off that way too…

    Enlightening to get an insider view of elections in this other part of the world so far off from this region through this blog! Wish South Africa free and fair elections! However it seems ANC is like a certain party here too and I see some other party similarities too! But really we all need to be our own leaders especially more so in the developing world! So here’s to that if it can ever happen especially in a place where Gandhi first came onto the scene! If anyone interested can check out my To Be a Leader? blog post! Although very different in style and in much higher word count that Wonkie! After all my comment alone is longer than several Wonkie posts all rolled into one!

    Thanks for the fun and new window to the world Wonkie! Can I look forward to perhaps more Plain Truth cartoons post the elections?

  11. After all of that forgot to linke my To Be a Leader? post! 😛 Here it is…

    • @Meady – I’ve heard (and seen!) that politics in Trinidad and Tobago are quite similar to South African politics. Any idea what the voter turnout is like there? And yes, we’ll be producing more The Whole Truth cartoon strips once the election results are firmed up here – it’s been great fun covering it with Wonkie and the comments on the blog have been eye-opening.

  12. Gogo in Bloemfontein says

    Does Pieter not know that the farmers in the Western Cape who are still treating their workers as slaves and serfs mostly belong to the ANC/NP aliance. Hellen Ziller is only in charge of the metropolitan area, for now. But as Sizwe so correctly stated, people tend to vote for who they can associate themselves most strongly with. That is why I am voting for Terror Lekota. He is a person of good character who was sickened by the blatant corruption, greed and mismanagement of the country whose liberation we all suffered for (some more than others). If you 20 year olds have the hots for the “sexiest” politician, or can associate yourselves with a man who has not been cleared in court of 783 (at least a few must be valid) charges of corruption, that is your problem. I want a president I can trust and be proud of. VIVA SOUTH AFRICA!

  13. share the same sentiments with a young man who got benefits from AA & EE,i know exactly who I`ll vote for tomorrow.Hey you,Howling Mad Dog go bark at your fake Mama Botox Zille,maybe she`ll give you your dry bone

  14. Howling Mad Dog says

    Sizwe – I agree with you. I was out of line insulting someone I don’t know.
    BUT.. I can’t believe we are about to vote in a person who is as corrupt and divisive as Z. Believe it or not, this is good grounds to either buy weapons or emmigrate. My president is worse than Bob?
    See my problem??

  15. Howling Mad Dog says

    And to SBbuda – I will vote De Lille (ID) ! So go do something that is phsicaly impossibe!


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