Nelson Mandela day cartoon

Nelson Mandela day cartoon

Swine Flu Virus celebrates Nelson Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela (Madiba) turned 91 years old on 18 July 2009. The Nelson Mandela Foundation called on the world to officially declare 18 July Mandela Day. People all over the world were also asked to pledge 67 minutes of their time “to make an imprint and help change the world around them.” Wonkie really wants to know your honest opinion about Mandela Day – please enter your response in the poll below:

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In other news, Wonkie obtained exclusive broadcast rights on the International Swine Flu Virus convention held on a large pig farm outside Mexico City over the last weekend. In case, you’ve been wondering why the cartoon posts have been a little irregular over the last two weeks – it was because most of the team covering the convention have been quarantined somewhere in London on their way back to South Africa.

The swine flu death toll doubled in the last month as the virus really is spreading its love across the continents. The latest WHO statistics claim that the present global death toll stands at over 700 people and that some 140,000 people currently have the virus. Wonkie is sad to report that Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has not gone public with her latest home remedy against the H1N1 virus as yet.

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  1. I think South Africans need to start taking precautions. Swine flu is a serious threat especially in a country with the highest rate of HIV infected people.

  2. tb, cancer, mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu, what’s the next flu? common guys – don’t you get the picture – it’s telling you all right out “stop – we had enough of humans eating us- we have to draw a line some where – were we are constantly attacked by human consumption – so let’s find a way out ………….and that is fly, fly, fly the flu around so that we can be left alone for a change – we also have our lives to live in peace and harmony”So wonderful people of the world – the kings of Mother Earth – when are you going to stop eating these in order to get more healthy??? The people of this world is declining in recession, food hikes, financial strain, relationships, healthy and time is running out faster than normal – check where are you heading to? Stop dreaming and come back into reality of truth of yourself – YOU ARE PEACEFUL BEINGS

  3. wobblyone says

    Millions of people are dying on this planet everyday, now suddenly it is world news that 190 died of swine flue world wide. Get with it guys! Another media “bang maak storie”, they have nothing to write about and love scaring the sh**t out of you. Like global warming, the earth’s temperatures has declined by 7 degrees in the last 10 years.

  4. It is all a great big con! We have flu’s of some kind (virus) yearly and globally hundreds of thousands of people, mostly elderly and the very young, succumb.
    The large pharmaceutical companies make a bomb of money plugging their products all backed up by a sycophant, pliant press who deliberately wind up the hype in order to sell their news papers. On top of all that, you have the great gravy train hoard. This lot of parasites, the “so called” experts feast on rumors and rush around holding quite useless conferences to discuss the issues. in the meantime, they roost in 5 star hotels and gorge themselves on gourmet meals and then club away the night in the most expensive night clubs.
    We are the suckers as we avidly swallow up all the crap spouted up by these so called experts and then we end up paying the bills for the lying bunch of parasites from our tax money. It will not be long before another totally exagerated scare hits the headlines. Then the whole wretched process will commence again!

  5. HIV is self inflicted. Get angry when people compare it with Cancer, TB etc…

  6. South Africa has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS and the’ve done nothing about that no cure nothing and you expect them to find precations about swine flu think again it has to kill millions first before they start doing anything South Africa it’s a failure when it comes to serious thing but let’s say let us do something and name it after Mandela that is no problem to many south Africans and that should stop it’s like the man is the only person who fought for freedom and Mandela Day my #@*&^%$ we should focus on bettter things.

  7. Frank Boase says

    Peter,absolutley right

  8. I say, Lets Strike!! I mean, this is the in thing is it not? Lets strike against swine flu! stomp yout feet and shake those hooters – we dont want any! Strike against HIV – Refuse sex with anyone not your married spouse, and your married spouse if they have been spreading it around. Strike against free condoms in school. Lets strike against SABCTV – we will not be pushed around as their sound engineers (???) mix sound with channels. Visit your nearest video shop instead. Yes – striking is everyone’s means of getting what they want, from those that cause it nogal. That is my 67 minutes worth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  9. mandela together with others has done exceptionally well and as a result south african calender accomodated their valuable achivement and we have freedom day,27 April. Taking into account their tireless and of course selfless contributions , i Am very much greatful to say they are honoured for their work as indicated above and going such far as MAKING ANOTHER HOLIDAY is to me tantamount to overdoing things. U named street and government institutions after him and i think it is enough if not too much about him if you are to look it in a broader lense,that is ,he was never alone during the struggle and profiling the gains[all gains] under his name is incorrect .

  10. ISAIAH 66:17 “Those who consecrate and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following the one in the midst of those who eat the flesh of pigs and rats and other abominable things–they will meet their end together,” declares the LORD.


  12. the swine flu is still there its not as dangerous now there the only country that closed public places and sanitize every thing and the gang problem is bad

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