Mugabe gets diesel from rock cartoon

Mugabe gets diesel from rock

Mugabe attempts to solve energy crisis

Rotina Mavhunga was convicted of fraud in Zimbabwe after she conned about US$1 million (roughly Zim $0.5 trillion) out of the President Robert Mugabe’s government. She successfully managed to convince a cabinet task force set up to investigate the claim that she could tap diesel fuel from a rock.

After filling an abandoned fuel tank with diesel and connecting a pipe leading to the top of a rock, she amazed Mugabe’s task force with streams of refined diesel pouring down the rock face. A few months, much money and many gifted vehicles later, a second group of ministers questioned Rotina’s ability and uncovered the fraud.

Rotina was convicted in absentia after she didn’t pitch up in court. Rumour has it that she is in South Africa successfully closing a corn-based nuclear fuel deal with Eskom. Senior Eskom officials have allegedly already been given their bonuses in advance for the discovery.


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  1. so who said Mugabe is the only bad boy in Zim?

  2. Mugabe, you were always a f*****g idiot. To fall for some scam falls nothing short of your personal get-rich-scheme proves that your intelligence is that of an idiot.

  3. bakenshark says

    There is somethign quite endearing about this level of stupidity!!!!…maybe dumb-ass is the new corruption! 🙂 funny stuff wonkie!

  4. Curiouser and curiouser…

    Hmmm…snake oil salesmen…saleswomen! They often drop by in the oil industry… Makes me feel more meaningful at my job! For the brief moment even! And to wonder if Trini is still not as bad as some places…even though often referenced in Banana Republic discussions…at least thankfully for now technocrats are allowed to give input…even if the input might be considered…well…but at least we would not fall for this…at least thus far…yikes! I still can’t believe this is true?! 🙂 But sad too really…

    Maybe our PNM-PM-PM 🙂 really needs to continue to have more talks with Africa on developing their oil industry….Trini oil officials did have a meeting with Uganda I think…poor man hope he gets to continue his work and they don’t try to assasinate him I mean what would happen to Africa’s oil industry then! Reference for details:…/manning-takes-heat-on-assassination.html

    But is this real or some weird cartoon land?

    I have to say it really does get curiouser and curiouser after yesterday’s Tokyo Sexwala…I mean Sexwale! I had to google that name I was so suspended in disbelief that a man could have such a name in reality and not just in a cartoon world! 🙂 I got that Tokyo is a nick name but Sexwale is for real?

    And it was even more amusing that I kept getting the word association in my head Sexwale-Sexwala…as in Dresswala…so if a Dresswala is like the person in charge of wardrobe on Bollywood sets?…and that hindi term already amuses me as is…then Sexwala?!

    The name Tokyo Sexwala ….I mean Sexwale!… sounds like a character that might appear in something X-rated…or maybe a dodgy Second Life character…not a Human Settlements Minister! Appreciate it might be of a different language in origin etc…so dont want to sound all culturally dumb…but I have to admit as a mostly English speaking person…it really was the funniest thing about the cartoon for me that name! 🙂 Had me laughing all day! Thankfully the buzz word is now out of my head and ears!

    On another note shouldn’t Wonkie have announced all the general Fri fun winners after so long…geez! And it might be a good touch to actually put the words of the winner in the white speech bubble…you think?! 🙂

    As for…but that’s another story…! 🙂

    What a strange place is this…

  5. I think this is a better link to the reference hope this works:

  6. Why am I not surprised. First the cure for aids is beetroot and garlic. Then political tsotsi’s can save a country. Now refined diesel from a rock. What’s next… we need another laugh!

  7. Only in Africa……

  8. Stupid!Stupid! Thats why they will never get anywhere.By exporting these rocks they could have solved Zims financial problems.

  9. Why were Senior Eskom Officials already paid out their bonuses for this ‘discovery’ for a closure of ‘corn Nuclear Fuel deal’? Is Rotina also trying to scam Eskom out of South Africans hard earned monies in respect of ‘increased electricity rates’ to build extra Nuclear power stations? Is any Govt. dept. concerned with what’s SA taxpayers needs are,and not their own wants? Rotina pulled an old trick with Mugabe’s idiotic cabinets task force, and they fell for it, eyes closed. WHY???

  10. malasarose says

    Zim believes in magic.

  11. GreatBlisteringBarnacles ,

    Just hang around africa and it’s darkskinned residents and a new laugh will be yours every day! It i said that “laughter is the best medicine”…maybe they expect to find the cure for HIV along these lines.. 🙂

  12. Don’t you mean ‘black magic’ eh, Malasarose?????

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