Tokyo Sexwale passes buck cartoon

Tokyo Sexwale passes buck cartoon

Tokyo Sexwale passes the buck

Tokyo Sexwale, business tycoon and now Human Settlements minister blamed officials elected during Thabo Mbeki’s tenure as South African president for the recent country-wide protests taking place in South Africa. Wonkie is pleased to see this prominent ex-businessman transfer valuable CYA (cover-your-arse) skills from the private sector into public service. Now if only someone could transfer accountability into the public service.

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  1. thats all politicians do they never accept,but always blame the last man out thats part of the game.

  2. Tokyo, you rat. First and foremost, the name Tokyo, does not befit and your arrogance and your treating your fellow blacks. All you’re interested in is making those millions without regard to the poor and needy. Why are’nt you donating much needed monies to the many charaties around the republic, both black and white as well as in between.

  3. Good one! He he he he he!!

  4. i am really not surprised that TOKYO can say that…IN TSWANA,SOTHO AND PEDI WE SAY MOLOMO O TSHELA NOKA E TLETSE, WHICH LITERALY MEANS IT IS EASY TO SAY AND EQUALY HARD TO DO! we heard too much from from this faction before polokwane,claiming to be the panacea to all ills this beautiful country is facing, so now as you expect to see their miracle in actiopn you instead hear lies and power-freakish statements. i do not know what Thabo Mbeki did to these gentleman that for every wrong thing he[EVER PERFECT TOKYO] does he has somebody to blame. The current ANC administration is very biased,vengeful,lazy, incompetent mostly because their taking offices is not on the basis of competency and skill rather for their allegiancy to ZUMA. THEY are so reckles that they do not say anything about the good thing that Thabo Mbeki ‘s administration achieved… i do not understand why a person can be this jealousy that he always go out to look for somebody’s mistakes and ceelebrate afterwards.The first day when i hear that human settlement portfolio is given to Him i was shocked for i knew that the guy would not commit himself for public good rather he is at most a crude capitalist… he believe in taking than giving. I donot harbour any grugde agaist the guy ,i am just being honest. the popular believe say those fortunate should help those unfortunate but this believe does not seem to ring a bell to MR PERFECT. THIS IS HIS TURN TO TAKE THE ELECTORATES OR RATHER PEOPPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA TO HIS CONFIDENCE BY DELIVERING THAN WINING. THEY MADE US BELIEVE IN THEM THAT THEY CAN DO BETTER THAN THABO ‘S ADMIN. I BELIEVE THAT IF THEY REALLY CAN DO BETTER THEN THEY HAVE STRATEGIZED ALREADY when they started casting doubt on Mbeki’s ship AND NOW IS THE TIME TO DELIVER…IT IS NOT A TIME TO PLAN.

  5. Whii!!! i dont think Tokyo is wrong i am happy because in MZANSI u got the freedom of speech and this apply to writting also. i wonder why one should call tokyo a fat cat- pfuka uti tirhela man dont just blame people for thier own wealth 2moro is you, stop complaining together we can do more if u are the person who is seeing that somewhere there is a problem is also your responsibility too, do something take the matter to the reklevent structure a legitimate one they know the procedure how to adress the problem, than to say one is rich and does not care u dont care because u sound to be more indoctrinated to one’s idea u got a pontetial to have positive critisism than being naive, i am sorry if i am pushing you to the cold storage but it is my view also to advance in this regard – Together fighting for change not Tokyo we nominated him as our tried and tested leader and we believe in him that he will do what is expected from him.i pause take care

  6. When i stop at the traffic lights I normally give to the guys begging for something ‘small’, which is ok. The other day parked next to me was a large black Prado 4×4 with Mrs “black’ sitting chatting on her cell phone and when this beggar approached her , she looked at him with disdain and closed her tinted window. Now I ask you with tears in my eyes could she not give the guy R2.00? She’s just too busy rideing the ‘gravy’ train…me thinks. C

  7. Ok:

  8. wobblyone says

    Well! Well! Well! at last the ANC are blaming other ANC members instead of everything is the white mans fault! Times are a changing folks! When will Zuma stop spending R10,000 for new showers in his house!

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