Tiger Woods jokes cartoon

Tiger Woods jokes cartoon

Tiger evolves into a Cheetah

From a local Florida radio host opportunistically using Tiger’s circumstances, to a number of other women claiming they had been paid off to keep silent about Tiger Woods’s numerous alleged indiscretions, it seems everyone is out to get the famous golfer at the moment.

The story began with Tiger Woods’s recent car crash. The news of this rapidly evolved into news about his extramarital affairs. Now, it seems all sorts of women are crawling out of the woodwork trying to make a quick buck. The usual seedy lawyer-types who thrive on this sort of thing, are now all operating in full force. The fact that Forbes magazine recently declared that Tiger Woods was poised to become the world’s first billionaire athlete within the next couple of years will certainly keep these lawyers salivating for a while to come.

Wonkie CartOOns sources have also indicated that Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegrin are negotiating the amendment of their pre-nuptial agreement. Rumour has it that this could see her get up to $80m if she stays with Tiger for another seven years. So much for love and morality – it’s all about the price of fame.


Should Tiger Woods have to apologise to the public?

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  1. we are human beings so u guys should know from today that we bound to make such things but i am not saying that Tiger is right.Celebraties should know better that what ever secret u do with a woman it will come out especial when married. The media would monitor u even if u are with your wife they want know what u doing,if they see u speaking to another lady in the following day your name will all over

  2. THE WATCHER says

    just screw it! hahahahah lol!

  3. Hey Tiger, are you trying to compete with the Bengal Tiger, screwing around. Why do you take your marriage vows????? You are an insult to every ‘good’ married men. You deserve what you get from your wife. Remember the word ‘Karma’, what goes around, comes around. My respect for you as a top golfer is now lost.

  4. The Tiger turning into a Cheetah, shame on the Tiger. He made a mistake, pity people in his position cannot just getaway with everything because they have money and everyone wants a peace of their pie!! Poor tiger, If he was an average joe like some of us, it would have been just water under the bridge!!

  5. I really find the votes to be totally dispicable in view of the fact that only 9% voted NO to the consensus. Is this an International consensus, or, SA?????. Nevertheless, the YES voted in favour of Tiger’s blatent disregard of his marriage vows are ‘arseholes’ to the maximum. You don’t believe in GOD nor the vows you’ll take before HIM.

  6. Walter Faya Ndlovu says

    Immorality degrades a person. Its sad that Tiger is entangled into this mess. To me, he has lost all the respect I had for him. Maybe the truth will come out in the near future. But for now, he should be ashamed of himself

  7. Walter Faya Ndlovu says

    Now listen to this Deena Naidoo. He talks of arseholes and then talks of God!! How blasphemous. Maybe he does not know what an arsehole is. Someone must tell him the meaning before he names his next child Arsehole. Some people will never cease to amaze me. Punjap!!!!!

  8. Fanyana Sihlangu says

    I’ll always stand behind Tiger Woods because he is a legend and now he had become a victim of some opportunistic women. And I hope he apologize to the public for his misbehaviour. I believe taht his wife is a gold digger.
    Fanyana Sihlangu

  9. @Deena Naidoo,

    You know I think its easier to now think that Tiger is such a bad person who does not respect his vows or his marriage. Wheather that is desrespecting God or “desregarding marriage vows” its still a private matter. Just because His iniquity is exposed, it does not justify us to be judges of rightiousness. To call other people “Arseholes” is just as bad. So stop the hollier than thou act, this is a private matter made public. It is still wrong…. I believe that there is “bad” in the best of us and there is “good” in the worst of us.

  10. To Phumlani. Our cultural differences are noted. Our marriages also differ, culturally. Our Godly beliefs are also culturally different. Our sexuality, culturally, also differs. To you, Walter Faya Ndlovu, one does not need to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to know what an arsehole is. All 3 of my children have Indian names, so there. Your uncouth referance to ‘punjap’ is noted. I do believe it should have read, ‘punjab’. And finally to you, Fanyana Sihlangu, you state that; ‘I believe that his wife is a gold digger’. Get your facts correct, before you embarass yourself.

  11. I neither condone nor support his unfortunate act, but who’s perfect? who are we to unfairly judge, and condemn him? After all, he is one of our own, we make blunders in life, we regret and learn something out of them, so what’s the fuss, coz it’s Mr. T. Woods!

  12. thank u very much phumlani i wish everybody could see it tht way.

  13. I think Tiger Woods never should have gotten married in the first place – what is the point? Once again the man-made institution of marriage and ‘vows’ marketed as being sacred by a hippocritical, pseudo-moralistic society is messing up a man’s life. He can have whomever he wants and should not have to conform to some man-made rules. In fairness, Tiger Woods perpetuated his own goody-two-shoes image to win sponsorship deals based on his clean-cut, straight and narrow lifestyle. I think it is inevitable that this sort of situation would arise – he should have just adopted the George Clooney, confirmed bachelor route and this would be less of a scandal.

  14. @Find my cycle

    I totaly agree with you that He should have copied the lifestyle of George Clooney, and be a confirned bachelor. However I think you get it wrong to say that marriage is a “man made institution”, that is only a narrow, untrue hollywoods point of view. The truth of the matter is that marriage is Gods Idea of union in matrimony between two people. I must also confess that I hold this view as a christian. The reason we have so many devorces its because people think its a man made idea and theirfor go in and out of marriage as they like in marriage…

  15. Thandeka Dlamini says

    Tiger may be a public figure but hey leave him alone, its his personal affairs, besides He has already apologised to his wife and she promised to stand by his man. So……leave the man alone! I say to his lovely wife, stand by your man sisy and shame those bitches who are out to make a quick buck on your man and to Tiger, stand strong and renew your vows to your wife and next time play it “safe”,………..oh no! stick to one partner, your faithful lovely wife!

  16. The unfortunate thing is that he is married and he vowed not to cheat. If you thing you are still young and hyper, better not marry and enjoy the girls till you are done. Tough luck as it plays on your reputation. You got a second chance not to dissapoint your wife, bra! Wish you good luck, mistakes happen but not reapeatedly the same!

  17. The rumour of amending the prenuptial agreement reminds me of an old story of a guy negotiating with a date ‘Would you sleep with me for a million bucks” he asked. She enthusiastically replied “YES!”, Would you sleep with me for a dollar?” he then asked. Her reply ” What do you take me for? a prostitute?” His reply ” We’ve established that, what we are haggling about is the price!”

  18. Ok, it has now been established that Tiger is a bad guy, so what!! who are we to judge him anyway? Let me say I couldn’t agree more with you Phusko, nothing on eath justifies another human bieng to be a judge of rightiousness. Deena I guess you’ve never done anyhting wrong in your entire life, how pathetic.

  19. Of course he was wrong as a married man to get up to the things he did. What gets my goat is that because he is famous, sanctimonious idiots judge him. This kind of thing happens all the time in the real world, but no-one cares a fig. Leave the man alone, he does not need our help to sort his life out, or to pass judgement on him!

  20. Deena, why are you such a religious fanatic? And why do you argue with such as you do?

  21. Tiger always seemed a little too perfect…a bit robotic even. I don’t think that about him anymore 😀

  22. Leave the man, respect the dignity of man as you would want him to do unto you.

  23. Tiger Woods has been a role model for the youth. He has a special responsibility to project a moral and exemplary image. Even more so, he has a responsibility towards his wife and children. To cheat on your wife is to commit adultery. I believe he is a Buddhist. Am not so sure how they react to these sins, but am sure that they have very strict codes of conduct.

  24. evryone has his/her own way of dealing with situations,so it’s up to him to decide.Anyway who are we to judge and conclude.

  25. OLD FASHION says

    If we just look for glory and fame
    then life will be just part of a game.
    Games become tough and only a few can win.
    winners grin: thinking their “bucks” allow them to sin.
    Prefer not to have that fame
    that will save you lots and lots of shame

  26. So many things happen in a man”s life but Tiger Woods make public adress to save his face for being a public figure

  27. Of course no one can judge another because we all fall far short of any standards we might set for others. On this note, however, as we do not have the ability to judge, then why set up role models just because the individual has a talent to which money is easily attracted to. Superior talents do not improve an individual’s character, it just sets them above everyone else in the eyes of those with a lower self esteem. If a persons conducts themselves in the light of modern day morals, then isn’t modern day morals to blame, and aren’t modern day morals the standards that are set by those we hold in high esteem?

  28. Who are we to judge the tiger? Many men are doing it. These women want a piece of Tiger’s wealth. To Tiger I say keep the fire burning.

  29. [Racist comment – deleted]

  30. Still supports the Tiger untill he sorts his stuff!

  31. Tiger woods has many fans out there who one day wish to be like him. it is very critical for him to apologies to the public, as it will show that he cares about his supporters or not. we would really appreciate your apology Mr Woods



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