Two owls photo caption

Two owls photo caption

Two Owls Photo Caption Contest

Time for some Friday Fun again with Wonkie – please enter your best caption(s) to the photo above and feel free to forward this competition on to your friends!



The funniest caption in this week’s contest wins a Wonkie CartOOns t-shirt!

The winner will be notified on 1st September 2009… enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Check that bird out!

  2. Caption

    “Don’t panic , They said Swine and not Bird flue!!”

  3. JM Why so quiet now a days, this is not fun anymore.

  4. How Hubby do you real mean that you can die for me,i never thought that you love me so much.You make me shy when you say i’m the most beautiful woman on planet..he he he

  5. Jim Powell says

    Still looks like South Africa is going for a dictatorship

  6. I thought we were lateral thinkers…?

  7. nevertrust a south african surgeon they can’t read my diagnoses was overweight

  8. (zuma and julias)julias what do u think about shabir, remember i owe him

  9. michael makhado says

    is this how the australian are looking at semenya

  10. Be reasonable……….you don’t have to be a politician to see things my way.

  11. I thaut I taw a puttycat, whed he go?

  12. Elaine Taylor says

    Hey! time to go to bed don!t you know its daytime now.

  13. Eish my bra

  14. Hey!!!? Where’d your foot go?

  15. eddie bain says

    One foot is nothing compared to a stiff neck!

  16. Is it a bird? ………… Is it a plane? ………..
    No! It’s superman!!!

  17. I know JZ needs to be given another look…but that one won’t work bra.

  18. With all our wisdom,we never can avoid the odd curved ball,what a night and damn that door.

  19. Are you going to give me a mouse or shall I fake a limp!!

  20. JZ: Hey Malema…” You got to be shitting me…you got an H for maths?” Well done my son, now I can give you that senior accounting position in government. You are the most intelligent person so far in cabinet”

  21. Eish, lucky my mama does not look like that !!

  22. I read that the latest research have proven that 1 out of 2 owls are twisted … wonder which of our friends could be twisted?

  23. John Abbott says

    This new Toyi Toyi dance is getting a bit much.

  24. Do you think we can get it ON tonight !!

  25. Aaah, finaly i can get some warmth under there.

  26. oh gosh miracles still happen even shabbir is healed!! what’s next????

  27. Whaaat did you say …. you are so prets!!!!

  28. Ruttschicc says

    Eish wena,life is how you make it .i make mine my way

  29. Ruttschicc says

    Eish life is how you make it .I make mine my way.


  31. i think i see Shabir ,eh…. i mean dying ppl….

  32. is that who i think it is…(Khanyi Mbau @ the robots!)

  33. Mwah!!! my prets feathered lovebird!!!

  34. Dave Loughton says

    Well bro! Shiver my feathers and knock me sideways! You say you REALLY are a GIRL!

  35. Can’t wait for spring to wear my J.Z t-shirt (Malema). J.Z t-shirt is not on for me I miss my wardrobe,Gucci shoes and my expensive jackets not this SAPS uniform(Sbu Cele)

  36. Do you people not realise that BOLLYWOOD is an Indian thing. Kindly refrain from doing so in future.

  37. I need to loose weight(Malema). Learn respect first (F.W De Klerk)


  39. {bombela on strike}
    hai hai hai, hai we want 50% increase, hai
    we want 51% dude NOT 50%

  40. Do U think I can use this for my BEE Status as “Disabled”

  41. oooooooooooowl,oooooooooooowwwwwwll,honey you melt my heart like cheese on a sunny day!!!

  42. Don’t hate me because you thought I was straight!

  43. CHEEZ JERRY, of course its straight! I have an eye for this you know

  44. Guess what mate! – I was wondering if the H1N1 medications will help sort out my stiff neck……’s really not playing to be standing like this the whole time…….and I really don’t want to die right now……as it not yet my time to go!!!……

  45. If you gave me your right leg I can can do the hunting and foraging while you guard and feather our nest….he?

  46. Just how far do you think that car is?!!

  47. Just how far do you think that car is – perhaps it will hoot!

  48. That car is sure coming fast – perhaps it will hoot!

  49. dark jarvis says

    Well, I’ve looked at it from all angles now, but I still can’t see how you can call it a girl!

  50. Nicky Henry Letswalo says


  51. Nicky Henry Letswalo says



  53. You all right? You look a little peeved… Yep; I’m an ANC hawk. I’ve an eye below my chin!

  54. Let’s make things happen in our country.

  55. Jeez, that prawn looks like your mother.

  56. Gee! Who’s going to pay the electricity bill for this one!

  57. We love each other so much, don’t we? So please open up and tell me what is bothering you.

  58. Wat u mean u got a headache again?????? I need it nw…cnt even think STRAIGHT

  59. Johan Marais says

    My nest or your’s.

  60. Check it out….Dont I look great??… Whoaa….

  61. Joe Hannsen says

    Is that really Julius Malema – looks too innocent to me!!!!

  62. Wow what a nice view? I wish people can see the wolrd this cool way!

  63. “What are you looking at?”

  64. WTF!!!???

  65. I is it a boy or girl on the podium

  66. Man,i’m more stoned than I thought

  67. doris swan says


  68. doris swan says

    this is frankie an doris together always

  69. Do you still love me?

  70. hmmm i think im loving this walk

  71. I’m sure I saw a swine flew overhead

  72. No, I don’t see it that way at all.

  73. Eissh! Hope this excercise does work those silly rats got the best of us last night.

  74. Is she ugly or was he CASTERated (Castrated)

  75. Yep, it sure is Schabir with pasta on his chin driving that black Beemer down Musgrave Road – are you sure standing on one leg controls terminal hypertension?

  76. What were the results of your gender test?

  77. Did you say Malema is coming

  78. You look funny, all sideways like that.

  79. Hey did you see that? our lunch just flew by! (bat) can we catch it or is one of those with NOS> ?

  80. This modern art is “something else”

  81. What do you mean my perception is skewed by subliminal racism, you would have to have your head on sideways to not see that she looks like a man!

  82. Stiff neck hey? Serves you right for looking up all those passing skirts!

  83. Eduard Smith says

    This recession stole my ability to keep my head up!!

  84. …try to be serious, may be they gonna stop the strikes…

  85. Damn, is that your ‘chick’?

  86. SURVIVOR AFRICA – reward challenge

  87. they said the only way i could bunk school was if i had a broken neck, but being an owl thats almost impossible.

  88. Just give your neck another twist like this and you hear them scream -TOKKELOSIE!

  89. Its only when you look at it this way that Julius is right.

  90. “Boy oh Boy” …. censored by the Patriotism police(Winy).Oh OK then “Go Girl Go !!” (a politically correct version)(approved by the press watchdog(Winy)

  91. Julius and Winny are Talking so much that Semenya can’t get a word in edgewise!

  92. “I don’t think this scarecrow position is working…that hawk is still coming right at us!!!”

  93. malasarose says

    Mr Zuma and Makhumalo. is being a president this tiring? haibo begezela sthandwa sam i cant afford to loose this title (first lady) now.

  94. Cant believe my eyes, it that the ARMY or the Barmy Army!!!!

  95. OK thanks.

  96. Please stand still, JM, it’s very difficult to see you at this awkward position.

  97. I see it now!! Everyone has a different view of things!

  98. Now i see it! Everyone can have a different view of things.


  100. Hey, if you look this way you can make out a Hooters mirage over by that cactus!

  101. Alida Delport says

    Malema said that TOO?

  102. Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya. Rubber-mouth has finally got what was coming to him. Not only a court-order against him singing that ‘kill the boer’ song, but he’s also got his balls tied up with hanger wire by Jacob Zuma.

  103. we are not cock- eyed we’re owls with one leen, call us Ileen

  104. I told you am sober as a judge, *excuse the SA pun*, i can even tilt my head!

  105. walk with pride dear mate n keep your head to the side and your left foot up believe me ul get recognised!head up doesnt nomore..

  106. raphelav says

    1 leg stand Wow they work!!, Damn why didnt you tell me “stiff pills” have side effects

  107. My friend keep on doing that Parreira might just call you for bafana we do not have a world class striker.

  108. Kruxial28 says

    Look Ma! i can do a 360 degrees and still Kill for Zuma!

  109. errr, Chap! didn’nt Cele request stomach ins chests out?

  110. It still looks the same.

  111. uh!! just a little back ache

  112. ok i still dont understand how Mantwa cope with that drink.buuup!!!

  113. hei Bob, place not lekker!

  114. LOL. Being an owl does not make you wise automatically

  115. Oh dear not that again…. are u still going on about that parrot? Get over urself she was not even looking at you…

  116. Etienne Jacobs says

    What the hell is that thing?

  117. Etienne Jacobs says

    Kinda Looks like S.A Politics are headin dooooowwwwwwwnnnnnnn the drain! Gloep, Gloep, Gloep!

  118. Jacobus.met.n.J says

    Hey. Jerold. Is daai a fuggin camera?!

  119. 1. destiny’s child just ain’t the same with out beyoncé

    2. whddya think girl or guy

    3. i thought you said your mum was pretty

    4. all i gotta say is “been there tappad dat”

    5. erg i tnk that rabbit just gave me the “look”

    6. harold: whats up bro
    jim: MY WIFE -___________-
    harold: yeah i felt that too last night
    jim: wtf
    harold: oh look at that cloud. i must be off.

    7. harold: if i said i want your body would you hold it against me
    emma: NO!!

    8. harold: dude whats wrong??
    jim: eerrrrmmmm .. i may or may not have slept with ur wife
    harold:(cracking knuckles)

    9. harold: im gay
    jim: ok
    harold: your brother looks hot
    jim:if i had an extra leg i’d kick the crap outta you

  120. ooohhhhhhhh!!! so thats why mum said never to go to the adult section O_o

  121. Jim Walther says

    Somehow, I just seem to see things differently than you do!

  122. Melody Letford says

    Damn, girl, that skirt is short.

  123. I gonna Propose u !!!

  124. “well, sideways, he still looks like an asshole!”

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