Radebe appoints Simelane cartoon

Radebe appoints Simelane cartoon

Simelane appointed Head of National Peanut Academy

Menzi Simelane was recently appointed by Jeff Radebe as the head of the National Prosecuting Authority (the NPA) in South Africa. Wonkie is certainly not surprised given the string of controversial appointments made by the South African leadership. Simelane’s appointment was toted by constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos as being “the darkest and most scandalous day yet the short life of President Zuma’s tenure”.

The controversy around Simelane revolves around his lying to the Ginwala Commission which found that Vusi Pikoli was a fit person to be reinstated as the National Director of Public Prosecutions. In the conclusions of Frene Ginwala’s report, she said that Simelane had misrepresented facts and failed to provide impartial comment to the query. She further accused him of withholding relevant documents to the enquiry.

President Zuma:

“Advocate Simelane’s experience as the administrative head of the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Department and in the legal fraternity provides him with the necessary skills and capacity to perform his functions efficiently and effectively. …

The National Prosecuting Authority is a critical arm of the criminal justice system and a key instrument in the broader fight against crime and the implementation of justice. Its independence and vigour in the pursuit of justice must at all times remain unquestionable. We have confidence that Advocate Simelane will make this his utmost priority.”

Needless to say, Justice Minister Jeff Radebe decided not to take disciplinary action against Simelane following the findings in Ginwala’s report. If anything, Wonkie is glad that there is significant consistency in the lack of accountability in public office. After all in South Africa, it’s definitely who you know and not what you do that matters.

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  1. I think this is ridiculous – Simelani has done nothing wrong and I cannot see the point of why this is a controversial decision. Just because he allegedly lied according to Ginwala – who quite frankly was biased in her report against President Zuma anyway so not sure about her credibility. Radebe is right – he is a fine upstanding man who will serve the NPA well.

  2. michael makhado says

    well as they say loyalist shall be rewarded ….. no matter what

  3. Er, Jabu … why dont you stop attacking the messenger and delve into the issue relating to his allegedly lying and misrepresenting facts to the Ginwala Commission. Ginwala is part of the ANC “collective” but because her findings go contrary to what the ANC wants, she is then branded accordingly. When are you going to stop playing the man and start playing the ball. No wonder Bafana Bafana is such a disgrace… Like so many controvesies involving ANC cadres. the truth will never be known as all corroption, mismanagement, fraud, back handers, etc are never investigated and when they are investigated and found guilty (travelgate, Mr. Wabenzi ) they are given a slap on the hand and redeployed. What a joke. I feel sorry for the underclass in SA, they are being misled into believing that the ruling party have there interests at heart.

  4. Jabulani Mabena

    Looks like you still can’t see that zuma is corrupt and should NEVER have been president! Or is it bcause you are corrupt yourself and have no problem with corruption just like zuma and the shaik-shake’s?

  5. It has become senseless to put any comments here, as the powers have developed a God like thinking, what ever they decide is okay we must just except. No debate will ever change the die hards anyway. Some are just too thick. Simelane is in and the strange happenings will continue, smoke screens will occur with coverups. The transparency was murky now it’s becoming dark. What a sad decaying South Africa.

  6. Jeff Radebe knows how to play along with his good buddies. However Ginwala has more balls than all the comrade brothers put together. Hilter’s 1000 year Reich lasted just 12 years. The Simelani case is going to help hasten the Second Coming in terms of the ANC and its survival. Ultimately the boys at the top will be to blame.

  7. Milton Ramothata says

    I really don’t understand people who think there is controversy in the decision as “No living person can claim to be good in the eyes of everybody”, I don’t think one person’s uniformed opinion can cause so much row.

  8. THE WATCHER says

    strategic indeed, this is going to be ANC’s guidian angel, oh yes! also partly payment of debt – Simelani’s testimonies sort to pave the way for Pikoli’s demise however they were full of air than actual substance but senity prevailed thanks to the driver of that inquiry, very competent Frene that haha! – this appointment is not just a debt repeayment but an investment, we’ll be watching:-)

  9. Eesh!! Jabulani, you are like an ostrich. The Ginwala commission finds a whole lot of things the man HAS done WRONG and you say he has done nothing wrong…. You must be a bit out of your waters, perhaps?? Any right thinking person must agree with Mason. The only thing that bothers me is that the members of the Ginwala commission are still loyal to the ANC and have NOT resigned.. shame…….. I suppose they like the gravy train???

  10. Kaiser Wilhelm says

    In 2000 when war veterans invaded farms in Zim, my late father-in-law said, ” they can’t do that, its against the law.” and I said, “Pops, they just have, the law means nothing.” We have all watched Zim on the Mugabe destruct path since then. This is the tragedy – one can ignore these kind of appointments and say, “oh, well let them self destruct.” The problem is that it is not a self destruct button but a nation destruct button.

  11. With no idea of morality,Zuma has little choice than to cover his base.The appointment of Simelane is just the frame of his lager mentality.Truly no different to any other politician and compound this with the shit on Shabir Shaik he again shows that he is a gutless,dishonest,supremely stupid arsehole put into power not because people had a belief in his integrity but rather that he would ensure rural Zulu’s played a part in governance.I’m sure a few did but with the uninhibited corruption,dishonesty in the judicial areas,the croniesm,the impartial attitude towards responsiblity and therefore the irresponsible methods of remuneration towards those who fail,with impunity,just again show that Zuma is not fit to be anything other than a garden boy,and,with that,watch your tools.If he doesn’t break them, he’ll steel them.I cannot believe that people could be so stupid as to vote him into such responsibility.This is an indicator of the inveterate immaturity,lack of education,and,total lack of regard for anything decent that might put this poor country back on it’s feet again.Simelane,with ANC probity,has proved to be unworthy but Zuma,again with impunity,has covered his tracks,hoping that he does’nt have to answer to his corruption.He will eventually,even if not on Earth and drawn below a shower flower is about as accurate as he can be observed.He is a yes man of the lowest order.I pity any decent individual who expects this country to prosper under his leadership.He hasn’t a clue how to manage anything.What do his supporters see in him?He is as ugly as sin.His smile is so obviously crocodilic and his eyes are blank orbs.His wives could have trouble reading a bus time table.I believe Zille’s article in the Tribune,this country can now celebrate a return to the dark ages and continued retrogression until it is as chaotic as the rest of Africa,forever a consumptive,going to Hell in a stolen basket.

  12. And yet the picture painted to the rest of world in this weeks Time Magazine is Jacob Zumas presidency has started well…
    His quoted as saying – “Its only when you admit there have been deficiencies and weaknesses that you make sense to the people, who can see for themselves”.

  13. Ann McDonnell says

    More smoke and mirors from the President or whoever is ruling our beloved South Africa

  14. A dark day indeed for South Africa. Zuma is going the way of all African dictators and the liberal world press will never say anying about him. For a few fleeting minutes we thought things would go right here in our beloved land – he is worse than Mbeki (if that is possible) cronyism, cover-ups. The poor, uneducated blacks will still pay for voting this man in – they were totally misled. Going the same way as the rest of Africa! What a shame – we had hoped!!! Jabulani Mabena it is people like you who have got this crowd into power, cannot think anything through

  15. Clive Tshivhase says

    Simelane is as good as anyone else who could have been apointed to that in position. The Ginwala commission cannot be the basis of judging him. I have no doubt that he will prove all those who are against his appointment wrong

  16. Why are the blacks so gullible? The fact that the farm-invasions in Zimbabwe were directly responsible for the lack of food in that country, should be obvious to any person with a modicum of intelligence! Power corrupts and absolute power corrrupts absolutely! Lord Acton said this almost two centuries ago and it still apllies!

  17. Menzi Simelane is the right man for the job according to his profile. Every body knows that ANC suffered a great division that was caused by Mbeki who pushed for a third term in office. Many decisions that were taken by people, institutions and commisions was based on this fuctionalism, including the Ginwala commission. How can you truly believe the recommendations of this commision in the light of the above. You guys are falling short of credible jounalism. Pls change and help to build our country’s image. It does not help you guys either!

  18. Thomas Mmoledi says


  19. Moxie,

    Why gullible?
    People with a gen IQ of 70 can’t figure out that integrity is needed to get the job done….soon when this country reach it’s zim-condition, they will start the blame game towards the west …then it’s everybody else’s fault that things plunged into the mud….I know of no African country that have noticed that one should have the right guy to get the job done or who noticed that by not getting the job done because of corruption and stupidity, things will fall apart.

    The fact that they vote for a councillor today and burn his house next week because he did not deliver but can’t see they voted for a fool that just can’t do it, whether you burn his house or not – he just CAN’T be cause he is just TRYING HIS BEST…it’s all this TRYING and TRYING and TRYING …. A gambling spirit!
    People with a medium intellect would first have gained the knowledge of those who were running the show before replacing them.
    Alfred Mzo once said: “We find ourselves in Africa, therefore we do things the way it is done in Africa” and that way, is the wrong way round, I am afraid.

  20. Walter Faya Ndlovu says

    How do you expect someone who does not know what NPA stands for to know intellectuals in the Justice system. Its sad that they display their foolishness and utter stupidity. We dont need such imps.

  21. Dear Milton R,
    Would you willingly put your future in the hands of a person whose judgement has proved to be bought, manipulated or controled by a third party. No is your answer. So why should we be happy with Simelani. Impartial to the core is the kind of preson you and I both want.

  22. I don’t understand why people expect the ANC to act according western standards. Nowhere in Africa are there high morals and competence.

  23. Stephen Grootes on 702 this morning said that Simelani is too scared to so a live interview on radio.

    This about the guy who is meant to “prosecute without fear or favor” being scared of radio journalists.

    If it wasn’t so scary it would be really really funny.

    ha ha ha

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