Mo Shaik secret service cartoon

Mo Shaik secret service cartoon

Nobody knows what Mo Shaik knows!

Wonkie is no stranger to intelligence information. In case you were wondering why president Jacob Zuma was calling for Mo in the previous Mo Shaik cartoon, you would have received your answer a few days ago with Siyabonga Cwele’s announcement that Mo is going to be the new head of South Africa’s secret service.

Needless to say all opposition parties threw up their arms in disbelief claiming it is nothing more than a chummy-chummy partisan appointment to repay favours from the good ol’ days. These are not dissimilar to the claims that Mo’s brother, convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik was inappropriately let off on medical parole following Mr Zuma’s election to the presidency earlier this year.

State Security Minister Cwele said, “[Mo Shaik] served in the international underground structures of the ANC in Natal” and that “his duties involved collection and analysis of intelligence at the coal face.”

What do you think about Mo Shaik's new job as SA Head of Secret Service?

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  1. The president obviously trusts Shaik to keep the secrets hence making him head of secrete services. I wonder what else must we expect.

  2. I would like to know the shoe size of the President?

  3. Dalisu Mdakane says

    Come on guys, we mustn’t judge people according to their associations but about what they did and know. Regardless of what Shabir did, we who were involved those days knows what the Shaik Brothers were capable of.

    Thumbs up for the appointment.

  4. Mo has been discredited along with Mac in falsely accusing an Mbeki loyalist of being an apartheid spy. Its pay back time .

  5. Amazing Inteligence! His brother Shabir ‘s company is still supplying our drivers lic. cards at about 400% profit! That is to ensure Zuma’s commission. Looks like we have some circular operations going on between the Zumas en and the Shake-Shaiks!

  6. This is just an ordinary doing from our Strange Govrnment lead by Association of National Criminals (ANC), This is there because of South Africans who believing that entrepreneurial leaders as today, not the previous Political Leaders for that matter,are speaking truth when they are speaking loud,without understanding what they are saying to then ,and not understanding that they are driven by sentiment other than logic. Nisazozwa Kusazo baba u chillies.

  7. Mo obviously is not fault-less. Presidential appointments need to be convincing. But any president needs to surround him/herself with trustees.

  8. This what the masses voted for, so they deserve it all

  9. I would not be surprised if the opposition parties call for the AWB leader to be in place of Mo. How naive they can be. It makes me wonder even more why people would support an opposition party while the majority of people support the ANC. Well, they aint seeing nothing yet.

  10. Welcome to Africa! Might is right, right?

  11. reminds me of dirty underwear

  12. The country is slipping into the african mould, don’t waste any time on mentioning how destructive it will be to the people, just go with the flow and let the anc freeloaders steal and ruin everything.

  13. Africa is in the hands of barbarians

  14. I think Mo is even more relevant to occupy that vacant post. Msholozi i know verywell that even if i was not told or consulted that he has has consulted with all relevant structures that he need to. Msholozi is a consulting man, thats why we like him, consultation is a very sharp weapon in south african politics.

    you can invite me to your discussion topics in future.

    sele mothibi
    [contact details withheld for security reasons]

  15. ee yoo!! yoo!! yoo!!

  16. Mo (nogals M) M for mess, what a mess our country is in and this is just the beginning of the worse. The Patel guy being moved into place, this country will be run by a certain sect and unions, what a pity, we see and know what is happening yet there is not much that we can do. This people is just plundering anything and everything, it’s all fast becoming a South Africa; country of decay, rot and corruption.

  17. Payback time and the brothers are there to collect. What fancy car this time round? VW Citi Golf would be appropriate and more inconspicious for Mo. First World se voet – the masses voted and we now must all k– and betaal. They need to suffer some more to have their eyes opened.

  18. good boy what a good decision by our president. viva anc viva. let Africans lead the Country and show those who doesn’t want to be lead.

    sele mothibi 073 1768712

  19. Until there’s some kind of international police force imposing and enforcing laws in all countries – which is probably the last thing some people want – you’re going to have absurdities like Mo Shaik being intelligence head and his fraudster brother driving beamers, buying balloons and put-putting away on golf courses. Not to mention a bouquet of other absurdities.

  20. I say all you parasites who ‘made’ Mo head of secret service, your time’s up. Seriously, think! Sanity against stupidity.

  21. Herman the German says

    Like breeds like! We’re heading to the final division between light and darKness.
    Those that are corrupt get more corrupt. Those who are honest will be more
    honest. Thank God that there are also upright people in the ANC, the Police,
    the Courts and the Councillors.

  22. Where are wegoing, does anyone know please. we have gone wonkers and there is no stop. Next will be Kwa-Zulu Natal brak-away and form an independent state like Swaziland and Lesotho.

  23. coppers kia says

    Zuma let Shaik off because he knew too much and Zuma was scared that he would spill the beans. The whole bloody lot are corrupt.

  24. Just watch for the reaction from foreign investors. SA will be stuffed as more and more overseas investors shun this country due to all the couruption and fiddles going on

  25. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Everybody…..shhhhhh! PLEASE! Don’t tell a soul! I have not committed ANY acts of fraud, corruption, rape, or anything else. Please, please keep it to yourselves. I could be in jail before today is up if ANY of you opens your mouth! I promise I’m trying real hard; it is my DREAM to become Head of Intelligence or even State President.

  26. president Zuma did the right thing to appoint Mo to that sentive position.Those who desagree with the appointment must jump in to ocean. Shairk brothers have good and bad. Then who are we to jurge them? Thumbs up for Mo.

  27. David I agree with you “The country is slipping into the african mould, don’t waste any time on mentioning how destructive it will be to the people, just go with the flow and let the anc freeloaders steal and ruin everything.” This is Africa indeed! They don’t know any other way to govern always jobs for pals and get richer and richer and the common folk like us get poorer and poorer.

  28. Mo got a lot of stuff on Zuma and others. Give him a chance and watch him pull the strings, Yo Aint Ceen Nothing yet!!

  29. Abe Alexis says

    Wink! Wink! He is going to remove every possible link or evidence that ties JZ to the arms deal, savvy? When is finished we will not even know his name. He will be Mr President. He does not need to adressed as anything or anyone else.

  30. Nkutu William Moalosi says

    Wonkie, I have read through the postings on the cartoon about Mo Shaik, and some of the comments are very objective and honest, but others are way out to see wrong in anything and everything that this government is doing. The question one should ask is; IS IT BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT IS BLACK? OR IS IT BECAUSE SOME FEW INDIVIDUALS ARE SCARED OF A DEMOCRATIC STATE? OR ARE SOME INDIVIDUALS PAINTING THE SHAIK FAMILY WITH THE SAME BRUSH? OR FINALLY ARE SOME PEOPLE YEARNING FOR THE RETURN OF THE DARK APARTHEID YEARS? Let all those who see everything wrong in this administration or even the administrations since the advent of democracy in South Africa, wake up from their slumber and seriously forget that ‘THAT CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY’ [which was not supported by all white South African compatriots], the equal of FASCISM, will never be allowed to reign again. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Everyone of the negative commentators are just spectators and curse themselves that they did not use them being advantaged and grab the opportunities that Apartheid offered them – all the lucrative jobs; best education; best hospitals; even the best cemeteries, and one wonders if any of their dead ever entered heaven. I believe in objective criticism, not criticism for the sake of criticizing. I plead, for Wonkie’s sake, that we, the contributors, should soberly address the issues or cartoons that he brings forth, I hope and think he wants vibrant and constructive discussions, which will help us jointly to play our active role in leading this country. Point of clarity – Lesotho never broke away from the present democratic South Africa. King Moshoeshoe I, asked for protection from the British Empire against the marauders of the Voortrekkers and it was declared an independent state, just like the present Botswana and the Kingdom of Swaziland. Let us please go back to the correct history books, these countries are not Bantustans, which were created by Apartheid.

  31. Nkutu William Moalosi.

    Did you read something that offended you? We must apologise. The computer and internet were invented by white men sadly. Therefore, whatever is seen on the internet and your flickering VDU must be Apartheid?

    Do you and your “brothers”, “comrades” and whatever never,ever realise that was was in the past is actually in the past and CANNOT be rectified? Do you ever think that you might wake up tomorrow which is the present and NOT 1976? The TRC was just a token gesture at resolving this crap.

    All communities have crosses to bear. It’s such a pity that even now, 15 years after “liberation”, majority rule is still not good enough. It’s still the white mans fault. Like Tanzania, like Kenya, like Congo. All the black man can do is bitch and moan. But, we must remember, in a tribal background, the black man does not work. The black woman does all the work. I suggest you get off your arse and lead the way forward. I might even vote for you. And, do us all a favour, wear my shoes or your wife’s shoes for a few days. You might even see the sun…I would like you to put this in Mbekis pipe and smoke it. It WILL taste bitter. Because you can’t handle it.

  32. Factuality says

    So who is surprised? Need we ask when Shabir Shaik will be appointed
    a seat in Parliament?
    This country is spiralling downwards. Every city complains, how their suburbs are turning into slums. Look at Hillbrow in Johannesburg a classic example of what is happening throughout our country.

  33. Factuality says

    When you vote for government with your head in the sand like an Ostrich, this is what you get. So be satisfied with what you voted for.
    Should you continue voting like an Ostrich, then comon sense (which Ostriches don’t have) must tell you that it’s simply going to get worse. Welcome to the new carbon copy of the rest of Africa.

  34. Let the people give Mo his chance to show the nation what he has at hand & we will, therefore, judge him on basis of his performance. Zuma can not choose people who are not his loyalists to serve in the most critical positions of his government.

  35. So Sad, So Sad,
    Cry My Beloved Country , For You Own People , Are tearing you apart..
    ….. Is this the Only Way You Will learn…
    Miss led Buy false Promises and hopes .
    And For those that Voted Them in –> The so called A.N.C , perhaps we should call them By The Meaning of the name … “Another Nation Corrupted ”

    You all Should be So Ashamed !!

    It’s will be just a matter of Time, before the Devil Himself will Walk This Land.. And he will sing .. “I Like This Place, I think I will Call it home ”
    So I Say..
    “It’s far better to stand alone, and to stand up for what is Good and right”
    Than be in a Pack of Dancing savages, baying for greed and corruption.
    Such a Shame that so many are easy misled, By Glamour and greed.
    Wake Up South Africa, Before It’s Too Late!!!

  36. Sometimes politics are confusing really but we poor people are suffering a lot politics is a dirty game but in the grass root we are dying of hungry.

  37. Politics sometimes are confusing really,politics is a dirty game and also know that if you are a politian you are a liar thats all.

  38. not amazed says

    Now Mo Shaik can pay back Jacob Zuma by investigating everyone who is against the ANC. A very clever set up

  39. Gideon Gerber says

    Mo and more idiotic inappropriate appointments of quasi-criminals will follow since Jacob Zuma has got less brains than a monkey’s ass and the morals of a one-day old circus pig. Everything was always about him and always will be.
    Mo, which is short for moertoe will support him to do what he do best. To make Mo and Mo huge Fuckups and send mo taxpayers money in its mo in.

    Shaik is the name, Mo Shaik. DR NO (JZ), appointed me and I am ON HIS MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE. Top Secret: I was joined by a colleague, OCTOPUSSY, (not her real name) but she is FOR MY EYES ONLY. Confidently, she was THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. We both have a LICENCE TO KILL and keep a GOLDEN EYE on the villains (whites). In the old days we received loads of AK47’s and bombs, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, which created a THUNDER BALL during the struggle. Since 1994 we had our fingers in the state’s cookie jar. That was definitely to our advantage as we all have GOLD(EN) FINGER(S) now and have full control over the state’s coffers, kept at CASINO ROYALE. (code name) We also have interests, with Dr No, in the DRC and Angola. As the saying goes: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.
    My brother Shabir, was concerned that YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE – the good life and then jail life. It scared THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of him. He was proven wrong as a 15 year jail sentence actually meant 15 days. He was very happy to rather DIE ANOTHER DAY.
    THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH for us. With new technology such as MOONRAKER, (code name) we will also concur the universe With a VIEW TO KILLl, it will be done better from outer space.
    We have also adopted a new strategy called LIVE AND LET DIE. Do you think we are really concerned about the black masses – its all about ourselves. I have said to Madiba, on my first assignment: NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN.. The masses might intrepid it to be aimed against them, as they have not received houses and services yet.
    Recently, Cele was appointed as Police Commissioner. On my recommendation, he was given a GOLDEN GUN, which fitted his cowboy style very well. This is in anticipation of his imminent golden handshake.
    And yes, I do like my Martini SHAIK(EN) NOT STIRRED !!

  41. Nkutu William Moalosi,

    Your rewasoning, if one can call it reasoning, tells me that you must be black as well as a supporter of this A.N.C. Circus, well if you can call it a circus, maybe we should rather refer to it as another circle as africans reason in circles – everything they ever came up with, was a circle; cilrcular houses, circular thinking, and circular history – just strange, with all these circle’s around, they never saw the wheel in it!
    But now to get back to MO Shaik-Shake, let me inform you about the only BIG SEGRET Mo knows….it is not pay-back time for Zuma, as it is the Shaik-Shake’s who still have the “gavament-contract” to print your driver’s lisence at aprox. 800% profit! Everytime you have to renew your “drivaz-lisence” every 5 years, at least R100 of the cost is split between Zuma and his friend Shabir Shaik-Shake!

    O, another thing, yes, you are right, I hate the ANC “gavament” of yours because it is black, and I hate whatever is black, because whatever is black, is also corrupt and useless!If blackness dit not point to something corrupt and useless, I would have no problem with a black “gavament”.

    To be honest, I still have to make up my mind and decide wich is the most branless idiots on this planet, the englishspeakers or the blacks! You see, the englishspeakers pretend to like you blacks, but it is only because they know that with a corrupt black “gavament” in place, they can steal whatever africa has, for a R50 gift given under the table!

    Anyway, now you know why MO Shaik-Shake is head of the secret service, to keep the driver’s lisence sectret from fools like you so you don’t wake up and get angry!

  42. Factuality,

    May I ask you one question; did you vote “YES” in 94 when that boldheaded de klerk of mandela asked you to do so? If your answer is yes, you are one of the inventors of the “Ostrich-wisdom!” This mis what most these proud black idiots don’t know yert, they believe it was a so called “strugle” that gave them a vote ( this is all they got out of this circus – and today most of them should realise they were better of without that vote! heh-heh-heh!!! ) while it was in fact a bunh of ostriches who were led by “Markinor se navorsing het getoon meeste mense gaan “JA” stem” kind of bull!

  43. moses banda ,

    Do you call that Zuma freak a “president”? Wrong, he is a shameless black crimminalstealing from YOU and retired terrorist!
    Nest time you go to renew your driver’s lisence, and every 5 yerars afterwards, remember that at least 33% of the cost goes to the Shaik-Shake family and the other 33% of the cost goes to Zuma for getting Shabir out of jail.

    However, you are right by saying zuma was wise to make Mo Shaik-Shake the head of the secret service, as nobody else can be trusted more to remove all evidence pointing to the corrupt president the corrupt ANC chose to rule over their corrupt voters!

  44. Madevu,

    that zuma guy you call president is wearing typical african style #14 shoes so his barbaric dancing looks even more barbaric…in africa, the more barbaric you conduct yourself, the better!

  45. mothibi,

    What is it you “croup-sheep” wants to show us free-thinkers? All leaders in africa followed the same route…downwards to hell! People who consult their ancestors can’t get out of this spiral down to hell…how would they? All the ancestors are there waiting, hoping to get the “african-pension” they never got while still alive! heh-ha-ha-heh-heh-heh-oooo-he-he-ha-ha!!!

  46. Dalisu Mdakane, I agree that the Shaik-Shake brothers are able to do a lot more than zuma, as they are closer to white and therefore clever enough to know exactly how to use a corrupt black “gavament” to get even richer! Never forget, the Shaik-Shakes are english speakers and that alone says it all!

  47. Walker,

    I found no evidence anywhere in africa that africans can learn! They are ancestor worshippers and the ancestors only know one way, and that is the way to hell and all of africa just follow…jumping and toi-toiing and clapping hands of hapiness – africa is a paradise…a fool’s paradise!

  48. Nkutu William Moalosi,

    Talking about going back to the history-books…apartheid was born under brittish “gavament” and the ANC was born in 1912 while this country was under brittish rule who, up and until the 1940’s allowed black savages in austrakia to be hunted down like animals! If it was’nt for the Afrikaners around here, the brittish would also have hunted you black’s down like animals!
    The Afrikaners were the only ones who ever did anything for you black idiots! And I call you idiots because you are angry with the only people who ever helpd you, the ones who masde the effort to learn your lingo, the ones who trained some of you to become teachers so you could teach your own to read and write, the ones who gave you medical services, schools ( that you burned down every time those same englishspeakers under whom apartheid was strated told you how anfair apartheid was) and also the ones who eventually gave you the chance to rule and show what you can do…..and what did you show us? You clearly showed us that Ian Smith was right by saying that no african will be able to rule in a thousand years!

  49. Buti Tshabangu says

    After what our Country,Democracy and JZ went through the past 6 years or so, it is only best for JZ to appoint People he can trust to key positions. this is all in the interest of our movement and democracy respectively.

    Aluta Continua!!!



  51. Buti Tshabangu says

    Its unfortunate to have South Africans who still think that having ANC at helm will take this country down. Waking up in the morning Free is a right, expressing such views like that is proof that you are free. but that does not make you better than a Zimbabwean, who said living a fake western life is all that, to know that your life is better than somebody else’s, is due to sacrifices made by leaders like Mbeki,JZ and the shaiks and them. if only we could try to live 10%selfless live of Madiba,OR and Sisulu this country whould be very far.

  52. Sele mothibi (mokhuduthamaga) says

    People lets stop criticizing executive decisions, if you are against the decisions of the NEC, then kill yourself. please let us learn to respect the Presidential decisions.

    President JZ is always consulting with the NEC of the ANC before he takes any serious, like appointment of HOD.

  53. yabatho25,

    Democracy ( demo crazy ) is the problem! You see, most people can’t think! Even if they want to, they still can’t think…now democracy put those brainless idiots into power! Democrasy never worked in the past, won’t work today and also won’t work next week.

    Logically, it’s the “einsteins” who are the minority who have the answers – not the masses! How the hell can such a foolish system ever work?

  54. Wonkie, up to now you have probably got the most reaction from the Mo Shaik story – shows you what the cross section really think

  55. Where are de Kerk’s “checks and balances”? Politicians can never be trusted! It does not matter who they are. Anybody who wants to win a popularity poll will usually lie! This includes all politicians! People do not want to face the truth when told there are no easy ways out. One has to work hard and smart and save for your future – not rely on politicians or beg for hand-outs. That is so demeaning!

  56. leave Mo alone, he has tremendous intelligence experience from the ANC during apartheid and would use it for the benefit of the country. disregard every thing that may link him with either Shabir nor JZ. i have a trust that he will execute his duties to the best of his ability, ask Holomisa about him.

  57. I don’t even understand how it’s possible for anyone to think South Africa is fixable, let alone that the appointment of Mo Shaik can be a good thing. The only people trying rto convince us that something can be done are politicians, and since they belong to political parties, it’s in their interests to do so. The truth is that 15 years of degeneration can’t be modified and certainly not reversed.

  58. Now you can get a life-long sick note simply by SHAIKING a finger. This comes with family health care too

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