Malema rape comment cartoon

Malema rape comment cartoon

Higher Education in South Africa

Wonkie thinks it’s important that the South African leaders of tomorrow start influencing key decisions shaping the country early on. We envisage that this may lead to some very interesting policy decisions given the quality -and we use this word very loosely – of some of our youth leaders. Wonkie is perturbed that white people in South Africa are once again conspiring against and victimising Mr Julius Malema following his stupid rape comment. Have they not realised that he is perfectly capable of making a fool of himself without their help?

Today’s article is written by a guest writer, Ntsane:

South Africa needs to re-evaluate where it is with respect to higher education. Firstly we need to understand what is the point or vision of “higher” education: is it to teach people how to do a job; or to give them the skills they need to live a better and more productive life? If it is the latter, then we may currently be on the wrong track in terms of policy. Most of our universities and technikons are not producing world class leaders, just world class workers, people who would sacrifice their dreams and visions just to have a job and food on the table because they have been told that without that particular skill, they will be useless to society and will starve. Yet we say our institutions produce world class leaders – I think it is more like world class followers.

Important questions higher education Minister Blade Nzimande needs to ask are who are our educators and what are they teaching? Are the ideals of Plato sufficient to put food on the table of a black man who is in that university through a bursary to study courses that they do not have any major interest in? The answer is no but yet we see so many go into university hoping to become the great doctor their parents envisioned. This misplaced motivation causes many students to fail – many turn around mid-course and start their own shoe selling business or something similar because that is what they want to do. I believe that education supporting these dreams are not catered for in our current tertiary education system.

The issue of funding further studies – be it for a profession or trade – is still one that needs much attention in South Africa. How long will money only be available for those who wish to study math, engineering, medicine and commerce, while those who wish to learn to teach, learn how to do culturally relevant art or become writers have to struggle? Are these skills of less importance than an engineer’s skills?

And what is the use of higher education if those who get into universities are made out to be of more importance than those who could not get into university or complete their matric? We need to have higher education programmes that not only teach young South Africans the skills they need to work, but that also teach them how to live: I am not talking about the kind that tells them how to deal with or to avoid stress, but the kind that shows them how to make life a joy to be lived. If we are aiming to produce a society who aspire for material wealth and corporate “success”, then we are on the right track. If however, we want our society transformed with more solid values and respect, then we need a new way of teaching and learning. It’s as simple as that.

By guest writer – Ntsane



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  1. Writer complains that ‘white people’ are conspiring and victimising J M. Correction, writer, any law abiding sane thinking, god fearing person, whether educated or not, white, indian, colored and black, also condemn him. And to think that the ANC still accommodates him, is questionable. People, beware, we are going down the same route as Zimbabawe.

  2. I take a great pleasure for being afforded this latitude to express my views on the choosen topic. firstly, i want to comment on how embarrassing it is for our media to cover foolish things which julius malema is doing in such a maximum determination. one ask oneself whether we are so bored that jokes and foolishness are options. julius knows very much what he is doing and that whatever he is doing will always be attached to him in our history books. i am surprise south africans are this ready to entertain malema’s unfortunate psychological make-up. Elders would in malema situation say,”go fela go nna jalo… “.

    with regard to policy set up for tertiary education , i would like to say there is more problems . firstly, it looks like those who are responsible for curriculum are not conversant about our economic demands and what companies really need from graduates… otherwise universities would be in a position to produce good products.secondly, is the reluctance in funding graduates who aspire to set up their own businesses… they need us securitis and one ask oneslf how do umsovombu or khula can expect that from a graduate who has never afforded an exposure in workplace,it is a shame in in its best possible meaning. i am of the opinion that the govt is using one hand to give and the other to take because you cannot be seen or heard saying i have rolled out money for the youth willing to set up companies and come again to say when you come bring 10%…it is very wrong! i will as a result prepare myself to become a worker!

  3. @Deena – the comment about ‘whites’ conspiring against Malema alludes to Malema’s allegation that the hate speech charge against him is a ploy by white people to discredit him.

    We agree that even a semi-conscious amoeba will probably condemn him.

  4. Nda Nxumalo says

    Couldn’t have said it better, Sizwe: “even a semi-conscious amoeba will probably condemn him.” 😀

    On another note, we see a unanimous call at the recent G8 meeting, which JZ attended, for a New World Order, so to speak. Most common people are LONGING for relief from all this strain from day-to-day troubles of “keeping the cat away from the cooking heath” (a Zulu expression, transliterated, meaning: hunger/poverty).

    What the same common people do NOT know is that these crises are deliberately created by the architects of the New World Order, and all world leaders in their respective countries that they govern are party to this New World Order. The continual dependence of the general populace that is fostered in both lower and higher education is testimony to this fact. The more dependent that people are to their respective governments for ALL of life’s basics, the easier it is for ANY government to call the shots about what goes (or doesn’t) in their countries, even if their shots are morally deficient and repugnant.

    Frankly, I’m not surprised. As the years advance, we will continue to see more and more sorry schemes adopted as official government policy (including such ploys as disarming the general public by allowing violent crime to terrorise law \-abiding citizens; by the time the government itself wants to turn a rogue on its own people, there will be no way of resisting the affront, with all–or almost all–arms from the citizenry having been handed over to the government for “safe-keeping”).

    As we all know, even from the election results this year, the majority is too steeped into the ZANU-fication of this country that they cannot see the impending doom staring them in the face. They keep voting for the same disaster consistently and persistently, and the disaster is well on its way, even in our educational institutions. It’s just a matter of time.


  5. I am working with students that have chosen to study abroad instead of studying in the country since the level is better. I shall also say that is sad that the education in R.S.A is not getting better and currently it is cheaper for example to study Medicine or Dentistry in English in Kosice in Slovakia then to study it in South Africa.The degree is up to EU standards and is recognised all over the world.

    I also agree with Deena Naidoo that R.S.A is going down the same way as Zimbabwe that is why I have started to promote the EU education system to give a chance for better start for people who would like to have higher degree since the rating of the african Uni is getting lower and lower.

  6. bakenshark says

    sad irony Sizwe..your toon is too real to be funny!..sad to see such a clear insight into the minds of the “leaders”…god help us all..shock treatment is always a wake up call!

  7. education in S.A is still in standard.there is nothing wrong with education

  8. To Sizwe and Nda. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Tickle me please, I forgot to laugh at your sarcasm. Catch a wake up, you’re in a NEW World now!

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