Ndebele Mercedes gift ethics cartoon

Ndebele Mercedes gift ethics

Mr Ndebele, a Million Rand car is NOT a small token of appreciation

Wonkie is amazed that the ethics policy covering the South African cabinet allows for a minister to receive a R1.1 million Mercedes S500 as a gift – as long as he or she declares it. One can only assume that it is on this basis that the leadership said Mr S’bu Ndebele is entitled to keep the vehicle if he chose to.

The media, opposition and the ANC of course welcomed Mr Ndebele’s eventual decline of the generous gift by Vukuzakhe contractors. Wonkie is only sad that it was an eventual decline – surely a man of such standing in such a prominent role would not have seen this as a dilemma in the first place? But then again nobody seemed to make a fuss when Mr Mandela accepted a Mercedes S500 and BMW 7 series as gifts in the 90s – so why not tata ma chance.

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  1. Lekgotla says

    Mandela’s Mercs and BeeMaz were donated to the Presidency – they were to be inherited byThabo, Motlanthe, JZ etc. Thabo was not interested in hand me downs, including Madiba’s large shoes. Sbu’s gift on the other hand, was for him, not his office. It should be feasible to have gifts for the office, in which case when he is redeployed, the new Minister would take over use of the car. You’re quite right in observing that Sbu should have upfront turned down the “small token” or converted it inot benefits for charity. Madiba did not discourage gifts but always donated them to the Children’s fund.

  2. What ever it iz, zouth african people bilif in everything they want to everyday. accordingly wat the can condemn or condone now can be treated differently juzt a zecond later xpecialy wen the zo-called “100% ruling party declarantz” are involved. The giving to and the taking by Minizter Ndebele iz corruption @ itz bezt. It came az no zuprize to me to hear Mr Prezident ‘z “finderz-keeperz attitude”. Hiz adminiztration comprizez of honezt and pazzionate opportuniztz… why i am zaying thiz, it iz becauze they do every-wrong openly,compulzively and in good faith. They are following their conzcience very carefuly and even Tata Mandela knowz that and waz a beneficiary at one ztage. If you dare zhout out, youy will be faced with ANC running-dogz . The zo called ethic policy iz a mere print which iz devoid of practical zenze. by the i am anc member but …

  3. Tata ma chance, “ta ta macedes”

  4. Singh,I`m quite uncomfortable talking about other countries affairs{let alone the US}while our country is really ailing and sinking deep in troubled-torn waters!

    I also do0n`t see any comparison between America and South Africa or Zuma and Obama since we are in the league of Lesotho and Swaziland in terms of economy strength and rule.

    As for these gifts I cannot an inch agree with the givers that its an innocent gift.Even if it was the fact of the matter its that it was gonna bring the givers a fat check tax at the end of the year so its always questionable.

    I think this company must be reported to the Intelligence since there`s no doubt crime is committed here and to the Competition Board for inducing politicians to corrupt themselves by ensuring their benefactors get priority in granting contracts.

    Yes,the gifts were not for Ndebele but the one who get the Transport position and they need to ne quizzed to explain the reason behind this generosity if indeed it was!

  5. Eish, it must have hurt giving back all that lovely stuff. But well done, Min Spu. May your good example be followed by others. (Does Tony Yengeni read this column?)

  6. Would S’bu have returned the gifts if the media did not expose the story ?

  7. he really did the right thing!! usually those in power usually abuse the civil servants
    by telling them not to accept any gifts . imagine if this was done by a civil servant he/she could have lost the job. so practice what u preach.

  8. Paradise Prince says

    You guys who are condemming the minister are all bloody mad. First this was not a particular company as some are saying it was a group of emerging contractors who were saying well done Minister keep up the Good work. Second, Do you guys have any idea at all of just how much money passes hands from contractors doing all kinds of work public officials even ministers in the so called developed countries which are supposedly the bastions of curruption free free eneterprise. People get real. Third, there is no law or regulation that say people who are leaving the public service shouldn’t be thanked for a job well done( mind you nobody knew Sbu was going to be appointed at national level). Stop hating yourselves and our country. I say viva Sbu you should have kept the damn car

  9. Just love the South African democracy. The fact that the media could report i shows open democracy we should be proud of. Lets stop moaning about now, our democracy worked.
    Whether he would have ccepted the gift or not is besides the point now. It was a gift though.

  10. have you heard of “conflict of interest”?this falls suarely under that ctegory and there`s where the hullabaloo emanates from!It must now be investigated as to if were they all along bribing ministers anbd officials for th preference they enjoyed or were they granted contracts procedurally .

  11. Paradise Prince says

    To Tim and the rest: Curruption is bad that point is taken. But in this instance the gift was made in broad daylight buy a group which wanted to thank the man for having innitiated policies under which they beneffited. In our culture to thank a person is perfectly acceptable. The relavent question is would the recepient- in his position of authority – be induced to make decisions which would favour the giver. In this istance the answer is clearly no, because Sbu had left government & nobody new if he would be appointed to the Cabinet. As for the two cows which he also gave back I think that is REALLY is stretching things too far. If a person does a good job people are entitled to thank him in what ever way that they can afford. The good thing here is that cabinet will come up with Guide lines, which would help everyone I personally do not see what the contractors did wrong.

    • Paradise Prince – I don’t think the issue is about gratitude – it’s about the scale and appropriateness of the gesture. Whether is 2 cows or a million rand car you have to draw the line somewhere in terms of what is over the top and what is not. The donors of the 2 cows may well feel their gift was equally valuable. The point is that reciprocation is some form is a fundamental element of human nature. I think it’s better for officials to be barred from accepting gifts over R1000 altogether than to risk the possibility of corruption or imposed obligation later on. You cannot say with any certainty that Mr S’bu would not be influenced by this later on had he accepted the car and needed to make a decision involving the contractors later on.

  12. What was Minister Sbu’s occupation before being promoted up the order by Mr Sutcliffe of Dbn Municipality? Wasn’t he an assistant in a library?
    Not bad going, hey? Shows you what a wonderful generator of wealth the ANC is – but unfortunately only for themselves and their cronies.

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