Peter De Villiers rugby cartoon

Peter De Villiers rugby cartoon

Is Peter de Villiers related to Julius Malema?

Wonkie is tempted to do some DNA testing to see if South African rugby coach Peter de Villiers and ANC youth league president, Julius Malema are related. The probability must be high.

It’s generally hard to criticise a winning coach but judging by the ton of opinion and commentary about Peter de Villiers over the last week, it seems he has succeeded in earning criticism against the odds. The Springboks did beat the British and Irish Lions – possibly more in spite of him than because of him.

De Villiers initial response to Schalk Burger’s eye-gouging foul play incident was only mildly less cringe-worthy than his words after Burger’s 8-week suspension for the offence:

“Why don’t we go to the nearest ballet shop, get some nice tutus, get a great dancing show going, no eye-gouging, no tackling, and all enjoy it.”


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  1. i dont see any point of similarity between them. De villiers is principled and Malema is somewhere below the standard expected of leaders. South African people , we have a problem in that we never leant to appreciate and give credit where its due. De villiers like jake white and clive barker have been winning us games but people are asking more. do you want them to share with you their hard-earned and deserved salaries……nooo..give this people some breaks! people should not claim perfection behind closed does,you must come out in the open and show us what you can do,the space is big! Malema except for foul mouth , he stil can be panel-beated to something productive,eg getting to register for something at varsity for it is important for every aspirant leader.,because according to me education can make a good leader as the education will turn one to become a professional,think professionally,and does everything professionally with respect and dignity that the young man does not seem to have to date. so ,likening De villiers to Malema Is an insult to De Villiers.

  2. simplicist says

    Very disappointing stuff this time Wonkie. I can’t believe that you are also buying into the whole “The Boks are winning in spite of De Villiers” nonsense.

    Give the man credit – he’s done well as the Bok coach so far. As for his public speaking – he has his own way with words but you’ll find that when taken in CONTEXT – a lot of the “ridiculous” comments actually make perfect sense.

  3. i only think peter de villiers is wright,the only problem with you south africans is that you don’t love someone who is succeeding,i think you only love loosers as you did this also to jake white,i think there’s nothing wrong with sssouth african’s that reincarnation won’t cure,you love loosers not winners,the british are trying to destroy your talent through the media but you can’t just see it,wake up south africa and smell a coffee,i think there’s no team at this stage that can beat the boks ,only what other countries are trying to do is to kill you through media.i think de villiers ‘s comments are beyond facts.please do not compare our coach with a fly-by-nite politician.

  4. Can the media never say anything good about anyone? Hands off our coach – he is one of a kind. Maybe he is not perfect, but who is?

  5. I’m surprised at the number of peole endeavouring to defend PdV. Is mediocrity becoming the norm? The man is obviously not up to be the coach of a national rugby team, as became evident when in the 1st test John insisted that Carstens pretent to be injured in order for John to be able to return to the park and to save the match from turning into a disaster. The changes in the 2nd match (Fourie on for de Villiers, Brüssouw up for Rosouw and Moré for Pienaar), which saved the game, were all due to injuries (faked and real). Defending Schalk was stupid. Calling Morné (the hero of that game) somebody who “is still paying school fees,” exposed PdV as a biased, insulting simpleton with no sense of gratitude for the man who saved his beacon, as we would have lost the game if it had not been for that schoolboy. Calling people who thought January had not been up to scratch, racists, was beyond stupid. No rugby fan in SA is interested in players’ colour or creed, we all just want our team to win.

  6. I think the only common ground Julius and Peter share is their unfortunate ability to put their feet firmly in their mouths. I’ve heard there’s a school out there that teaches politicians and public figures the gift of the gab. Here’s an opportunity to make some good money out of J and P!

  7. simplicist says

    @ SB – I enjoy De Villiers’ way of speaking. It spices up boring conferences.

    I’m not saying he’s never said stuff that didn’t go down well with me – but then again I don’t agree with everything everybody says anyway.

    Go BOKKE – the pride of RSA! Go PdV!

  8. gillkitty says

    buy them all pink satin ballet shoes and googles

  9. you guy just dont like people who speak what they feel. you want people to say what you want while havin a different feelin. get real we are tired of fong kong. I think malema and De vlliers are real and there is nothing wrong about that.

  10. Greggles says

    As Long as we have P Divvy as coach the rest of the Rugby world will know not fear South African Rugby ! SA has without doubt the most talent and a great pool to take from however with poor leadership will never become dominant like they really should.

  11. PDW is a fool, he should coach rugby and leave the PR to people that know how to speak sense.


  12. simplicist says

    @Greggles ( As Long as we have P Divvy as coach the rest of the Rugby world will know not fear South African Rugby !)

    I think if we keep winning games – they’ll have a good reason to fear us.

  13. Ruggamaster says

    While very funny this is not fair do pdv. Don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer that pdv should not be the coach and that he is completely out of his depth but julius is a Complete and utter Idiot … wait … sorry I mustn’t insult the idiots like that … JM has no redeeming features and pdv has at least won the lions series. But as for the matter of pdv he is a stubborn arrogant man that wont take advise or help from anyone and that is a shame.

  14. Ruggamaster, i give you 10 out of 10 for that statement. PDV is arrogant, foolish and a whole lot of other things but Malema dont cum near to our MECHANIC lol.

    Cheers from Kiwibok. Gisborne, New Zealand

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