Schabir Shaik terminal cartoon

Schabir Shaik terminal cartoon

Schabir Shaik’s final hours

Schabir Shaik has made headline news quite frequently since his release on medical parole in March this year. He was found guilty and convicted in 2005 for fraud and corruption. Shaik was released after serving two years and four months of a 15-year prison term, little of which was actually spent in prison. With all the talk of being tough on corruption being bandied about by Mr Zuma, many South Africans are rightfully a touch irritated that someone expected to be on his deathbed is happily cruising around Durban in his black BMW and eating out at fine restaurants.

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Correctional Services spokesperson Thami Zondi, responded with: “As a department, we cannot force one to die, if one does not break the parole conditions then there is nothing we can do.” Of course, the fact that Shaik was released on medical parole because his terminal illness had reached its final stages seems to be totally irrelevant now.

Shaik was the former financial advisor of now South African president Jacob Zuma. Wonkie thinks that even Julius Malema can probably do the math on this one.

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  1. Andre Piek says

    Perhaps someone should tell the prisoners dying from AIDS and cancer that can’t get medical parole the key is to get high blood pressure!

  2. Jabulani Mabena says

    What a farce!! Then we wonder why crime and corruption is so bad in South Africa.. I heard from a friend at Albert Luthuli hospital that Shaik was basically on a holiday over there

  3. Disgusting…but we all knew this would happen…typical!!!

  4. yep,this is it, what can we say,constitutional rights only applies to high ranking media attention seeking publists,there are prisoners which are responding to rehabilation programmes but are not even considered for parole cause they are ordinary SAcitizens and with lesser crimes,you know it makes me sick knowing that our blood brothers are dying in there without proper medical consultations while busy paying sars lot of bucks instead they are used to the fradulents, but one said it depends with whom do you associate yourself with…..

  5. i think it will be to the tax payer’s best interest for the government or all the interested parties to let it go before they again spent our millions of rand on one person

  6. I now do appeal to j.malema to come out of the closet and preach his gospel, and should treat this matter the same way he treated others!

  7. why all famous people get different treatment that is not fair. It’s my first time hearing about medical parole.

  8. Mark Khoza says

    lolest! too gud wonkie!

  9. I don’t think Malema will fathom the maths however his wood working skills might just come in handy.Shaiks terminal illness should give Malema enough years to make a coffin.Bless his,oh I forgot,he hasn’t got one.

  10. watch old Shaky become the next minister of finance

  11. Poppy Neveling says

    Shaik is probably partying with Zumu – remember they are old buddies!!!

  12. malasarose says

    its obvious Shaik just don’t like it in prison. get him a radio so he can listen to Thobela fm or get him lerumo la madi and others for his high blood. whoever told him he is about to die should go to prison too.

  13. Annie Van Struben says

    Shabir continues to shaik s.a. with his houdini stunts

  14. This is a simple payback to loyal financial supporters of a then seemingly improbable Zuma presidency of both the country and the ruling party. Those in labour movements have been rewarded with cabinet posts. It is pure politics and there is nothing much Joe Public can do about that. Simple Political science 101.

  15. Mark Khoza says

    who would ever forget the SABC 3’s special assignment documentary on the Modderbee prison conditions, a man who was so sick that he was being carried around by other mates, pissing and sh***ing himself, that man died in that prison as he was repeatedly refused parole, the weeping families who were denied a chance to spend the last hours they would have had with their loved one, that’s what i call terminal illness even though i’m not doc or specialist yeeerrrrrr

  16. michael makhado says

    thami zondi had to protect shaik b’cos he think he might score a RANGE-ROVER

  17. best one by far!

  18. Great article, Sizwe! Sadly, Mini Meena (Malema) & math just don’t work!

  19. I still think that jacob zuma should of went down with him. its not like JZ was forced into stealling money, his a big man and he knows the contrast between right and wrong. so my point is leave Shabir Shaik alone he also desrves to enjoy life the way JZ is enjoyin it.

  20. Enough said guys,Jahman is damn right simple ”POLITICAL SCIENCE”,that’s how things are done in South Africa, always grass suffer the trambles of his majesty !!!

  21. Schabir will never go back to jail.
    With his best buddy in the big boss seat, only the coming of our lord could result in a shaik-up in the anomaly, putting him back in the big house.
    Now the ANC monogram means Absolutely No Conscience.

  22. shame on us!it is obvious jail is 4 poor poeple who can not affort lawers, cos there is not law in my country. we will always kip on complaining without positive response. those people think this country is for them which is wrong.shaike should sent back to prison to serve what is gud 4 him.who is shaike.wat is shiake,isa god or wat .bac to jail

  23. why other eople who are really in serious conditions are not treated with care they are just left there to die if one did something wrong he should pay the price just like an ordinary person would have.


  25. Frank Hartry says

    Schabir Shaik has become the Elvis Presley of South Africa. He appears and then just as suddenly disappears. But unlike the King, Schaik is not dead and inspite of the pathetic accusations of some ministers of government, no-one wants him dead. What South Africans really crave is honesty and the truth from government, as to why Zuma’s financial advisor was prematurely released from prison, over 12 years before he was due to be released. Inspite of what the politicians in South Africa believe, members of the public are not stupid. We are fully aware that Shaik was released in a planned process to the withdrawal of the 783 allegations of corruption against Jacob Zuma. It was realised that the rotund, wily ‘Machinegun Wami ‘ whining Zuma, could not comfortably take over the reins of power, whilst Shaik was still in prison.

  26. ntweng radingwana says

    that is total bulshi!!t, why would somebody being paroled because of illness wander along the streets,that is cristal clear that the so called president !! Rapist jacob zuma helped him out, because they both engage in a corrupt relationship,

  27. Mark Khoza says

    on the contrary Tshepiso and with all due respect, he is not like any other citizen or prisoner(s) who die in prisons from TERMINAL illnesses without being given any medical parole, i really think that makes him really different kind of citizen 🙂

  28. @TSHEPISO you num skull. The Arms deal has deprived tax paying hard working citizens and their children from any hope of a future in SA. At the time Zuma said that he was misled and did not understand as he was a simple herd boy.Then as his adviser “Shadier” should have known better and thinking his boss Thabo(miniM) knew nothing is ridiculous.Money that could have been spent on Schools, Houses, Hospitals Aids drugs etc was squandered on AK47’s ,Tanks and imported German cars. In any normal country that would have you up on Treason charges and in Thabo’s case probably on genocide charges(Aids fiasco).In SA you get held in high regard ? There is unfortunatelly no future for any of us until guys like you(voters) realize that your esteemed “leaders” are rotten to the core and vote on the basis of merit rather than race for someone with values.

  29. who said JZ would leave his buddie in prison,he got him out and nothing or no one can do a thing about that.Parole was just an excuse to get him out.

  30. To all the opinionated replies above. What has Shabir Shaik ever contributed to Society? Enriched himself and no one else! The majority of this country is still living (and dying) in poverty. What are the parlaimentarians and politicianc doing about this?! They go on to praise JZ, but what has really changed. NOTHING. That idiot Malemma does not deserve even a second of our thoughts. What is he doing for the poor, apart from making inflammatory statements, while living the high, and very luxurious life? Are we on the same path as Zimbabwe? Where the rich only get richer and the poor poorer?

  31. PEOPLE!!! dnt leave JZ out he is as guity as schabir shaik, if schaik goes down JZ must go down with him

  32. @Khose – Thats bcuz ordinary pple lyk us dont have the support from the president, so who the hell are we to compain.

    @TSHEPISO – TRUE THAT!!! atleast he stole from wealthy pple and he didnt spill anyones blood like most criminals who kill and get away with it.

    @Fred – South Africa would be much better if we had the freedom to vote for the candicate that we feel has the best intrests for our country. I say this because most people voted for ANC because they felt that they would be betraying Mr Mandela by voting for onother party after all he has done for us. In other words they believe that it is thier duty to vote for ANC in oder to keep u tata happy.

    @yabatho25 – South Africa is a disaster waiting to happen, How the hell are we gona survive with a corrupt president whos condoning criminal actions and cant even keep his promises. do you remember that he swore that he doesnt owe anyone a favour and that should go for schaik also.

  33. Absolute power corrupts totally. For all his excellent qualities as a leader, Pres. Zuma will not be remembered for his high moral standards. Shabir Shaik’s thinly disguised release from prison is, to the whole world, an admission of guilt by Jacob Zuma. The people who support, praise and even applaud this clear misuse of power will, some day, regret it – but, too late!

  34. @Paul – People think Im mad when i say that ANC is just a micky mouse party filled with a bunch of mongrels with huge egos and no brains. How the hell did Malema get where he is? to him every little thing that happens in South Africa is about race.Those days are over and we should make peace with each other.

  35. Let him enjoy his last days!!! What I don’t like about the whole
    situation is that, to get to Zuma, his opponents attack all his allies
    for small reasons

  36. I looked in VAIN for all those sick, ANC pacifist commentators to no avail.

    A, well…. If this country could tolerate Malema passing wind in its very face, what’s with tolerating Shaik driving himself around in his BMW? In fact, isn’t he costing this country less by not employing the services of a chauffeur?

    I don’t know. Something’s wrong with the practical application of DEMOCRACY. It looks like the so-called custodians of the people’s trust via the people’s votes are the ones in power–NOT the people!

  37. Mark Khoza says

    @ BUsi, the strategy is: make noise, really loudly, choose politically sensitised issues but you dont have to make sense, even if it means you have to shoot one of your own doesnt matter, and whilst doin, it dont forget to have invited the media so that your presence is knwn, speak this scary political science terms so that the follower will respect and be intimidated by you, you will surely secure yourself with a good number of votes, be loadly rethorical no matter what, be seen there on tv, i’m not sure whether that has anything to do with what they refere to by the term populist

  38. @Disgusted – Power makes pple even more greedy and I agree with the fact that those who voted for these nasty ppl will regret it 1 day.I hope they do realise that S.A is coming to an end with all these ministers who dnt knw s*** about whats happening in this country all they know is spendind tax payers money on flashy cars and expensive apartments.

  39. It is indeed a very sad state of affairs. Have these people in power not learnt anything from the past? They are just repeating mistakes that were made more than 100 years ago in Europe! And yet nothing improves! Those of of who had to PAY dearly for Education, and now those hooligans out there DEMAND free education! They (mostly connot read or write) but they DEMAND. While there are still a lot of us who are highly educated, cannot find alternative employment, cannot start own businesses which can help others help themselves. I just do not get this whole “DEMAND” business. I have had to work all my life for what I have! My education, my home, my possessions! And yet there is this culture of demanding! Where did I go wrong?

  40. Sizwe,

    In my opinion, Schabir Shaik has grossly violated his parole conditions
    by failing to die when it was predicted that he was in the final stages
    of his terminal illness. This warrants the Correctional Services
    Department to hold Shaibir Schaik liable for his actions i.e. failing to
    die against all predictions. The Department can then proceed to assist
    Shabir Shaik to comply with his parole conditions; like, for instance,
    injecting him with deadly H1N1 virus.

    Thanx to the FXI.

  41. Jabulani Javas mukhari says

    Shaick should be taken back to jail because now he is fine, no longer sick. so what next, JAIL JAIL. but i understand its because he is a millionare. next time if i got arrested i will do the same.

  42. Helen Ziller and co will make sure that the whole can of worms is opened up again when they get in with the next election. ANC supporters cannot be sooo stupid as to vote this rotten, incompetant, dumb, corrupt party in again. Then again, thats what a lot of us thought before the last election.

  43. Factuality says

    Worry about poor old Shaiks dying…….. Don’t be silly, parliament still has vacancies in “Jobs for pals.” So if you really want to worry, worry when Shaiks is given full pardon and an offer to stand in Parliament. Impossible?
    Yesterday, NO! Today? YES!

  44. haahaaaa!!!don’t be silly JAVAS how could you wish to be arrested for just competing with the likes of Shabirrrss,all that we can do and hope now is for ”watchdogs ”to keep the promise they made to their voters ,that’s making any irregularity known to the publice while at the same time seeking remedial actions,guys keep well i am signing off for the day! wonkie please make sure our concerns reach the intended publists…you know who are they!

  45. Annie Van Struben says

    Shabir did shaik south africa with his Houdine stunt again

  46. So much for justice! Two felons let off the hook but one of them did get clobbered and sent to gaol. Strange though, this one spent most of the short time he spent in clink having a whale of a time reclining in the prison hospital. The whole matter stinks and makes a complete mockery of our judiciary,courts and our President. Anyway, the rest of the world knows about the total corruption in our country and when the time comes when we may have to go cap in hand to beg the world bank or IMF for money for some project or whatever, they will give us two fingers and tell us to get our fricken house in order first!

  47. I dont know actually what motivates whoever is behind this article to drag the name of cde President Julius into this, Malema has done Maths although he did not do well like some of us who are B.Compt graduates. Life does not revolve around Maths. At leats he tried, they say it is better to try and fail,but never fail to try. Did you obnoxious,toxic minded ever tried to do Sepedi? shut your big motuh or just buy a gun and kill Mr Shaick. When we question certain decisions/judgements of the professionals in questions (judges,etc), your friends tells us (ANCYL) that we are interfering with the due process, but now you what to undermine the decision of Medica;l professinals and further question the timing of the Almighty for not taking Mr.Shaik ‘s life.
    Look, we might not be Christians (the religion your ancesters brought to this continent) but we are definitely not killers, If Mr. schaik does not die,we believe is the God ‘s will which is always right.Take it up with God or kill him yourself.

  48. what is happening in south africa is not good.It means that if you dont have money youre nothing,but if you have money or being a friend of politician is where you will live a comfortable life,even if you commit crime.Because if you can look there people who are in jail at the moment who have done nothing,but because they don”t have money they are still being locked.So even the case of schaik is unfair to other people who are in jail,because you will find that there people who are seriously ill who are still in jail because they dont have money.In other words jail is for black people who are suffering not white.

  49. @ phaahla: I think you need to take your history lessons before you ever comment on this issue. Not only is Christianity NOT original to the white folk, but the worst heathens in all written history, in my limited reading, have been the white folk from the European bundus.

    Let’s leave Christianity out of this.

    For the record, mathematics IS a core component of life. The incredulity of Malema’s insolence is such that it is no wonder his trial at Math was a total disaster; really, only serious people need to be taken seriously. Anyone who chooses to be a public figure must take the public scrutiny that comes wtih it in stride. Good thing Malema isn’t you, because we would now be getting a volley of media-sourced invectives because of this valid swipe at the horrendous track record of ANC ineptitude in the last few months.

    Give Sizwe a break. [chuckle]

    Lastly, ANY professional decision that has been doctored by political innuendo is not worth the paper upon which it was written. Whether the professional was bought with money to twist his professional opinion, or threatened with the hell that only the powers that be can contrive is immaterial. We can ALL see through this farce. As far back as the historic Polokwane Conference, it was clear that the Scorpions are history, Shaik is on the rise, we’ll bury Mbeki and the Mbalulas and the SACP will be gracing the cabinet. Pity that Vavi decided not to follow the self-defined prophecy and join Nzimande in the cabinet, but ANYONE with a pea for a brain could see this coming.

    Please, do not insult our intelligence if yours is insultable by grouping YOURS with ours.

  50. It is unfair to those who are really suffering in jail.In South Africa you need to a financial muscle to be treated like Shabir.There are thousand of prisoners who do not get medical parol and lucky for the frodster.

  51. to stay out of jail you simply get your blood pressure highly connected!

  52. Mark Khoza says

    lol! leslie, if only it was that eazi fir any other foke like me or u

  53. plz leave the poor guy alone, so that he can enjoy his last days on earth.

  54. John Puffey says

    This image is so hilarious and thought provoking, that I for once had to laugh and think about reality. I love the glasses particularly and not so difficult cartoon drawings. But the important part is the message which is greatly presented.

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