Anju Dodiya art interpretation cartoon

Anju Dodiya art interpretation

Anju Dodiya – Modern Art Interpretation Contest

Modern art is deemed by some to be imagination expressed in its purest form. Others swear that it is nothing more than a pretentious hodgepodge of unintelligible shapes, colours and structures. Wonkie doesn’t know quite what to make of this interesting piece and needs your help to understand it.

Please enter your interpretation for the above artwork in the comment section of this post – feel free to be as detailed as you like. The most fascinating perspective into this art piece wins a Wonkie CartOOns t-shirt.

Enjoy the weekend!

There were some excellent entries in last week’s In a parallel universe photo caption contest – we’ll update the page with the winning entry and runners up over the weekend.

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  1. Devils are over ruling

  2. can Zoll effect the imagination ?

  3. Wessel Germeshuizen says

    This is what a hangover does to you.

  4. Nooo, I’m not ready for hell as yet.

  5. Rradinoga says

    Oh man, that’s good sh*# and all.

  6. Book of revelation revealing itself,a snake on top of a human being as we can see the snake is swallowing a candle that symbolise the light of the world the sun of the man,a person next to it which shows that people will be amazed by the magic that the snake will do to the world,flies on top means that the snake is dirty as it will make the whole world dirty and people will forget about the truth as the book say and people will be corrupted by the snake magic that will result at the situation where people love themselves than GOD and that snake will come with money to show people that it is powerful but remember at the end GOD will reveal himself

  7. Promatter says

    Hey mon, this Chakra shit really works, like you know, mon, shoo ….

  8. mathews hlako says


  9. Jamie Whitelaw says

    Gee,I’ve got a helluva headache

  10. Amanda J says

    This art work symbolises the pains of everyday existence in Australia. It sympathises with people that have long hair there as it often attracts dangerous elements – like snakes. The flies surrounding the head shows that part of Australia can be quite dirty. But there is hope – if someone can light the candle, the flies may go away.

    The little head spitting on the right side represents South Africa’s envy of Australia’s cricket team.

    What do you think – do I have a future as an art critic?

  11. The Snake charmers “Elightenment” Candle

  12. casper fourie says

    “I don’t only act as a prick I am one too”

  13. michael makhado says

    i’ve got abright idea to linger on the innocent then back bite them like a serpent

  14. She’s definitely got bees in her bonnet about something.

  15. I see this as representing corruption in South African government. While the half face is the one that is shown the public is relatively clean, the other more real half is filled with devious things like snakes and flies. The fly that is sitting on the forehead is trying to say that the eggs of corruption are being laid now.

    The candle is of course Madiba – Nelson Mandela whose flame is all but extinguished. And all this while the youth of the country looks on – searching for a role model in government.

  16. A picture of death, doom, nightmares and destruction.

  17. Now Satan has a new name!

  18. ..”The Escom Solution ” ….to Our POWER Crisis !!! haha!

    Or .. “Escom Has a Bright Idea !!!”

    Or .. ” … Lady Of The Night …”

  19. Now we know who is responsible for the masacre of our bee colonies.
    The candle is there to shore up the crumbling infrastructure, by supplying ‘untainted’ wax.
    The bouncer bees are attaching the slippery snake who brought the virus to the beehive.
    The young child looks undernourished, though fat, and is bemoaning the loss of a teaspoonful of honey in his glass of warm water.
    The adult face shows what all this stress can do to a person.
    Quite depressing for the head honcho actually.
    Sadly a reflection of the lives of too many people.

  20. South Africa on recession,the results of recalling the former state presidents from high office is now been felt,even the union can now seen it.

  21. Rradinoga says

    Eish, it seems like Patric, Amanda, Majola, Robo C and Phuti uses the same Sh*# and all. Where can I get some.

  22. TITLE: MAMA ZAFRICA: “Oh No! Yet another round of corruption playing with my head, no wonder the next generation cries, maybe the opposition will be able to fatally sting the serpent and we can finally reach enlightenment.”

  23. this is a surreal painting and the painter used distortion, earthy coloures to set the mood in the artwork (dream like). gives a feeling of death and pain and the flies symbolises a bad small. this is an image of death / near death

  24. Looks like the little face appearing from above is actually telling the other one this:
    “looks like karma has come back to byte you. All your dirty and devious secrets are coming out to Light.”

  25. Aykhona. What are u wearing? That’s what the little guy is trying to figure out

  26. Helmut Klein says

    Unfinished hairdo due to loadshedding

  27. Deeply disturbing…depressing…

    Checked through some more of this woman’s art collection by googling her…and seems most of her art is deeply depressing and she likes to work on people’s heads! Usually women’s heads too!

    Makes me want to touch my head to make sure everything is OK…Wait! double check in the mirror again…

    In this particular work of depression seems the artist is trying to depict something like the state of society is yep coiled up in a mess of confusion, corruption and rubbish and then to top it off fully destroying themselves in the end because seems it is all going up in smoke…while the child looks on crying… perhaps representing the next generation(as it is a child looking on)…so very depressing and hopeless…

    So I thought what a totally depressing artist not even one ray of hope in her work whatsoever…but they I questioned why was the candle not lighting to burn up the whole place more…so perhaps hmm…maybe that is the one ray of hope she leaves there at the top of the woman’s head…perhaps if someone lit the candle then there would be light…a ray of hope perhaps in all of this mess…

    Additionally the candle is not a new never lit candle (wax dripping on the sides already) so it perhaps shows that it was lit at one point and went out…showing a cycle of light and then darkness and then perhaps light again if someone would be the one to light the candle…

    In general a bit too depressing and distressing for me on the whole though…perhaps Anju Dodiya should go have her head examined! 🙂

    She would definitely not make the list of artwork I’d buy or want to have around me…not for lack of ability (and I dont know much of that part of painting …the technical side) but just too depressing … I prefer to have artwork around me that inspires!

    Perhaps Wonkie should do the same! 🙂

  28. Simon Fourie says

    Ag no man – you’ve all got it wrong. It’s simple. The lady is trying to get rid of the goggas flying around her by soliciting the aid of the snakes and a candle emitting noxious smoke. I could write all day about the symbolism in the biblical or political or social or whatever connotation of the snake and the goggas and the candle and the smoke, but that would only make the artist laugh more at the critics, which is why her art is like that in the first place.

  29. It must be a sweet painting with all the bees. The man looks fed up with the bees and I don’t think I really like the painting at all.

  30. This is a magnificent intense peace of art, interpreted by myself afollows: Snakes are in general connected to darkness, evil and wrong. Also can it be seen as someone ‘back-stabbing’. The artist might be telling a story in personal history, of a friend or circumstance that betrayed him. The flies in the painting could be interpreted dually: Flies could be a sign of death, disappointment and pain. Moreover it speaks of perfection as the artist took time to draw 7 flies… as 7 is considered to be the perfect number.
    The artist is telling a story in adulthood while his alter ego is looking in upon his current struggle as an infant pining. The snakes as his headcover could mean that the problems he faces might be too big for him to handle alone. The candle portrays that light (good) will always conquer over darness (evil).
    The head of the snake is turned upside-down and this reitterate good triumphant over bad.

  31. This is a symbol of sacredness of women who live pure life, beauty that is never spoilt and possession of super brain power.

  32. As we all know Indians and snakes, hair are chanas. This basically means India is reach. Overfolws with hones from hair to toe, and then the rest is looking at picking it up.

  33. To Zoom who definately is NOT of the Indian culture, nor background, don’t comment on something you don’t have a clue about. It’s dangerous.

  34. “Oh dear! I’m definitely having a bad hair day.”

  35. raphelav says

    i think its more than just being indian, its the perspective of how the other person is viewing the other. Snakes, Bees and dead candles are one of the few not so bad symbols and elements of life. so the green head is envying the snake head thus he sees only the wrongs in the snake head.

  36. life is tough at india. everywhere u get bitten, not only by snakes but also bees. damn whts happening

  37. the sadness in her eyes symbolises doom that is too come for younger generation(baby) the candle shows darkness that we are in at present and things will only lead to disaster as the flies are sticking t here are uncontrollable. the snakes are the deal in the package.

  38. thi is a protrayal of the evil that is enclosed in the heads of evil women.the snake stands for lies,deception,and unfaithfullness,the burned out candle stands for the light of hope/goodness that has been switched off in her,the pipping child stands for her inner self which is trying to bring her candle back to light,the bees stand for trouble/death should she noy repent,as for the sad face that is what we all get from refusing to listen to uor inner voice.

  39. To be honest, what a monstrosity!

  40. The Brain EVERTED!

  41. If Einstein has light a bulb with his brain, a candle should be a piece ‘o cake

  42. Theprotagonist is lord Shiva in today’s age. His hair and snake indicate this. However, flies surrounding him show the degeneration of reliogious ideologies, and an onlooker is doing nothing about the situation. The candle is extinguished, again can stand for the light of intellect or integrity and values in current ethos.

  43. Well, in the pic u see a snake squeezing …so there’s a struggle.
    The snake is on the woman’s head or mind
    there’s bees and a candle.
    A candle is made of wax.

    Hmmm, the lady must be nosy and is struggling to mind her own beeswax! : )
    My work here is

  44. The snake represnts the evil that is in her head and arround her and the bees are a symbol of death basically she is a sign of doom scary ,very scary

  45. This pic depict how religious virtues as degenerated to the level that the light it suppose to bring to the people is no longer there. Let us pray for the light of God to shine upon us again before we are consumed by the enemy.

  46. What i cn interpret from this pic is that a dark night cannot stay for long! After darkness comes light….darkness is shown by unburnt candle and the snake attackin the woman…..a hope of light cn b seen by bees counterattacking the snake and dark clouds which are moving out….

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