Confederation cup tickets cartoon

Confederation cup tickets cartoon

Depressing News and Friday Blues

It was a rather eventful week across the world – literally kneeling from one end to the other: industrial giant General Motors basically grovelling on its knees for cash; Japan wishing North Korea would be brought to its knees; Obama on one knee trying to woo Muslims in the Middle East; and the many families kneeling in prayer for the dozens of illegal miners that were killed underground at Harmony Gold’s Eland mine shift in Welkom and the tragic Air France flight crash in the Atlantic.

President Zuma also had his first formal State of the Nation address on Wednesday this week. There was really not much new in terms of rhetoric (see the Zuma Zuma Promises Promises post from last year) and it was rather light on implementation details. Still, South Africans can count themselves lucky as things are certainly not as optimistic in most other parts of the world at the moment. Wonkie expects the significant public investment in infrastructure projects will be the primary source for the aggressive target of 500,000 new jobs within the next year.



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  1. I love it – Im telling my boss i cannot do anything going forward cos it doesnt make sense…”The world is coming to an end!!!”

  2. Things are really getting out of control, i am even thinking of immigrating to another planet, if anyone knows a peaceful planet please don’t hesitate to Email me

  3. bakenshark says

    cheer up wonkie!!

    …think i need to send you some rum-tinted glasses…clearly your rose-tinted ones have passed their sell-by date!!

  4. The past week has been eventful, we hoping things to slow down in the next six months. The 500 000 jobs promise is too big to be believed.

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