Zuma hotline cartoon

Zuma hotline cartoon

Zuma Hotline – Who ya gonna call?

The Zuma Presidential Hotline was declared a success yesterday by President Jacob Zuma. Those answering the toll-free hotline calls were told by the presidency to “treat each case as if it was the only one, and to follow cases through until resolution”.

If you’d like to call the Zuma hotline, dial 17737 and let your voice be heard. The line has been set up to give South Africans a more direct way to report corruption and service delivery complaints at all government levels. Wonkie is expecting Pravin Gordhan will be investigating opportunities to outsource the local call center to a 20,000 person operation in India by next year.

On the subject of the new finance minister, Pravin Gordhan has undertaken to clean-up the South African government’s R80 billion procurement system. He has promised some radical action after the auditor-general recently reported that around R600,000,000 was lost last year due to tender rigging by around 2,000 civil servants. Wonkie certainly hopes that the fax-machine phenomenon – where R4,000 of tax-payer’s money was spent on acquiring fax machines anybody can pick up at Makro for R1,100 – will not continue for much longer.

In other news, Western Cape premier Helen Zille continued to relentlessly pursue the rather dodgy NPA decision to drop multiple corruption charges against then presidential candidate Jacob Zuma. Wonkie figures it’s probably important to make a point that nobody should be above the law but honestly wonders what is the point in this instance.


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  1. Oh! Zille, you don’t just give up, do you? JZ has reiterated yesterday that nobody is above the law, are you happy? The law of the played its justified role, of-course as expected, one part accepted and agreed to move on with the important issues affecting the country, while the other part is forever negative no matter what, one would ask why? Come people, let the sleeping dogs lie, and lie for good!

  2. Don`t procrastinate Zille but stick to your guns and see this case to its coclusion.

    Its important that Zuma`s wish to have his day in court must be fulfilled and if judgement is given in your favour then that`ll be it.If he has nothing to fear why has he not let justice take its course by not seeking to frustrate this case!

  3. Hi,
    Not for nothing has Mrs.Zille been recognised as one of the finest city managers in the world.She does not hide behind deceit and was voted into her position without a sordid background.In the Cape,the ANC proved their incapability to govern so the people voted them out.Who,in the world,after having seen Mr.Sheik convicted,can possibly believe that it was possible for our esteemed president,to not be tainted.He even had his lobbyists remove the possibilty of a trial.There is an enormous problem with this SA democracy and it is simply democracy,as exercised by majority rule,without the checks in place,I don’t think can work in Africa.
    The true ideal of democracy promises to exercise our highest capacities while it protects us from our worst tendencies.Education should play an ever increasing role in qualifying the electorate(in Athenian democracy,anyway) and the fact that an incompetent government comes to power on popularity almost entirely as a result of its’ electorates’ lack of educational capacity,leaves a frightening pprobability that the government,in knowing its’ electorate lack of education can make it believe it can do anything imperviously.Why should SA be any different to the rest of Africa ?
    To get back to Zille,she does what she believes to be right and she has the backing of a responsible electorate.She has been in senior governance for a good while and must be aware,fully,of the absolute injustice,of Mr Zumas’bypassing of the SA legal system,from many sources around her.It is my belief that Patricia De Lille would do the same.I believe them to be people,primarily,of principle.I simply cannot believe the same of our president because there has been too much smoke not to have been a fire.
    I don’t believe Mrs.Zille will be successful in her endeavours but I will defend her right to do so,absolutely.

  4. Jestaday-wheelyboy says


    It has been revealed by a reliable source based in the Canadian government that one, Mr Gatiepie Huntrey had applied for refugee status in Canada on the basis of being victimised by racist dogs in South Africa. His claims have been investigated and found to be true even though he had never reported any of the said incidents to the SA police, SPCA, Metro police or ANCYL.

    In his affidavit before the courts he stated that he could not return to South Africa for fear of being victimised by the millions of vicious dogs roaming the streets of the towns and cities. He confirmed that while he was working as a refuse sorter and salvager he often suffered unprovoked attacks on his person by these racist dogs just because of his skin colour.
    Gatiepie was adamant that the noise of his salvage vehicle and the verbal abuse hurled (with the intensity of Serena Williams abusing a linesman) at his common law wife, and the marauding dogs, did not provoke attacks of such intensity. He steadfastly denied that “jou ma se !@#!$%!#” “ was racist or against gender equality as laid down in the constitution but insisted that this was a form of greeting friends, women, enemies and dogs alike.
    It was put to the court that despite Mr Huntrey’s training in the martial arts, ability to swear in several languages, dexterity in jumping over and around his vehicle, and practice in hurling any available object in the direction of wives and dogs, he was constantly assaulted.

    It was further stated that he had made numerous telephone calls to the president on the new presidential hot line, (where the phone rang unanswered until he ran out of airtime). His many requests for audience before His Lordship, Mr Julius Mamparra had also been turned down, based on the fact that he only had one sex organ and therefore did not qualify for assistance, a new house or even R1000.00. He had had to flee his beloved country and seek asylum in the beautiful country of Canada. He ensured the court that he would be able to ply his trade, for which he had undergone a 5 year apprenticeship, without invoking the ire of the Canadian dogs. He would be able to start a new life without his wife and 6 children who all used to feed freely from his bottle of sandwiches and steal salvaged items from him while he rested in a self induced coma.

    The Canadian government were keen to welcome Mr Huntrey into their country even though one of the opposition members voiced their uncertainty on how Mr Huntrey was going to navigate the streets of the cities with his salvage vehicle in two feet of snow. Huntrey assured the member that with the correct brand of methylated spirits the vehicle could travel anywhere.

    The court now awaits evidence from the opposition who is presently in South Africa on a fact finding mission at the invitation of communist leader Mr Blade Indimandy. Mr Indimandy stated that their safety could be guaranteed in his new R1.1 million car. He said that this was a new brand of communism where the select few could buy luxury vehicles while the majority starved and lived in shacks. It was called “I didn’t join the ANC to be poor communism”.

    Finally, the Canadian government have requested that all Canadians congregate at the airports to welcome back any sports person or celebrity whether they are unisexual, bisexual, inter-sexual, male, female, or from same sex or mixed sex marriages. “We need to set the tone of impartiality even if it means phoning in a bogus sick report”.

    BEAVER———— Canada ———— BEAVER

    Gatiepie Rules 14-09-09

  5. First i want to thank my President and i am praying to God to help him all the times. Secondly i applay an RDP house 26-09-1996 till today my heart is broken i pay a lot of money back-yard room and the teatment is not okey if will you please help 1996 people first.

  6. @Nelson dude actions speak louder than words… you cant say this and that and do something completely different!

  7. Thapelo Mabelapoo says

    Prof Adam Habib have said after the report of NPA about Zuma saga that the report its straight forward and its carring creadible weight that any one will understand why they decided to drop the charges. I would have to say anyone who wants pursue this matter and waste tax payers money in court again its s*upid,

  8. This is Africa Matey! No African leader has to face the consequences of his crimes, nobody knows what to do about the corrupt African leaders. When Mugabe rants and rages everybody quivers, shakes their head and life goes on. Africa has been bad from the beginning of time, what will change now? The Zims have ruled themselves for the past 26 years and look at the mess they are in and still swearing at the whities! Show me a success story in Africa. Japan and Germany both lost the war, were bombed almost out of existence and pulled themselves up and are countries whose economies are world class. Why can’t Africans do the same? Too corrupt – just demand hand-outs all the time!

  9. Lets hope that MR President will achieve a lot from the calls he will get from the people,lets hope that he will not ignore all he will haer from the people.

  10. hotline or no hotline,we are still doomed the way i see it all this is another way for the anc to take us for a ride,as for JZ and Zille’s issue guess Zille should just forget and wait for the next elections.

  11. you know i just tried calling 17737 it’s not working at first it was engaged.
    so we have to try this number for hours or days to get help or i’m confused the hotline is not active yet.

  12. All I can say is, ‘I told you so. JZ is not an idiot like JM. He made promises before he was elected to President that he would not change the Constitution to ‘cover’ his emminent court case. Now what????? He lied to all of us, but, will he be able to face the overseas news reporters and lie to them again, with a straight face.

  13. Herman the German says

    If leadership shows integrity and sets positive examples in personal life and
    professional conduct, there would be no need for watch women on the walls of government and local authorities. So we need a ZILLE to keep the pressure
    on on behalf of the underdogs and the silent majority.

  14. hhay kona!!Can somebody organise an ambassadorial post for Zille in Canada or somewhere in those boring countries? please, please Im fed up with this never ending garbage of hers

  15. I am sure Zille has good intentions with her relentless pursuit of the issue with the NPA and the President’s charges withdrawal. My only concern or question is whether she is doing this to keep herself busy, a personal issue between her and the president which I don’t know or she posses evidence or believes that there is concrete evidence that the president is guilty and should do time behind bars.



    i read in the raaport yesterday that afrikaans people was complaining that when they call the hotline to complain or complament hey press the afrikaans opsion but gets help in english .im an afrikaans call centre agent working for eskom the past 3 years i will be greatfull to help customers in afrikaans please get back to me my cell num is

  18. dover thuthelo says

    you can see for yourself that the president is serious about the delivery,after 15 years not even a single person who has come out about this.that shows that the president is ready to meet every one and the enemies too.the president is the man of his own words.and i support it as long as it is going to meet the requirements of the people,and adress the views of the people by the people

  19. Its a waste of tume to expect any positivew response from this blog except where one raises issues that are being discussed by the ruling party.

  20. It’s funny to question the motive behind Zille’s actions. I am a South African who trully believe in the CONSTITUTION of the country. It is clearly stated that everyone accused of wrongdoing should have their day in court.

    If Zuma is innocent why did he go to court on 31 occasions on trying to stop the case to just go to court.

    Are all that blind???

  21. It’s funny to question the motive behind Zille’s actions. I am a South African who trully believe in the CONSTITUTION of the country. It is clearly stated that everyone accused of wrongdoing should have their day in court.

    If Zuma is innocent why did he go to court on 31 occasions on trying to stop the case to just go to court.

    Are you all that blind???

  22. thanks for the effort, i take it as a preveledge to have a toll-free number for our presidant so that we can able to report any corruption arround us like the one that most of us ignore it the missuse of government transport as well as exchange of work with sex by manengers (basical in females)

  23. whites are making all these noises about zuma`s informal education but they had an informally educated President in the form of Paul Kruger.;

    The difference of course was that Kruger was a president for the country and not for a party and he did not conme into government to popularise and enrich himself but to rule to prevent outaside threats from creeping in.

  24. On whether premier hellen zille’s pursuit on NPA decision to squash zuma’s case makes sense,my answer morally and legally is “YES” . In principle every person who has an an interest in any matter may follow that matter. Hellen Zille is very much a south african and it is by that virtue that she has an interest. whether such follow-up will bring us benefit or not is open for debate. why i am saying this, we dont know what proof she has,where will it get us to etc. therefor in the midst of such ignorance it is therefor very wrong for the jury to say ‘NO sense’ inconsiderate of what proof she might be having. True south africans feel the pain of being short-changed in the manner in which arms deal transaction was handled. The natural sense is that if your interest is @ stake you will always keep your eyes open and where there is doubt you will want clarity.

  25. Specifically for Mr Nkutu,
    i would like to apologies without reservations for any troubles i put you through.i am really sorry if i said anything very wrong to you that warrants you giving me the so-called lessons. The saying goes,it is for human to err and forgiven is divine.

  26. Mr President I would like to know why the people of Soweto are not paying their electricity rates whereas we people at other cities are paying and we also the people of South Africa,I really think this is not fair,please help me to understand because I have prove of this

    I thank you

  27. Nthabiseng Maleke says

    There are a lot of these complaints and service delivery protests in the Northern Cape across the board i.e. From hospitals, clinics, schools, public sectors, etc.

    Iam a 33 year old woman, Working as a senior sales executive.The company that i work for is 100% black owned called Via vista call centre Solutions.We have been trying to educate our goverment departments about Contact Centres and how they can help them, but it all falls on deaf ears and some of the department dont even respond to our request to do presentations.What is sad is more than 60 staff members will have to face a black Christmas because we are about to close the doors of the contact centre.Our keen knowledge of the contact centre industry has helped us develop a solution that could have answeredthe needs of the Northern Cape goverment departments.Our solution would have allowed them to Increaseproductivity, Reduce operating costs,Increase Customer Satisfaction and improved and increased accessibility. The Contact Centre function is for whistle blow against corruption , maladministration, lazziness etc and the only place where all this are happening is in Government buildings, so intergrity, objectivity is in question.Any advise will help just to keep our doors open and provide jobs to the youths of the Northern cape.

    My contact numbers 0765613671 in case you want to contact me because we are operating until end of November 2009.Please help us.

  28. I am unable to get a reply on the Zuma hotline no. of 17737, it sounds as though it has been disconnected? Can anyone help me?

  29. i just want to praise the president for the effort and hard work in order to achieve one goal i say excellent work

  30. the DA is here to protect white interest nothing else they dnt care about the lives of blacks and but you stil find black who vote for them

  31. i want the president to assit us who are unemployed we have qualifications when we apply in goverment there is no respond where are we going to work if the country system is rejecting us and we are more that qaulify it bothers me alot because we dont want to do crime and we have skills that can help our country to grow economical and social help us msolozi

  32. Gerald Harrison says

    Is Mr Zuma aware that the Dept. of Education in KZN’s computer system has been “down” for the last 48 hours ? On the day that Matric results were released!! My son’s Matric results from Maritzburg College, have been “lost in the system”…..the only one out of 119 learners who wrote Matric 2009 at the school!!! WHAT A DISGRACE !!!

  33. I am in the U.S.A. How do I really get in touch with President Zuma. I can create lasting jobs for him in S. Africa and help solve the water and sanitation problem.

    [contact details removed for security reasons]

  34. Honerable President of the Republic I hereby submit a humle request to you, please come and visit Paterson in Eastern Cape and the conditions in which the people are living under, they are so apoling, since the liberation of 19194 people have been living with no running water and there are shoping centres people travells to PE which is 68 KM from paterson. please do something President. Yours combrade in arms Vukile Menze [contact details removed for security reasons]

  35. godd day

    please i cannot get thru to the hotline it sounds out of order
    can anybody please asissist . i must speak to the Presendent inconection with a
    education claim.

  36. Especialy to you Lux. I read your writting and I think your missing a point in this whole saga. Helen has no proof or anything on JZ, she want the court to pursuede NPA to continue with the case, not that she wants to take the case in her hands. But realy how do you pursuede people doesnt want to take the case further. Even if she goes to court and she win the case for NPA to take the case further NPA will simply go back to court and say we find the case to be unwinnable so we cannot go futher with the case and no judge or magistrate can force NPA to find more evidence. She waits her precious time she should be campaining for the next elections deciving black people.

  37. Cecilia Odendal says

    My husband & I adopt a baby girl. We want to baptize her at our church, but we need the re-name “birth certificate” in order to do so. We work through an adoption agency and they help us a lot. They inform me today that 1- we need to get the court order. 2- Register her new name. Wait for the certificate and re apply for her new surname. That can take up to 2 years. Please help that we can baptize our child and have a normal live for our family?

  38. it seems that the anc and their cronies (ancyl) are raping our country and will make themselves so rich that the poor will receive handouts from them and vote for these people(i really would like to use a harsh word) again and again……………

  39. I want to make it clear that the govt is corrupt . At Bara Hospital the unions are the ones thats hiring people, what they do is to bring their own relatives, if your not a relative you pay for the job, since when is like that cause HR is the one who suppose to hire. This system is not good at all. The CEO must think about this.

  40. I stay in Botshabelo, Free State, late last year we were convened to a meeting a lacal gov councilor a@ J Section regarding the demolition of old two rooms which were build by stones and promised to be afforded with well secured 4 roomed houses that shall give digtinty to us poor black community! to our suprised we saw a houe build with white cudboard being erected and given as a sumple to us. the question is how can the gov in a first place come with that to us while we expected houe build on bricks, is this an insult to us or to u black leaders to the whites who ensured that every house hold of a white is well build and secured for any storms. I appeal to your office to stop this becasue it it not a better service delivery,but and insult! even the stoned build three rommare better than what Makgashule and his group are doing to us! so can you please come and intervene although i heared that some people refused those housed but someone on the radio said that more than thousand so called houes will be build in Botshabelo. we support our govement effort to uplift the living standard of us poor balck people, but not expect to be insulted by what your goverment is doinr to us, we need proper housese build with bricks, not this! please sent someone or yourself Mr Presiden to see what i’m talking about. The house is at Botshabelo J Section long street where buses operate! I hope u will find my plea reaching your attention on behalf of the poorest who do not know on how to speak with their govement they trust so much. i thank you!

  41. It seems like working by the rules of the law in this country and following the right procedures of communicating with government doesn’t help not even a bit,all you will get is letters of promises which will never be delivered. and our community of ramogodi has been getting that since 2007 for the problem of service delivery ,i myself has quit fighting to get service because nothing has changed ever since until now. it is 2010 but here it feels and looks like 1809 , the roads are muddy , no proper housing or even drainage and toilet system but yet this place has been existing for more than 100 years. and once people take this to the streets we will look bad in the eyes of government yet forgetting that we had done everything in the right way and got ignored. ramogodi is just around pretoria not even 30minutes drive from pretoria ,so all we asking is proper attention so that we can live like other people one like pigs like we do now THANK YOU..

  42. Thanks for the effort, I take it as a priviledge to have a toll- free number to Our President so that we can report corruption arround us like the favouritism and bribery. I need an invesitigation at Local Government and Traditional Affairs (North West Province) employees who had long in the Government Service have been removed from the structure and replaced by the new employees. The posts were never advitised. They have given higher levels and they know nothing about the work. Die Ou knap are suppose to train them ,they do not even have persal to work on the system , they are paid huge salaries for doing nothing. Deputy Director HRA called us Die Ou knap. Is it possible to train or teach your supervisor the work?. How is she or he going to assess her/his subodinates. We are working under pressure, we are victimised, we are threatened, we do’nt enjoy the work, we are not happy, I plead please come to our rescue before things become worse

  43. with or without tol-free, he and his admin are just doomed failures and he knows and everyone does. his problems: does not apply his mind [he is being micro-managed by SACP & COSATU], he is supposed to stand out as a president of the people of south africa and show us his worth because by always saying ANC this and ANC that it is tantamount to being a yes boy taking directions from certain bodies. his leadership style is just boring ,lacks vision and sense of ownership because if leadership is about taking oders and implementing them like he is doing it means even a grade R kid can be president otherwise who can fail to cut and paste. He is unable to deal with corruption within his party by his people instead he institutionalizes it by politically appointing his cronies. say something about lack of services he is quick to cal you a boy who demands inthe morning and expect inthe afternoon[City Press dated 23/05/2010]. He is quiet about R500 million FIFA gave Safa and ambushed is by the likes of his son in law,Irvin Khoza,Nathi Mthethwa,Tokyo Sexwale,the whole Vavi etc. but really if you are a real leader,you must have said sumthing by now. we have qualifications instead you hire unqualified people,is that leadership? you are lucky Mr President in that you know what good lie to tel a person and people believe you. u really shocked me sometime ago after your inarguration you visited Tembisa and u made people to submit their problems to you and in response you just said” u never thought the are people suffering like that and promise them that the solution is there in you” till then u disappeared but one thing is for sure GOD is watching! what is the point of reaching-out and lying to people.Zuma is a captive by his ANC and alliance people and he will remain a lame duck. after al wat does he know… compare him with The honourable Thabo Mbeki,a thinking tank who decides and owns up. I wish Zuma and his admin can just swallow their pride and egos inthe interest of the people of south africa and ask for advice from the best. No doubt,hate me or whatever, history will always write Thabo Mbeki right even Mandela knows that Thabo is/was smart. i ,however wish Zuma and his admin good luck,Once again,GOD IS WATCHING!

  44. Amos Madonsela says

    Racism it still the order of the day Dunnottar primary school when applying for registration of children,they clasified children according to their races.With me I applied for my grandson at the school they required me to produced gurdian status documents for my grandson I pleaded with them to submit the affidavit I was told to go to Zuma by the Principal because he is making things difficult for everyone.My worry is that this words come from the mouth of the Principal when I asked him whom is he serving he called the Police for me is it fair to get such a service at the school

    thank you [contact details removed by moderator]

  45. maria mnisi says

    what happeng about the hotline, it is not working.

  46. My mother applied for a RDP house, date:12/11/1998, it has been 12 years since she had applied, I hereby checking if really this is the kind of services we should get a resident of the coyntry, may you please hand over this question to relevant “Human settlement Department” to follow up, my mother is staying in Middelburg in Mpumalanga, for more details you can contact e-mail me on [email removed for security reasons]

  47. Please i have a complain with Ekhuruleni Municipality we rendered a service for them around October last year 2009 since then they havent payed us when ever we go there they say it will be paid but nothing happening please check with their finance department in Benoni find out whats happening if its insuffiencie with the department they must hire poeple who are qualified to do that not still with poeple who cannot do their work properly i am tired of going there every time nothing happening i am thinking of reporting these to 702.

  48. I need help, I am a pastor and one of my members (old woman – pensioner) was evicted from her house including her husband, children & grand children by certain people who claim to have been paying the house via a bank. The house was bought cash and nothing is outstanding. Please assist

  49. I have a complain i register for RDP house since 1999 even now i am still waiting they say my name is not in their Data base. I am not working and I am physically disable i am tired of paying rent because the disability grant is not enough to pay rent, food and clothes. I’ve got two children to look after with this grant please assist.


  51. Jackie Padayachee says

    Dear Mr President
    I hope you fulfill your promises of free education for all. The model c schools charge parents a phenomenal rate but the education is of poor quality. The that represent parents at SGB Level, forget laerners ae the priority. Every meeting is on how the shool educators can bebefit from the learners school. the learner and what can done for thier upliftment is never discuaaed. I have been a member of an SGB, But iam failing to protect the learner . The gde cannot assist with information, and it is becoming increasily frustrationg to deal with staff that know nothing or maybe just lazy to assist . I had to call a number of times , spoke to a number of people, but still no information. Who can i liase with to get clarity and confirmation on how to deal with ny current challendges. Please suplly a contact number at the GDE.

    M r Prseident when possible i would really appreciate some of your time, i know you’ll understand as your inaugeration speech spoke volumes. I am tired of watching the future learners become a ziltch in society as the very foundation that should be strenghtened by the current system is exploited for their own bebnfits.

    Kind regards,


  52. I am young Business woman , I am struggling to get Jobs/ Tenders from Government Department ,i have supplier numbers,as we are Black Business owners we are very struggling for Capital or Business assets,siyavuka sizenzele but kunzima ikati lele eziko. we need help Mr President,I don’t want to see my x to another Party alike ANC! If i get resources and Jobs how people and lifes i save, or employee them. mayisike inimba kunzima.I Really Need Help My Business Based in Eastern Cape .

  53. Xolani Hugh Gidigidi says

    Hi i would like to have a meeting with President Jacob Zuma and Minister Sbu Ndebele, i have formed a strategy to be able to tax the taxi industry.i find very unfare that a person who erns R500 a week gets taxed buy people who make more than R500 a day does not get taxed.The strategy ive form the gorvement will make millions a yr.My contact number is 0743102555

  54. I,m a qualified staff nurse who is unemployed,have been applying in different government hospitals&cant find a post.I,m surprised as shortage of nur Pses is a song in our hospitals.Mr President pls help.Thanx.

  55. alina sepako says

    HI I would like to meet with president zuma.

    We have are problem with the police and the magistrate of prorea court, because they are busy evicting us on our houses now I’m on the street please help us mr president ALIUNA FROME NALEDI [contact details removed by moderators]

  56. Karen Usswald says

    I have been trying the presidents hotline for days and due to extremely high call volumes I can not get through. I have been unemployed for 8 months now and can not get my uif benefits paid to me. Firstly they worked my credits incorrectly then they only paid me effective 16 March when it should have been February when I applied however my U19 states unemployed effective 10 Dec 2010 – I could not apply as my company would not issue a U19. I then did two weeks election work for IEC and UIF stopped my benefits and are claiming money back from me. I have been paid in total R11 000 and have received nothing since 27 May. I am a single mother with 2 children and am destitute – can someone assist with this complete mess, logic tells me that due to being unemployed for 8 MONTHS, ALL my benefits are due to me. I have been diligently paying for 6 years but when I want my money they won’t pay it.

  57. I would like to know who can i speak to with regard like you feel unfair treatment from the institution.I am doing diploma this year and i applied for B-Tech next year and they tell me i don’t qualify because i don’t have the results yet, i must wait until i have my result first and 2012 can apply for 2013 which to me doesn’t sound fair.I am a desperate student who want pursue further her studies next year. Thank you.

  58. Rhulani Mathonsi says

    Dear Mr President

    I am a lady of 28 years from Limpopo in Malamulele area at Saselamani village. I am writting this am in a bus coming from home to Johannesburg because that is I am working right now, It came into my attention that people from the villages are suffering not sure because we based at the villages not township. We living in a dusty area which increase the high rate of TB in our areas, we push wheelbarrow for some kilometers to fetch water and we don’t have malls or complexes to buy groceries from. Our children s education is very poor a grade 12 student can’t even make an english sentence. The police publick services is very poor I had 2 break in at my house where my 12 years daughter got stabed in the incident and when we call the police for help there was no response and my mum opening of case was decline because nothing was taken but a person s life was at risk even now we haven’t heard anything. We living in a rural areas we can’t run away from that , but isn’t possible for us to live urban life in a rural areas, we get access to social workers, psychiatric, marriage counselors and we educate people about life right. I know its upon us to help ourselves but living in an area like this where education and information is limited where do I start who do I tell. We need help Papa, we also want tire road in our villages, running water and sewages.

    Thank you will appreciate if I can be assistant regarding this matter

  59. Pls Mr President help us,i cant find a job ,rdp house, no income.i am sruggling to put food on the table for my kids. iam 35 years old ,matriculated,but no work.help me

  60. Dear Mr President,I see you are doing a great job for all the South Africans.Mr Zuma we are very disappointed by the landlords,we pay lot of money for rent but they treat us like we are staying for free.Firstly i am unemployed but i make all the means to pay rent money.Pls help us to get rdp houses is better to pay rent to the goverment than paying someone who is treating us like dogs.Pls goverment help us we cant find jobs the employers said we are over age,what must we do because we cant get grant at my age,I am 35 years old.

  61. Good day,I have two issues,1-Can the gorvernment start regulating the Garnishee orders,companies just collide with your employer and large amounts are taken from your salary without your consent,whether you owe those people or not,its not right,not fair,2-Housing,I m a police officer,I don’t qualify for a bond house,at the same time I don’t qualify for an RDP house,must I rent forever?

  62. Constance Nkabinde says

    Iam a Diepkloof citizen who applied for RDP house since 1998, the house has not yet been issued since then, people who applied after me are already getting their houses. I just asking for help.

  63. MR NDWANDWE says

    I am 3nd year 19 year old student studying B Admin at the university of the free state and this year I won’t study because of Financial constrains. please help me so I would finish my degree like any ather student and change the situation back home please. [contact details removed by moderators]

  64. I think the municipalities at the villages they take advantage about the people thet don’t give them services and in case of awarding tenders you will find 1 person or company 6 payments being made to him allways he is the one who wins tenders in Phokwani municipality us as youth and smme’s we get nothing when are we gona get chance we are South Africans its our rite, we need to be upgraded [contact details removed by moderators]

  65. Itumeleng Modikwane says

    I want to report the corruption that is going on in the company that Iam working for they have changed the companys name three times sinces I have been the and its for only 7years firstly it was Light-be street light maintanace and it was managed by James Jooste,Antonette Niemand,Gustav Kritzinger and Tatolo Hebert Leepile secondly they chaged to be Trumper Trading with same management as above and now is Light-Be Lighting managed and is managed by Gustav Kritzinger,Anthony Hawley and Harry Fouche this just to show how white business men are fronting black people for BEE money just to get themselves rich and they doing for us as black people,I have been there for the past 7years and we have been asking them for skills development they saying NO but they make us to sighn the equity act forms from Labour Department PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE HELP US this people are our BEE money try to stop them cause when they approuch you they tell you lies PLEASE HELP Companys Name:Light-Be Lighting Address:26 Van eck street Chamdor Krugersdorp PLEASE HELP [contact details removed]

  66. maluleke oscar says

    make Giyani college a full scale universi
    make shingwedzi college a full scale FET
    please my honourable President

  67. xolile audrey says

    Mr president i SA citizin i was born on the 29|06|1984 last year i apply for my first passport i was told my passport is block because i was married with the somebody i did new they sky to send a certifae cop of id with affidafied i did saw but when i go to the homeaffiase the tell me that is still under invistigatio it now a year i’m not get help at the home affairs saw plz sir help me

  68. sir i have a problem with the law of S.A when my dad went to prison , he paid is time for his crime. But while in prison they almost killed him so where are those guys now and what happened to the case against them its is from 2009 that the hotline team was investigating this indecent till now nobody called or even bothered to say whats going on with this case. can you perhaps assist .

  69. khulekani ndlovu says

    The Hon president

    am hereby to pass my comment to our Hon. president am living in the semi-rural area at Hermannsburg between kranskop and Greytown. my concern is the community had proposed that they want the school in the other section of Hermannsburg that will be the primary because many kids were raped and killed along the way to Hermannsburg combined school that is about +- 10 kilometres and department of education approved that request the problem is the site, but there is 364 hectors that government bought it from the missionary and it is now owned by the trustees who are the community members and on 17/03/2013- 78 beneficiaries who were invited by department of land affairs official Mr B. Zulu they official agreed to donate the land for the school site only five members who are executive send the court interdict on 18/04/2013 that stop the whole process of the school and department of education had gave us three months to sort these matter and we are only left with one month .

    I appeal to the Hon. President J.Z. Zuma to help us it urgently our future leaders are loosing hope for the new school that supposed to be build a R11 million school with all facilities

    Yours faithfully
    Khulekani Ndlovu (CDW) Cogta
    [Personal details removed by moderators]

  70. Penelope says

    Dear President

    I want to report a man who doesn’t pay his stuff in time, when he does he gives them short salary payments. He threatens to fire anyone who dares to complain, he also says he is well known at CCMA and Department of Labour because he pays the officials. He says he is untouchable and for the record he is a member of the “ANC”

    My inferences are that people have families to feed, rent and fees to pay yet the management threaten them using their engagement to the ruling party and bribing of government officials. I find it disturbing and it sets a bad image to the ANC . I would appreciate it if I receive feedback from you . What the guys at Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel have to endure is rather painful and it need intervention .

  71. What about the people from municipality taking some tender and frond with some one and people must work for 7month with emtystomach without any payment.this is a crime guys help


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