Hedgehog rabbit photo caption

Hedgehog rabbit photo caption

In a parallel universe – Photo Caption Contest

Wonkie thought it would make today’s photo caption contest a bit more challenging but much more inclusive today. After all it’s easy to make fun of Malema, Zille, Zuma etc – they simply provide us with so much content to do so. Please enter your best caption for the above photo in the comments section below – it does NOT have to do anything with politics so flex that imagination!

The funniest, most original caption wins a Wonkie T-shirt!
The winner will be announced late next week.


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  1. Hmmm… let me get my stethoscope – I think it may be swine flu!

  2. Andrew Dicks says

    I think that spike relaxant that you are using should be tested on humans as it makes your eyes look funny

  3. Sel Moodley says

    Well, its no use crying now- I warned you about going to those new-fangled “modern” hairstylists!

  4. Come on! My wife’s chilli is not THAT bad!

  5. Mum! Where’s my hot water bottle – I’m shrivelled and freezing cold…..

  6. How many times must I tell you NOt to stick your toungue out at our neighbours? We do want them to move, but that won’t help!

    • @Nstane – emails to your address are bouncing.. please click here to contact Wonkie and let us know how to get in touch. You won a t-shirt for your entry in a previous photo caption contest! Cheers

  7. umm!! I like this tongue cleaner, it gets between each taste bud.

  8. Jason Dillon says

    Don’t you be pulling out that tongue at me Mahmoud Ahmedinijad – I’m your mother, not some George Bush character

    (a scene from Amhedinijad’s early days in the parallel universe lol)


  10. Hey bro whats up with the sad face?

  11. Lemme get this right? You’re saying that without the spikes you can actually use your tongue in foreplay?

  12. Oh, my God, not another one. I wish understood rabbits’ culture.

  13. I’d knock the feeling out your taste buds.

  14. Mark Khoza says

    hey wena nkwenkwe! stop acting an animal in case you have nt noticed i’m human and therefore can be sleeping with the whole cabinet!

  15. I’ve been thinking, we too should do our bit for Zimbabwe…

  16. Listen just forget it Zille – no amount of tongue you can show me is going to let you get jiggy with me ok

  17. lucky phakathi says

    stop sticking your tongue out,that is the sign of being a lazy official

  18. John Abbott says

    You are a bit slow today boet, you need to wear your Sharks rugby jersey

  19. Hmmm… I see the problem, but where have you been putting your tongue recently?

  20. Krubashni G says

    Wow Mama Mia

  21. michael makhado says

    so …is this how you betray me by acquiring shares from vodacom ……?

  22. Oh grow up Bob

  23. Lehlohonolo says

    What’s speed freak who was chasing you this time?

  24. mzubanzi says

    zille , malema and zuma best friends thier friendship goes a long way ask comrade gwede mantashe

  25. Lehlohonolo says

    What’s up speed freak who was chasing you this time?

  26. yabatho25 says

    bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr,told you staying in the wild will make you undesreble,bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,go get cleaned up MAN its FRIDAY.

  27. Come on, they said my cabinet is full of only old males, I’ll teach you how to disobey Zuma!

  28. Washing must be a no-no

  29. mathews hlako says

    Are you freezing with cold rabit ? every year when is winter you must be of my structure. i am not feel any cold.

  30. So, it looks like the Southern African hair straightening products need to be used with caution then?

  31. Tongue to big for your mouth? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

  32. Margaret Spicer says

    Why won’t she snuggle up to me? I am so lovable.

  33. mathews hlako says

    Do you want to be of my structure mr rabit.

  34. ever though of licking stamps?

  35. Frank Henry says

    The Hedghog can never be buggered!! (Terry Pratchett)

  36. So do you think we can still take ZUMA down?

  37. A French kiss————-never

  38. Dude, stop pulling that rabbit face!!

  39. Wow, what a refreshing environment, I know there is a lot to eat back in the human world but with the fights between Helen and JZ you can never be sure of your safety. Not to mention Julius

  40. Where’s your sense of humour?

  41. RENEY BOTHA says

    So , Mr Roger Rabbit , are you going to give your new Merc back ?

  42. The grass around these parts tastes yuk

  43. Damn credit crunch…makes u cut to cheap products!! what have u eaten now, mate??

  44. Jeez Louise… Pleaaase tell me you haven’t been taking part in bloody Johnson & Johnson clinical trials again!

  45. Is that your opinion of the Zille cabinet or are you just happy to see me?

  46. Sibusiso says

    Hey, Rabit! I can see you are tired and hungry. Your tongue says it all.
    Believe me, some fuckin dog is hungry and after us too.

  47. is Malema your brother?

  48. little prick!

  49. Rradinoga says

    I told you twice now! Don’t lick me ….. I’m not your mother.

  50. Having a bit of a bad hare day????

  51. alhyrian says

    ummm, look you’re freaking me out okay?!! I told you licking me would not be a good idea!! snap out of the shock already! im not that spiky…. am i?

  52. Jacob Zuma:Hay Julius, Now that we in power,wot u say we have Nando’s 4 Lunch?

  53. i regret what i said about the president JZ, now everybody will know my sex toy boys

  54. You come to the right place for tongue piercings.

  55. Fuzile Vyfer says

    I thing is enough about politics we have a beautiful country only if we can work together forget about the colour or race. We luck we leave in South Africa look around the world can you see what is happening do you want that must happen in your country? noI guess you will say no.

  56. FROG!! You lick the FROG, not the HEDGEHOG you moron!

  57. hey! you little racist girl, i can see that you are tired of screaming my name.i m the king now its time to sing along “bring back my machine gun”.

  58. Fuzile Vyfer says

    Hmmm lekker Mr. Rabit I don’t want to be you you taste yammmie. You know what if I was you I will Fly to diferent country

  59. Fuzile Vyfer says

    Please do not be like someone I know He went to a librarian and ask for suicide book and librarian take one look at him and say” voetsek who’s gonna bring it back?”

  60. N.S Galawe says

    UNISA is fighting against ANCYL for what! Ok, maybe for the reason that Malema didnt qualify to study there!!

  61. Fuzile Vyfer says

    hmmm what did you taste with your togue do bring or give it to me because it taste bud

  62. Hey bunny! You look buggered. Want a ride? Just lay down and play dead like I do!

  63. Come on,taste a bit-I promise not to bite!

  64. May I please use one of yours spikes to pierce my tongue,it won’t take long or you can just do it for me.

  65. I hate it when you stick out your toungue like a chameleon. It makes you look gayish, you stupid rabbit.

  66. Simon Fourie says

    Don’t even THINK about it!”

  67. Keep doing that and you’ll get hurt…

  68. Dude check out my tongue ring !!!!

  69. Not now toy boy anc soldiers and malema are watching us closelly after what i said about JZ.

  70. Hmmm…I used to look like you once…a long time ago…all cute and cuddly…just keep on sticking out your tongue like that, especially while walking through them salt mines in the pouring rain…electrolysis, my friend it gets you every time…


  72. Steek tong uit vir jou ma……

  73. alhyrian says

    okay, this little dude is freaking me out, i think im gonna slowly back away then make a run for it.. i mean what would my friends say? molested by a rabbit……

  74. Hold me back Malema i sting like a bee when i am loose,this woman(Zille) is on my nerves, like the other 3 at home……Damn Mbeki and his woman empowerment

  75. I like your cartoons. Keep doing your work.

  76. I told you not to eat the brown stuff, didn’t I

  77. You see Henry look at the mess you’ve gotten us into now… I told you not to use your tongue to text especially since you got the braces on your teeth…well now you’re a rabbit…and I don’t know but I feel prickly and so somehow I’m guessing I’m not human anymore either! Hmmm…not sure what happened but maybe it was your tongue contacting the phone and those electricity poles we drove past…

  78. My cousin the rabbit won last time ok?

  79. Sigababe says

    mmmmm how did u steal tha WC away from me lady??

  80. Pukeko Jim says

    I told you taking a shower wasn’t a cure!!!

  81. “I know that I’m giving you the needle, and that this is a prickly situation, but you don’t have to stick your tongue out at me !”

  82. Howling Mad Dog says

    Oh Please! Fur balls are NOTHING!

  83. Mildred O'Neill says

    Where’s your quills little brother?

  84. “No, you don’t look like JZ when you lick your lips”,

  85. Not a bad idea – rabbit pie will be nice…

  86. relationship can be forged especially when there is going to be benefits. imagine what the rabbit and that quilly animal will relate to each other…i quess, tenders! Two differently skilled animals together, they can fight poverty. hahaaahaaaaa… THAT IS DEMOCRACY @ ITS BEST!

  87. Mabu Boloka says

    Hey! you little rat. Don’t you have any respect for your elders, showing your tounge while i’m talking. “Is this what we call democracy?”

  88. And I thought rats were rood.

  89. Would you like a tongue kababa fluffy?

  90. Cute and fluffy my prickly ass!!!

  91. didn i tell you that the swine flu wouldnt stop us from hosting the confed cup? now stick your tongue back in your mouth you look as silly as those moronic siamese twins zilly and jilly.

  92. No Pink Drinks for you! I’m watching you

  93. so that’s what a :p means…. hmm

  94. I’m tellin ya. You gotta lick it before we kick it

  95. elsie zinsser says

    Eeek! Someone screwed up your highlights!

  96. Eee! wel sir, its a pity i’m goin on a vacation i was goin 2 borrow u my thorns!!!

  97. hey my bru lus vir ‘n steek….

  98. Now stick it all out so i can aim, we don’t want to have a redo of this scene now do we…

  99. I like this +1

  100. But my Honey Bunny I swear you’ll only feel a little prick!

  101. malasarose says

    okay my baby now your here. what are you gonna eat? but don’t worry Zuma will provide.

  102. i wanda if u wud b teasing next time wen they turn u into rabbit stew. u can ask mbeki n his COPE buddes

  103. Psssssssssst……..where is your mama?If you do find her,pliz do tell her to quit her pit stop-overs on my shallow pit,ok.By the way, wanna give me a spank or two?

  104. this new contraceptive method is too good!

  105. nyengerai changamire says

    stick your tongue out all you like. julius really can’t recite the alphabet backwards!!!

  106. You can;t touch me! I’m Julius!

  107. im a hedgehog what did you expect a pillow


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