South Africa election results cartoon

South Africa election results

South African 2009 election results

In a nutshell, the ANC won the South African 2009 elections by a significant margin, as expected. They did not get their 2/3 majority with a final tally of 65.9% of the national vote. Julius Malema will be disappointed – possibly as disappointed as many South African were that the Julius Malema Nando’s ad was pulled. Of course in reality, the ANC losing the 2/3 majority ‘landmark’ achievement does not really matter much in practical terms – certainly not as much as the DA, Cope and other parties would have South Africans believe. Helen Zille and the Democratic Alliance ended up with 16.66% of the national vote.

2009 voter turnout figures:
Total number of registered voters: 23,181,997
Number of people who voted: 17,919,966
Voter turnout % (national): 77.30 %

For more detailed results at both national and provincial level check out IEC South African election result reports.

Now that the election is over and the result everyone expected is a reality, what really matters is what Mr Zuma will do going forward. It will be interesting to see which promises he chooses to keep – he certainly cannot keep all of them at once. Possibly as a result of the valium, Wonkie is wildly optimistic that Mr Zuma will make decisions that will benefit the majority of South Africans – particularly in the areas of education and crime.

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  1. You forgot the Windhoek. Lol

  2. An ANC victory was always a given, considering the intimidation and the fear the simple folk in the sticks were subjected to. But I am glad Helen won because she will set the standard for efficient government and the ANC will have their time cut out keeping up. However, she must watch her back – the ANC will surely do all they can to sabotage her efforts. They have already started inciting the people in Kyalitcha.

  3. Interesting that COPE will not team up with DA; Zille already made remarks early in the year about COPE being a diluted version of the ANC. Seems COPE is too Afrocentric for DA and DA is too Eurocentric for COPE. So much for realignment of SA politics!! The ANC should be feeling like the Socialist Workers’ Party felt for 42 years in Mexico after the revolution

  4. P.S. The DA will absorb the ID, VFPlus, etc. This will become the strongest opposition since 1994, to be easily labelled a “minority front” (the race card works so well for the ANC at National and Local government levels!). All that has to e done is to set up WC to fail by creating “Presidential Nodal” projects that can be run straight from Pretoria (the Constitution does not forbid Presdiential projects from superceding Provincial and Local government initiatives). COPE will absorb UDM, PAC, PAM etc and become like the Liberal Party in the UK (always the third formation in politics but never an alternative to the government of the day). It is likely that the realignmet of politics will in this scenario come more through the ANC either mutating (thus becoming stronger and making the COPE alliance weak) or fracturing itself (thus making the COPE alliance a slightly stronger, albeit, third political stream). As long as the ANC mutates effectively (e.g. it is now going to make Comrade Trev the de facto CEO of government), it is going to be in for longer than the Nats

  5. I am black and voted D.A many of my friends voted D.A. We are tired of “the struggle” politics, they cannot offer anything for the future always harking back to the past. Move on!! The D.A. will show S.A how Government should be run

  6. bakenshark says

    yet another “victory” for democracy! :-p

  7. i think its time south africans play fair and go for the winners not the opportunists,its not only the anc who fought for democracy.

  8. yabatho25… I’m with you on that!

  9. i think that the anc has taken us so far out of the apartheid times but now they are old hat and it was time for some fresh blood to be in power.perhaps in the next elections people wont vote blindly.

  10. The ANC suck! they are such Idiots they dont know how to do anything right! Vote for the DA so they can actually run the country not terrorize it. The ANC quote, “Together we can make more … CRIME!!!!!!!!” Cheers

  11. Hey Blaber. You forgot, more THREATS, INTIMIDATION, ANARCHY and we can go on and on and on!!!

  12. ANC Taking us further and further into socialism, it has not worked anywhere in the world so what makes these idiots think it will work here, to quote Churchill:’The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.’ — Destroys all initiative!

  13. Just vote for anyone but the anc they have just made things wors and im white afrikaans and if the anc had a brain i would vote for them but truly i think the DA is the only part that can save the country

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